So, it looks like Brexit has been postponed until Halloween. I can’t help feeling that this is somehow appropriate if a little disappointing. One thing I am sure about though is that this fight for our independence is far from over. By Halloween and our supposed Brexit the world, I think, will be a very different place and we independently minded people need to plan accordingly.

Geo-politically things will get interesting as the year progresses. Certainly by Halloween, if the S hasn’t HTF, we’ll have a much clearer indication of the way things are going: nowhere good I suspect.

Since the conclusion of the Mueller report in the US, it has become apparent that the the political left, the Democrats, in collusion with the national security services have been involved in a coup against a sitting US president and his government: “Trump urges inquiry into ‘attempted coup’ against him” .

The above sounds unbelievable in the US but it’s early days yet, there is a lot more information to come out, particularly as Donald Trump has now gone on the offensive.

What is happening here in (still) Great Britain could also most certainly be described as a coup. We’ve seen our democracy undermined to the point of collapse, the will of the people defied, and an attempt by globalist, leftist politicians (criminals) to undermine parliament and Brexit.

My belief – and looking at other sources it is shared by many others, is that as events unfold in the US and the crimes of certain politicians and government officials are exposed, many members of our government and Civil Service will also be implicated: “MI6 Scrambling To Stop Trump From Releasing Classified Docs In Russia Probe” .

The above has been widely reported, including in the Telegraph but I’ve used Zerohedge as it isn’t paywalled.

As details of the coup in the US emerge, so will the full extent of the coup in our own country: “It Begins: Ex-Obama Counsel To Be Indicted Following Mueller Probe”

The world economy has been propped up since the Global Financial Crisis of 2008, in fact it never went away and now the cracks in the illusion are appearing increasingly by the day: “UBS Expects 75,000 US Store Closures In Coming ‘Retail Cleansing’”

Retail outlets will be just the first to suffer and loan defaults have already started. I’ve just been reading about a case of a shopping mall commercial mortgage going bad. The mortgage was for two hundred million dollars and the mortgagee just walked away and the mall was sold for sixty million, a knockdown of one hundred and forty million: a taste of things to come.

In Europe the zombie bank problem hasn’t gone away. The likes of Deutsche Bank are still on the brink as are certain European countries. This from the Telegraph: “IMF fears Italian debt spiral, and Macron is making it even more dangerous”

Italy is on the brink of a debt default and it will have global consequences. However, it seems that Salvini and his government are planning for this. This from The Economist: “Italy’s plan to join China’s Belt and Road Initiative ruffles feathers” . And Italy has taken control of its gold reserves from its Central Bank. One can’t help but wonder: if or rather when Italy’s insolvency crisis hits, will it be to the European Union that it turns to for help? Perhaps it has learned a lesson from Greece?

With the Eastern European countries at odds with the European Union over immigration, irreconcilably it would appear, and with Italy forming closer ties with China and the East, it seems to me that major fault lines are developing within Europe.

Then there is this: “Globalists Are Bringing Their One World Currency Plans Out Into The Open”.

As I discussed in my last article, if the globalists attempt to introduce a one world currency, it’ll probably bring them and us into conflict with Russia, China and Iran among others. This will heighten tensions with all of the countries in the process of moving away from the US dollar and, I also think, that many of the emerging markets will walk away from their dollar debt as it’s simply unrepayable.

By Halloween, Angela Merkel will be gone from her present position at least, Macron will be lucky to survive if the Yellow Vests have their way, and hopefully and with fingers crossed, the hag in Downing Street will have taken her infamous place in history.

It was probably always too much to hope that on Friday we’d leave the European Union and all live happily ever after, but sometimes you have to fight for what you want in life and in this case the game is far from over.

By Halloween the world will be a very different place, the witches and warlocks will be cackling and circling with glee. If you think that we’ve been living in some surreal political and economic times, well, you ain’t seen nothing yet. What is coming is going to be a lot worse and we need to be ready for it.

We have European parliamentary elections coming up, we must make sure that we get a significant amount of independence minded candidates elected, from whichever party and from Britain and hopefully other European countries. I’m hoping that Theresa May and Angela Merkel haven’t found a way to prevent this.

As Europe and probably our own government cracks up politically and economically from within, we have time until Halloween to be there to stick the boot in. We must make sure that the European Union rues the day it tried to keep us tied to it and then we can walk away.

In our country’s history, we used to burn witches at the stake, barbaric perhaps, but I can think of one particular wicked witch that deserves just that.


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