The reality of “Moar Lockdown” and more WFH


What a surprise: after the New Year’s holiday weekend we’re back to Project Fear & Hysteria, to demands for another ‘real lockdown’ or at least a ‘Tier 5’. Yesterday, the first Sunday of the New Year, was the ‘day of the politicians’. Starmer – now called ‘Kneeler’ by comment posters – demanded that BJ lock us all down, now! Teachers’ Unions were demanding that all schools, everywhere, stay closed. Local councils – well, the Labour-controlled ones, are in full support. More on that below. ‘Our MSM’ are meanwhile gleefully resuming their Fear&Hysteria campaign.

Interestingly, there’s a lack of data which the MSM ought to present in their ‘ F & H campaign’. For example, where’s the visual proof for the ‘overwhelmed’ hospitals? Isn’t it remarkable that there are no photos of those corridors full of beds with suffering patients which we remember so well from non-covid winters? One anonymous photo of ‘ambulances in a queue’ really doesn’t cut it!

Instead ‘Our MSM’ present us with ever more scary graphs in ever more lurid colours, of ‘case numbers’ rising and rising. The strange thing is that these ‘case numbers’ are rising despite most of the country having been in tier-4 lockdown since Boxing Day. Don’t expect our covid MSM to ask about that phenomenon. I expect the official ‘covid cases’ to rise even further today or tomorrow when the NHS has handed in their death data to the government statisticians. After all, you didn’t expect the poor things to work over the holidays, did you!

Also absent from the weekend covid reports were – SAGE and their speakers. I expect them to come out of hiding, back from their holidays, just in time for BJ to make his decision. The ground has been prepared for them – by other ‘experts’ now talking up that ‘South Africa Covid Mutation’. It’s another instance where I could barely restrain myself from throwing crockery against walls!

It’s also an instance where we can observe perfectly the miasma in and by which the covid MSM thrive. There’s now an entity called ‘Times Radio’. It’s run, surprise surprise, by ‘The Times’. The Times reporters then use ‘news’ gleaned from ‘Times Radio’ and publish them as articles. Other online papers pick up those articles and lo and behold: “we” have got ‘new facts’ – because, as any fule kno: if it’s published in The Times, it’s true. 

And so we find a report on what a professor from Oxford told The Times Radio about that South Africa Mutation: it may be very dangerous, it may be very infectious, and it’s not yet known if the vaccines being rolled out would ‘protect’ us. Here’s the passage which fuelled my ire:

“Sir John [Bell] added that although there was no data yet on whether it increases severity, “it’s increased the infectiousness […]” (paywalled link)

He’s got ‘no data’ – but let’s scare the plebs anyway by throwing around expressions like ‘change in spike proteins’, dazzling them with ‘science’! Here’s another passage, aimed to ‘balance’ the fear factor with reassuring mumbles:

“My gut feeling is the vaccine will be still effective against the Kent strain,” Sir John said. “I don’t know about the South African strain — there’s a big question mark about that.” (link, paywalled)

‘Gut feeling’? This from an eminent virologist? No data available yet, but ‘gut feelings’ are now ‘scientific’? Are “we” peasants also allowed to have ‘gut feelings’ about mass vaccination and indeed lockdowns? Here’s more ‘reassurance’, spoken down to us plebs from a great scientific height:

“He added that this [mutations] was to be expected and that manufacturers had anticipated it. “Everyone should stay calm. It’s going to be fine. We’re now in a game of cat and mouse. These are not the only two variants we will see. We are going to see lots of variants.” (link, paywalled)

Indeed not – but is it ‘keep calm and carry on vaccinating’ – or is it ‘panic and stay at home until the virus and all possible mutations are ‘eradicated’? 

This brings me to the mass vaccination roll-out, including the Oxford vaccine being used from today. We’ve heard about the bureaucratic difficulties ‘Our NHS’ has created for volunteers. This isn’t due to some hapless jobsworths  clinging to rulz – it’s indicative of the attitude of the whole NHS.

