“Never give in”


Brexit is being ground into dust, stuck between a rock (the EU)  and a hard place (Ms May). Today, we were supposed to have left the EU for a second time. Instead we’re still ‘In’ because of the unimaginable intransigence of the Remainers, from Whitehell down to Ms May and most of her cabinet to Labour and the other remain opposition parties, and from that German Mr Selmayer down to Messrs Barnier, Tusk and Juncker to the two Ms, Macron and Merkel and the rest of the EU ‘leaders’.

The ‘choice’ presented by the EU and Ms May is: vote for the BRINO WA Bill or remain in the EU by revoking Article 50. To make it look “democratic”, there’s the sly ‘offer’ of a 2nd referendum because, according to good old EU custom, people simply will have to vote until the result is correct.

At the moment, the possibility of a 2nd referendum is not openly talked about because the ‘strategists’ in LabCon and the EU are waiting for the result of the EU elections in May which will indicate how we might vote in a 2nd referendum. The Express reports on a recent poll:

“A new Open Europe poll conducted by Hanbury Strategy of 2,000 people from April 5-8 has revealed Labour could could dominate the European elections and build a huge lead over their rivals.”

We all know by now what Labour, what Corbyn wants – like the EU, ‘people’s votes’ are welcome as long as they support the desired outcome. And we can well imagine that such outcome – Remain in the EU and a Labour government – is the one Whitehell desires and will support with their considerable might, aided and abetted by the Remain MSM.

Yesterday, Whitehell was the last Remain entity to have dropped their mask. We learned that the head of the Civil Service instructed all departments to stop their planning for a No Deal Brexit immediately (here, and paywalled here). Of course the appeasing noises followed immediately:

“Mark Sedwill, the Cabinet Secretary, told the civil service to “wind down” worst-case scenario no-deal planning after the European Union imposed a further six-month Brexit delay on Theresa May. […] A Government source said that while Operation Yellowhammer, which involves “doomsday” contingencies for a no-deal Brexit, is being wound down other plans remain in place.”

The real power – the Remain Mandarins – have now openly shown the White Flag of surrender to the EU: ‘we have abandoned No Deal’. You can be certain that this ‘leak’ was sanctioned by the top Mandarins!

Also yesterday Ms May ‘presented’ her EU-Deal to Parliament – more on that below – and since she has now nothing to worry about – no apparent moves to oust her, no ‘indicative’ votes, no preparations except for that EU election which might not even happen – Parliament was allowed to go for the Easter Break from today:

“The six-month delay agreed at the summit means that MPs, ministers and the various party leaderships are no longer under pressure to find a resolution. MPs do not have to return to Westminster until Tuesday April 23.” (paywalled link).

Ms May and Mr Corbyn however will continue their ‘talks’ about how best to thwart the will of us Brexit voters:

“Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn agreed last night to press on with Brexit talks as the prime minister spelt out a new route to reaching a deal in the Commons. The party leaders held a short meeting in parliament after Mrs May updated MPs on the latest Brexit delay. In notably warmer exchanges she suggested that the two sides were closer than many realised on the key issue of the customs union while Mr Corbyn did not repeat a previous claim that she was refusing to move from her “red lines”. (paywalled link)

Now that is truly scary! It reveals the juggernaut rolling forward to crush Brexit. More:

“The prime minister said that making Brexit happen was going to require a change of approach. She acknowledged that reaching agreement with Labour “will not be easy” but said it was in the “national interest” that they should try. “This is not the normal way of British politics and it is uncomfortable for many in both the government and opposition parties,” she said. (paywalled link)

Of course, the ‘Brexit’ May is trying to ‘make happen’ is her unmovable BRINO WA. Well, if Labour and Tory MPs can be forced to swallow this ‘uncomfortable’ pill, then surely we, the people , can be made to do so as well, ‘in the national interest’ as defined by Ms May, Whitehell and the EU!

The signs are that a 2nd referendum might, in the end, be the quid-pro-quo offered to Labour for pushing May’s WA through:

“Mr Cox told the House of Commons that the Government was willing to “listen” to calls for another public vote. […]  “And of course we will listen to any suggestions that are made, whether it be about a second referendum or any other matter, to see if we can find common ground in the interest of the country to leave the European Union as swiftly as possible.” (link, paywalled)

Ms May is now convinced that she has the Brexiteers in her own Party on the run. Her performance yesterday, smirking and laughing when answering them (make that: ‘flapping about’!) was … indicative.

Here are links to video clips I urge you to watch, especially the speech by Sir Bill Cash (here), but also the speeches by Kate Hoey (here) and by the other staunch Tory Brexiteers Steve Baker (here), Mark Francois (hereand John Baron (here) – and observe how Ms May answers them.

Most importantly, watch the speech by Nigel Dodds (DUP) here. We know that Ms May’s government will fall should the DUP withdraw their ‘confidence and supply agreement’. This agreement is up for revision at the end of each parliamentary session, i.e. in July this year. It is not tied to Ms May being the PM:

“The prime minister [..] was put on notice by her supposed allies in the Democratic Unionist Party that the clock was running down on the deal under which they prop up her government. Arlene Foster, the DUP leader, would not say whether she had confidence in the prime minister. “The confidence and supply agreement we signed is with the Conservative Party and whoever the leader of that party is we will work with,” Mrs Foster said […].(paywalled link).

Interestingly, we read in that same (paywalled) article :

“DUP chiefs have held private talks with Boris Johnson and his Tory leadership campaign team as Theresa May faces repeated challenges to her dwindling authority.”

Might this be a pointer that ‘forces en coulisse in the Tory Party are quietly going ahead with their plots of toppling May? Interestingly, certain ‘candidates’ have become very quiet all of a sudden while Jacob Rees-Mogg (here) denied any involvement in toppling Ms May.

Make of that what you will – personally I won’t hold my breath: I’ll believe she’s gone when I see the furniture vans arrive at 10 Downing Street!

Let’s hope that Tory MPs, faced with the increasing anger of their constituents, will take action during this break, even if it’s just to save their own skins.

That means that we peasants have another opportunity to tell our constituency MPs precisely what we demand from them. Relentlessly. We’ll present them with our first bill’, the reckoning for their Brexit Betrayal, at the Local Elections, now just over three weeks away.

I leave you with this video, to help you channel your ‘inner Churchill’:




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