The final covid outrage: Remembrance Sunday is cancelled


According to the Covid MSM we’re in for an exciting few days. Their headlines this morning shout that there’s “Tory Fury” about that lockdown, especially because Gove told the Nation yesterday that the Lockdown could be extended past the Lockdown end-date of 2nd December. That ‘fury’ will peter out with a whimper, methinks.

Remembrance Sunday is cancelled – more on that below – but the gracious Covid dictators will instead give us ‘a brief respite’, that is they’ll permit us out of Lockdown Prison should it be extended beyond 2nd December:

“England’s lockdown could extend into the new year with a brief relaxation over the Christmas period, cabinet ministers have warned amid a backlash from Tory MPs.” (link, paywalled)

Isn’t that nice of them! Meanwhile Johnson is going to talk to the alleged ‘Tory Covid Rebels’ – all 40 (allegedly) of them. Well, BJ doesn’t need to worry – Starmer said Labour would vote for the Lockdown, so that’s that. The Times has spoken to ‘Cabinet Ministers’. They’re all toeing the BJ Lockdown Party Line, regardless. Just see this bit of covidiocy:

“Another [Cabinet Minister] said: “I think it’ll be after the new year. The rate of transmission is not going to go down enough to justify it. Just look at the graphs. It’s going to be a jobs disaster.” (link, paywalled)

Jobs? Who cares – just look at those graphs! Just look at them! Well, someone did, and there’s a report published by the DT yesterday evening which surely must concern all those Cabinet Ministers. It wont concern BJ who is slavishly following the SAGE mini-popes. It won’t concern SAGE who knew full well what they were doing when using those data for their scare graphs:

“Death scenarios used by the Government to justify a second national lockdown are out-of-date and may be four times too high, research suggests. At Saturday night’s Downing Street press conference, scientists presented graphs suggesting England could see 4,000 daily deaths early next month.The scenario from Cambridge University was used as part of efforts to justify the introduction of sweeping restrictions. But data experts have questioned why the scenario – drawn up three weeks ago – was chosen to illustrate the crisis, when the university has produced far more recent forecasts, which are significantly lower.” (paywalled link)

Well-meaning Lockdownians were clearly duped by SAGE as this next quote shows:

“The modelling presented on Saturday night, which suggests deaths could reach 4,000 a day by December, is so out-of-date that it suggests daily deaths are now around 1,000 a day. In fact, the daily average for the last week is 260, with a figure of 162 yesterday. And the statistics unit at Cambridge University has produced far more up-to-date projections, with far lower figures […].. These forecasts, dated October 28 – three days before the Downing Street announcement – far more closely track the current situation, forecasting 240 daily deaths by next week, and around 500 later this month.” (paywalled link)

Ah, but that wouldn’t have been scary enough, would it! Never mind that actual numbers have already falsified those out-of-date SAGE projections – we must stay frightened. There’s more:

“Prof Carl Heneghan, the director of the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, at Oxford University, said he was “deeply concerned” by the selection of data which were not based on the current reality. He said: “Our job as scientists is to reflect the evidence and the uncertainties and to provide the latest estimates.I cannot understand why they have used this data, when there are far more up-to-date forecasts from Cambridge that they could have accessed, which show something very different.” (paywalled link)

Well, I can understand this only too well, and so can all of us who’ve not been brainwashed by the ongoing fear & hysteria campaign in the Covid MSM. Scared people are more easily coerced into doing as they’re told.

Does it really matter, now, that some of those Tory rebels are ‘disturbed’ by this SAGE numbers game when the rest of the Tory MP sheep, sat at home, will be swayed by the SAGE propaganda? So what if IDS said “This appears to be deliberately misleading the British public. It should be retracted.” (paywalled link)? So what if Steve Baker said:

“This evidence does appear to indicate that the death models are already wrong and by quite a considerable margin. […] If the modelling on NHS capacity is as flawed, we are suddenly in a different conversation today from the one I had in Number 10 on Saturday.” (paywalled link)

So what if 40 Tories vote against this – it’s too late. It’s too late not just because Labour wants Lockdown, paid for by yours truly, the taxpayer, it’s too late because ‘Our Sacred Covid Cow’ is already creating the conditions for more hysteria, based on those incorrect, manipulated SAGE numbers:

“More than 20 NHS trusts have started postponing surgery – including some cases involving cancer patients, as hospitals come under growing pressure from Covid cases. Across the country, around one in 10 beds are now taken by patients with Covid. But projections from the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) suggest that bed capacity will be overwhelmed by November 23, unless operations are cancelled, or extra services opened up.” (paywalled link)

Let me be brutally clear: this means that if your spouse, your child was lucky enough to get their long-delayed cancer treatment started in the last week, they’ll now be sent back home to die. That should count as “covid-related death” because it wouldn’t have happened without the SAGE-manipulated NHS Covid Panic.

