They still think it’s not yet over …


If you’re heartily bored by the scandal of who paid for the £58,000 “refurb” of Ms Symand’s and the PM’s abode above No 11 Downing Street, of the outrage over the ‘golden wallpaper’ then I sympathise. However, this scandal has become the new front in the war against Brexit. As usual, amidst the shock-horror-gasp reporting in our MSM there are some hidden gems, or in this case poison pills which are outrageous in their implications.

I’ll just mention in passing that the covid part of the MSM reported on dwindling covid numbers and even mentioned a SAGE report, namely that there was no evidence for pub goers having spread the disease. Oddly enough and in contrast to the former mode of covid reporting, SAGE is hardly mentioned. Don’t we have to be afraid any longer? Why must we still comply with covid rules despite more and more Brits having had the jab, despite fewer and fewer ‘cases’? Why must we wait another seven weeks to ‘covid Freedom Day’ – if it ever happens? 

There’s also the ongoing Cummings war – sorry, it needs mentioning not least because a ‘link’ has been made between his ‘reveng’e and the ‘refurb’ scandal.  If you read just the opinion piece by Charles Moore today you can’t help but gain the impression that Cummings (DC)  is now making common cause with Remainers, especially the BBC:

“The strangest and saddest part of all this is that Dominic Cummings, a leading architect of Vote Leave, is now, in effect, allied with his old Remainer enemies. He threatens to reveal horror stories about the Prime Minister who got rid of him. […] The corporation seems now to regard Mr Cummings as the fount of truth. There is consistency in this, though, if one remembers that the BBC’s greatest single aim is to get rid of Boris Johnson.” (paywalled link)

This accusation of DC being complicit in the BBC ‘campaign’ to eliminate BJ – because of Brexit, don’t forget! –  is an interesting, pre-emptive political  attack, the historical evidence be damned. We’re told to believe that if BJ crashes out it’s the fault of DC. Astounding!

There’s another anti-DC piece in the DT with some rather disturbing arguments. There’s a grudging acknowledgement that he and BJ had ‘a pact’, even that DC must’ve felt betrayed. According to the various Tory ‘sources’ quoted, DC should’ve kept quiet and swallowed even the accusation of being the ‘chatty rat’ because, like a medieval king, BJ must not be attacked, people must not defend themselves against untruths coming from his court. What lovely example for having my suspicion confirmed that our governing Westminster cabal has mentally stepped back into medieval times!  Here’s a truly astounding example for how to really muddy the waters, by linking the ‘refurb’ scandal to DC:

“As Mr Johnson’s chief adviser and de facto chief of staff, it was also Mr Cummings’ job to protect the Prime Minister, not least from himself. Yet he failed to prevent the controversies he is now accused of leaking to the media, including the attempt to set up a trust to pay for the redecoration of the Downing Street flat.” (paywalled link)

Yes, it’s DC’s fault that Carrie spent so much money on that ‘refurb’. Yes, DC should’ve reined in BJ because that’s what this Svengali-Rasputin type in No 10, labelled thus by the MSM was expected to do. I’ll spare you the rest of the breathless report, of e.g. SpAds hating him for his cruelty, but must quote this paragraph as a truly stellar example for either pure ignorance on the part of the author, if I’m being kind, or for falsifying the record in order to score a point in the DC War:

“Government insiders say that, in the last months of his Downing Street tenure, Mr Cummings was “far less visible” than he had been previously, partly because Mr Johnson had grown increasingly reliant on Simon Case, whom he hired as his Cabinet Secretary to replace the less effective Sir Mark Sedwill (whom he inherited from Theresa May).” (paywalled link)

Sedwill was ‘less effective’? Huh! I’m flabbergasted! All of us who’ve observed the May premiership and the disastrous negotiations with the EU over Brexit know different. Politics nerds also remember that Sedwill was going to leave anyway. It’s all irrelevant because once our MSM have stated something it becomes the truth.

And so to that ‘refurb’ scandal which DC should’ve prevented, allegedly,  and which, if we accept that the DT is reporting the plain truth, DC has ‘leaked’ even though there’s no evidence for that. The truly disturbing point to this scandal is that the Electoral Commission has been pouncing on this as if the fate of the nation depends on it. Well, it does if the aim is to get rid of BJ and thus Brexit which, as we know, has been the case from the day he won the GE in 2019. 

The Electoral Commission – ElCom – is a brainchild of Mr Blair. It was created by an act of Parliament in 2000 and started work in 2001 (link). It has taken powers to itself which are staggering. The commissioners are unelected and are mostly Remainers. We recall their fight to discredit and destroy a Brexit campaigner, Damian Grimes. They didn’t prevail – do read the final report by Mr Grimes here – but the power they wielded is frightening.

The report in the Times should scare anyone , not just those who believe that getting to the bottom of who paid for that ‘golden wallpaper’ is vital for the survival of our society, that government has nothing else to do, from covid or even ‘climate emergency’ to the defence of the realm:

“The commission’s powers are extensive. It can demand that any individual — including the prime minister and his fiancée, Carrie Symonds — hand over emails, text messages and documents. If obstructed it can secure search warrants and ultimately refer matters to the police for a criminal investigation.” (link, paywalled)

The worrying part of this is that ElCom, not the police, are investigating and that, as experience shows, the various ElCOm ‘officers’ can of course leak juicy titbits to the slavering MSM. Their investigation involves the Tory Party as well:

“MPs and party insiders are increasingly concerned that Ms Milling [Party Chair] and other figures in CCHQ risk being “scapegoated” should the regulator find that the party failed to properly declare a donation. The Telegraph understands that some inside CCHQ have privately hit out at Ms Symmonds, who is said to have overseen the redesign. One Conservative insider said party officials had complained that they were “paying for Carrie’s mistakes”, ‘(paywalled link)

Others were also involved. It’s mindblowing to find out that apparently No 10 staff were Whatsapping about this ‘refurb’ – at a time when they were supposedly ‘dealing’ with covid, lockdowns and those Brexit negotiations:

“For a tightly knit group at the heart of government, the investigation has caused panic. The Times has been told that there was a dedicated Downing Street WhatsApp group about the renovations, detailing more than a year of discussions. Members are said to include senior officials and aides.” (link, paywalled)

And now all of this, all those private emails, chats and the rest must be handed over to ElCom which will spend months and months investigating this ‘event’. Yes, it is good that underhand donations to political candidates and parties are investigated. No, we don’t want our MPs being bought on the sly by private moneymen. Yes, it’s good to be able to see who gave what to whom, made public on the ElCom pages. No, it’s not ok for ElCom to persecute individuals in order to try and topple Brexit.

Prepare for a summer of leaks, of accusations and general mayhem, driven by the hatred of the establishment for Brexit. I don’t know if BJ will survive this. I do know that, yet again, the Remainers are hopeful of getting rid of Brexit by getting rid of BJ, of making us Rejoin – something the leader of the opposition wants. And all because of Carrie …




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