Just as teachers don’t want to teach our kids, ‘Our Sacred Cow’ doesn’t really want us all to get vaccinated as fast as possible. I’m not sure yet if this is because they do not want to add another halo to the Brexit one which is hovering over BJ, if they want to deny him a covid success – or if they are afraid that the eradication of covid means they won’t be able to bask in their ‘covid holiness’ any longer. See this:

“Health sources have warned against over-optimism and pointed out the huge difficulties in creating an army of vaccinators and the logistics of delivering the biggest vaccination programme in history. A source said: “We do have to manage expectations. You cannot just vaccinate two million people a week from nothing.” The source [… added]:”The NHS has never said it will deliver a target of two million a week.” (paywalled link)

I rest my case! However, the various ‘sources’ in ‘Our NHS’ ought to be afraid, very afraid, of another ‘national organisation’: our Armed Forces. See this:

“The armed forces are conducting their biggest home operation in peacetime in support of the Covid-19 response, as the first Oxford vaccines are set to be administered. More than 5,000 personnel are assisting with testing, cross-channel logistics and vaccine deliveries, military chiefs said, as a “quick vaccine task force” is set up to support the NHS.” (link, paywalled)

There’s more, putting the ‘test&trace’ operators to shame and especially shaming the vaccination ‘programme’ of the NHS. While most of the service personnel are involved with testing in communities and schools, they’re also testing hauliers and are

“setting up permanent test sites for traffic into and out of France. […] Both regular and reservist personnel stepped up on Christmas Eve to help clear the backlog of trucks in Kent, setting up testing facilities overnight when they would otherwise have been spending the festive period with their families.” (link, paywalled)

That’s astounding, especially since ‘Our Sacred Cow’ has been failing to do their job while finding excuses for their failure for nearly a year now. There’s more:

“The Ministry of Defence said that as the vaccination programme was expanded more than 200 logistical planners would be deployed to help with organisational and logistical problems. Defence medics will be among those administering the vaccine, while the task force will provide surge support where the need arises. Initially this will be small, involving 21 teams of six helping local health authorities.” (link, paywalled)

Let’s hope those ‘defence medics’ have all got the proper papers and certificates showing they’re not racists and are ‘diversity’ trained! Meanwhile, ‘Our Sacred Cow’ is shown up as the ‘no can do’ lefty bureaucratic monster which would rather keep us all locked down and not vaccinated yet, just as the other lefty monster, the Teachers’ Unions, would rather keep our children ignorant than teach.

Even Sir John Redwood seems to vacillate on this issue, asking for ‘more views’ from his Diary readers (link) rather than taking a stand. Unsurprisingly, Teachers’ Unions and Labour local councils are only following their leader’s demand. Starmer the ‘Kneeler’ went ‘full lockdown’:

“Sir Keir told Mr Johnson to bring in new national Covid restrictions within the next 24 hours rather than hinting that he would do so soon, saying: “The virus is clearly out of control. We can’t allow the Prime Minister to use up the next two or three weeks and then bring in a national lockdown which is inevitable. Do it now. That’s the necessary first step to get the virus back under control. Nationwide lockdown – the Prime Minister has hinted that that’s going to happen, but he’s delaying again.” (paywalled link)

Of course, the Kneeler didn’t tell us when and where ‘the virus’ actually was ‘under control’, but let that pass, he’s only kicking in the door already opened by BJ who will ‘assess the latest infection data’ by Wednesday, already being predicted to result at least in creating ‘moar tier 4’ areas:

“Boris Johnson told Britain yesterday to prepare for what will in effect be a third national lockdown, including further school closures, as he pledged to “do what it takes” to get Covid-19 case numbers under control. […] In a downbeat assessment the prime minister warned of “very difficult” weeks and months ahead until enough people had been vaccinated to start bringing infection rates down. He said he was “fully reconciled” to yet more tough restrictions.” (link, paywalled)

Well, that’s nice of BJ, isn’t it! He ‘doesn’t want to do it but ‘teh data’ will force his hands. Gone are the ‘sunny uplands’ he mentioned on New Year’s Day, of mass vaccination meaning we’ll be ‘out’ by Easter, or perhaps in May. Lockdown Sceptics in this morning’s Newsletter remark that it’ll probably be a ‘tier 5’ rather than a national lockdown because Parliament would need to consent to that (link). I’m not so sure, given the way BJ and Hancock have managed to circumvent parliamentary consent thus far.

One politician conspicuous by his absence is the Chancellor of the Exchequer – a certain Mr Sunak. You might remember him. It would be good to know his and the Treasury mandarins’ explanation of how more lockdowns are going to be paid for. Will the Bank of England just print more money? Can we look forward to a rise in inflation after the economy has crashed? Have Sunak and those mandarins never heard of the hyperinflation in the 1920s in Germany, after WWI?

Finally, let me mention in passing that local and assembly elections are supposed to take place in May this year. I predict that the Khans, Dripfords and Sturgeons as well as the local tinpot dictators will only be too happy if these elections are postponed until 2022. This might turn into a massive own goal because by 2022 we’ll hopefully have become so fed up with them that we’ll wipe them out in those local and assembly elections.

Or will we? Will we have become so cowed by another covid year that we can’t be bothered to stand up for our freedom? Time will tell. Meanwhile, let’s




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