It’s of course the fault of government because they ought to have followed SAGE and closed down everything in September. Here’s another NHS honcho wading in, who ‘has told BJ so’, and who paints a dire image:

“Chris Hopson, head of the hospitals’ group NHS Providers, said […] that the health service was heading into a “perfect storm” of the second wave and a prolonged snap over winter and the growing backlog of care, “at a time when hospitals are down between 10 to 30 per cent capacity”. (link, paywalled)

And why are those NHS trusts ‘down between 10 to 30%’? No idea – he didn’t say, we just must believe him. I’m not even going to mention that allegedly NHS trusts are registering all admissions and deaths – seasonal flu, pneumonia, no matter – as “Covid”. Of course, if only the NHS were given more money: “Ministers are being urged to provide extra funding to cut the backlog at hospitals.” (link, paywalled), all would be well. Of course it would!

Meanwhile, the Teachers’ Trade Unions demand schools be closed – with full pay for teachers, naturally – and that should of course have happened in September when BJ oh-so-willfully decided not to obey the SAGE mini-popes (link, paywalled).

It seems we don’t need to worry about the economy, Sir John Redwood’s musings in his Diary this morning notwithstanding.  Somehow Sunak will surely find the money, right? Well, he weaselled out of providing the SAGE-driven Cabinet with economic data:

“Ministers were also asked to approve Boris Johnson’s plans without any economic data being presented, with Mr Sunak said to have made clear that “this is a health decision not an economic decision”. “ (paywalled link)

I wonder though how long the Treasury mandarins are willing to knuckle under and pay for the SAGE diktats, especially when I saw this little remark:

“According to insiders, Mr Sunak told ministers that “the spending review is going to get hard” and that another prolonged lockdown posed serious challenges for the funding of public services.” (paywalled link)

Perhaps we ought to email Rishi and the Treasury and demand they cut all salaries and stipends across the public sector, MPS and Lords included, to the 80% on which the locked-down population, unable to work, must get by?

Finally, here’s a sweet little set of data from Wales, already under lockdown, emphasis added:

“These are the key details on Sunday: – Deaths reported today: 16 (Up from 13 on Saturday) – Cases reported today: 819 (Down from 1,301 on Saturday) – Number of tests carried out: 7,280 (Down from 11,899 on Saturday) – Total deaths with lab-confirmed coronavirus in Wales: 1,888” (link)

Ah! So fewer tests equals fewer case numbers? Who’da thunk! And would you believe it: Dripford won’t impose the English Lockdown when he lifts the extra-special Welsh ‘firebreak’ – if the Welsh behave, that is (link). Well, Heddlu, the Welsh Police force, won’t have to chase Welsh firebreak-breakers and can concentrate on keeping the english covid-lepers out …

I leave you with another nauseating SAGE diktat. Hancock told the nation that Remembrance Sunday is off:

“Remembrance Sunday services will in effect be banned by England’s four-week lockdown, the health secretary told MPs yesterday. In a move that will intensify the Conservative backlash to new restrictions, Matt Hancock, speaking in a cross-party Zoom call, admitted that the usual local services at memorials would not take place. Outdoor socialising between more than two people is banned from Thursday, and Mr Hancock told MPs that only “short, focused” wreath-laying would be permitted.” (link, paywalled)

Since I do not expect the House of Peacocks to vote against this Lockdown, I suggest that everyone who can should go out on Remembrance Sunday, to lay a personal wreath, in that ‘short, focused’ manner ordered by Hancock. 

Perhaps readers would like to contact any veterans they know, any family member currently serving in the Armed Forces, perhaps even the commanding officer of the barracks in their towns, suggesting they do the same. I’m sure they could organise a continuous line of ‘short and focused’ wreath layers, making Remembrance Sunday go on all day.

We cannot allow SAGE and Hancock to destroy that one day where we can show respect to the fallen patriots of past generations, the generations of our grandparents and parents. By heaping our private wreaths at the war memorials in our towns and cities, by celebrating Remembrance Sunday privately, ‘short and focused’, we can turn this into a dignified protest against the SAGE dictatorship. Let me know what you think, and let’s always




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