Brexit, dear friends, has become the favourite plaything in the Tory Party Leadership contest. The papers are now full of candidates and/or their ‘friends’ telling us that they would ‘deliver’ Brexit, but how they’d do it remains nebulous.

The latest is a hilarious plug for Dominic Raab. The author writes in the paywalled DT that he’s observed Raab negotiating with Barnier and that ‘they are scared of him’. It’s as if the criterium for electing a new Tory leader is “the EU won’t like it”, meaning either ‘that’s good for us’ or ‘that’s bad for us’. This shows how deep the tentacles of Brussels reach into our political processes. And still the Remainers don’t see it …

Btw – if there’s one phrase for which I personally would be happy to stomp with kitten heels all over Ms May’s prone body it’s her mantra of ‘delivering Brexit’. Brexit is not a baby, for goodness sake! It doesn’t need ‘delivering’ and it doesn’t need a midwife. It’s not a parcel which needs a delivery service like the Royal Mail. It’s not a ‘service’ which product managers concoct and then try to sell, ahem, ‘deliver’.

Just imagine David Lloyd George telling the then papers and HoC that he is ‘delivering the Versailles Treaty’! Just imagine Neville Chamberlain telling the then MSM that he is ‘delivering peace in our time’! We negotiate a Treaty, and then ‘deliver’ the results arising from that treaty.

I think it is significant that Ms May and her coterie of Remainers, Mandarins included, have used this manager speak because in this way they have distracted us all from learning who actually conducted the negotiations. Hands up anyone who was aware of a certain Mr Olly Robbins before Chequers …  no, me neither! It was only after Chequers that we slowly learned the full horror.

Had she not insisted – on whose counsel, I ask myself – on doing the Brexit delivery service herself, bypassing her Brexit ministers and thus cutting them off at the knees as far as the power players on the other side of the table in Brussels were concerned – she might have got a better result and might even still be PM.

We know from various ‘anonymous Whitehall civil servants’ that DExEU was working hard and competently, only to be undermined by May and Robbins. Steve Baker MP laid it all on the table when talking to the EU Scrutiny Committee, as have other former DExEU secretaries such as Suella Braverman MP.

For this piece of political stupidity as well as for the vassalage Treaty Ms May has now paid the price – and so are we paying the price, with weeks of political banalities being produced by the wannabe May successors and their friends.

Mr Corbyn however is also feeling the heat. His fence-sitting must become very uncomfortable now when Len McCluskey, Secretary General of the powerful Union “Unite” (don’t forget that much of Labour’s money comes from the Trade Unions)  warns him in no uncertain terms:

“The Unite general secretary said a second referendum would only ‘pump more poison’ into Britain and a lurch towards one would be ‘electorally suicidal’. He also urged Mr Corbyn to ignore ‘Remain zealots’ after ‘pointless’ European elections because the party would lose dozens of MPs in the north and Midlands. Writing for HuffPost UK he said: ‘There is absolutely no route to a Labour victory as a Remain party. A further referendum will only pump more venom into the body politic. So then we are left with simply cancelling Brexit. For Labour to embrace such a position would be not just electorally suicidal, it would represent a profound rupture in our movement’s democratic traditions’. He added: ‘There is no way round it – leading the charge for Remain and relying on returning Lib Dem or Green voters, rather than continuing to respect the referendum result, will see Labour losing dozens of constituencies it has held since World War Two and longer, and put key marginals we must win way out of reach’. (source)

His intervention comes in the wake of yesterday’s YouGov poll – we mentioned it here – and shows that for him and Labour Brexit has also become just a political plaything, to be factored into voter intentions analyses. It’s about winning seats, perhaps even get into 10 Downing Street – but not about the will of us Leave voters, all 17.4 million of us.

And because it’s so nice and satisfactory, MSM pundits equally indulge in the blame game. Here’s the former Labour spin master Tom Harris (he’s now left that Party) and his points are worth keeping in mind:

“[…] there are too many purists in parliament and not enough pragmatists. Too many Tory MPs decided that only the perfect Brexit would do, while almost every Labour MP tried to convince themselves that if Brexit were delayed long enough, people would lose interest and start talking about other things. […] It may not be too late to get a grip, to get Brexit over with. But even then it might still be too late for the old parties that have let down their voters so very badly. But it remains their best and only chance. They should take it.” (paywalled link)

This sentiment is echoed by Douglas Murray writing in the (paywalled) DT today, who ends his essay thus:

“Anyone hoping to lead the Conservative Party should not just wish to encompass mainstream Right-wing opinion but be willing – for the first time in a generation – to actually stand up for it.” (paywalled link)

Fat chance of that – for them as for the Labour grandees it’s only about maximising votes, it’s not about principles and certainly not about honouring the promise by Cameron to implement our decision, no ifs and buts …

In the run-up to President Trump’s visit, his adviser John “the moustache” Bolton has told the DT in an interview (paywalled link):

“[…]  the outcome of the 2016 Brexit referendum represented a “triumph of democracy”. “We have agonised with you throughout this process,” said Mr Bolton. “The US preference is for Britain to follow the course of what the people asked for and leave the EU. It is a lesson for everyone in the triumph of democracy. As a separate nation again, Britain’s impact on the world  has the prospect of being even greater. And from the US point of view that is all to the good. I think it will help us in Nato in particular to have another strong and independent country that will help Nato to be more effective, and that has to be a plus.”

One hopes the Tory wannabe PMs take heed of Mr Bolton’s words! As for us – well, there’s the Peterborough by election next week which takes place on the anniversary of D-Day.

Let’s see if the Leavers from all parties can leave their tribal party politics aside for once and support the candidate who stands for TBP. It’s our opportunity to show That Lot that yes, we meant what we said in 2016 and on May 23rd 2019.

Above all, let’s not forget the reason for President Trump’s visit: commemorating D-Day. We remember, as we remember those who gave their all in WWI. So let’s keep channelling our inner Churchill and




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