Our spineless PM


No spine, no principles: BJ won’t adhere to his deadline of walking away from the EU talks this afternoon – what a surprise. The other instance of his spineless, unprincipled attitude is the looming ‘circuit breaker’, that lockdown which the Westminster Lockdown Cabal wants. Sit tight – the examples below from our National Covid MSM show the sheer inanity of this exercise and are guaranteed to make your blood boil.

First and briefly – the BJ cave in. He’ll ‘wait and observe’ what the EU will come up with at their summit tomorrow:

“The prime minister is expected to analyse any comments, especially those of Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, and President Macron of France, before a final decision on whether to walk away.” (link, paywalled)

The clock in Brussels will surely be stopped in the early hours of Saturday and BJ won’t be able to ‘decide’ anything until the weekend:

“European Union leaders will hold their first full debate on Brexit this year at the summit, and each of the 27 leaders is expected to speak during discussion predicted to last hours. A senior EU diplomat said: “What we want to show is we are willing and ready, once the UK moves, to work really hard to conclude a deal”.” (paywalled link)

So they’ve not been ‘working hard’ until now … just as those responsible for getting ‘Our NHS’ winter ready haven’t. How wonderful! How exceedingly diligent!

Just look at this jaw-dropping admission culled from those SAGE minutes released after BJ’s speech which the ‘global health and science’ editors have now been digging through. Remember that these minutes refer to meetings last month:

“Graham Medley, a member of SAGE, said that ministers had “missed the boat” for a pre-planned two-week lockdown, which would be designed to reduce pressure on the NHS while giving businesses and families time to prepare.” (link, paywalled)

SAGE was able to ‘pre-plan’ this so-called circuit breaker – in September? Did they already know then that ‘case numbers’ would rise? How? Did it not occur to those SAGEs that, using the accusatory expression by Covidians, this meant they were happy to ‘let the virus rip’ for those weeks until October 24th? 

One doesn’t even have to be a doctor or scientist to see that something is very fishy with this ‘advice’! This virus is either so deadly that surely an immediate lockdown would have been imperative – or it isn’t! Why would ‘families and businesses’ need time to prepare now when businesses, especially shops and pubs, have been ‘preparing’ for that ‘New Normal’ during the summer? And let’s not ask how come we’re seeing this rise in ‘case numbers’ when so many people in our towns and cities, in schools and universities, have observed these ‘hygiene measures’ for weeks!

It turns out however that a certain entity hasn’t been prepared. That is, what a surprise, ‘Our NHS’. The Times has this jaw-dropping headline: “We were better prepared for coronavirus last time, doctor warns” (link, paywalled). What? How is that even possible? Wasn’t the reason for the first Lockdown, that ‘last time’ this doctor speaks of, that ‘Our Sacred Cow’ was on the brink of collapse because “we” weren’t prepared? And now, six months later, it’s even worse? What the fluff? See this:

“An intensive care doctor treating coronavirus patients claimed the health service was “better prepared for the first surge” as hospital admissions continue to rise. […] “Before the first peak, elective surgery was curtailed so the hospital was pretty empty, staff were redeployed, and this time, there was no real curtailment of any elective work,” said the doctor, who works at the Royal Liverpool Hospital and asked not to be named. “We went into the second surge already quite busy. It didn’t take long for the hospital to fill up.” (link, paywalled)

So hospitals were already empty before that 1st Lockdown, to ‘Protect Our NHS’? How amazing! We shouldn’t be surprised that The Times gives room to this doctor rather than to so many other clinicians who have pointed out the empty wards, the unused Nightingale hospitals, the months of curtailed treatments and ‘elective surgery’. After all, the Westminster Covid cabal wants that 2nd Lockdown and their fear and hysteria campaign is now in full swing. There’s more from that doctor who told The Times that:

“people are dying from it and it’s getting worse. He said Tier Three restrictions came too late “and are probably not enough”.” (link, paywalled)

People are dying ‘from it’, the doctor says! Are people not also dying from other illnesses? Are people not dying of other illnesses which have remained untreated during these past months? And what about cancer deaths? Do we not need to worry about that? There’s more:

“Joe Anderson, the mayor of Liverpool, said: “I’ve had contact from many people who work in our NHS. They are telling me that they are overwhelmed, that they know that the hospital is really struggling to cope, that around 20 per cent of staff are off ill.” (link, paywalled)

Are they ill ‘with covid’ – or is this the ‘seasonal illness’ always cropping up in autumn? Now that “we” are suitably frightened, just like last time, here’s what in the vernacular is called ‘the hammer’:

“Research by the Society for Acute Medicine has found three quarters of staff in urgent and acute care believe hospitals are not prepared to cope over the next six months. Seventy per cent of society members said they would not be able to provide the level of care they would want to over that period.” (link, paywalled)

This is appalling. What have they been doing to prepare during those last six months? Worked from home? Did they think there would be nothing to prepare for, because we’ve never ever had an annual ‘NHS in Flu Crisis’?

There’s one other strand to this SAGE/ NHS debacle. The following remarks by another SAGE member show again that it’s not about keeping us peasants safe from that virus, but only about protecting ‘Our Sacred Cow’. Note the unspoken admission that the time of National Lockdown and the months following have been useless:

“Mark Woolhouse, professor of infectious disease epidemiology at the University of Edinburgh, who sits on Sage’s Spi-M modelling subcommittee [… said]:“A reasonable thing to hope for from a two-week circuit breaker that you might get a four-week break before things return to where they were at the beginning of the circuit breaker — this was known ages ago: we were modelling this back even before the first lockdown in March,” he said. “You want something to be different at the end of that four-week period. And you have to be very clear what that is.” (link, paywalled)

Ah! So the SAGEs knew already in March that ‘things’ i.e. infections, would go back to what they were before Lockdown? What has happened since? What has changed? What is this ‘something different’ the government ought to have achieved? Does this not indicate to us lay persons that the SAGEs knew Lockdown would do nothing to ‘stop’ the virus?

The professor then mentions options to make things different, e.g. ‘reducing cases’ so that test & trace might be ‘effective’ in managing local flare-ups. And then he releases the proverbial cat with this remark:

“He suggests that the time might be well spent looking at other aspects of government policy. “Compliance with quarantine and self-isolation rules is poor and that’s absolutely on the front line of our fight with this virus. Can we change either the regulations or the incentives or the support for people to self isolate? ” (link, paywalled)

Clearly, those SAGEs are more interested in using fear in order to nudge us plebs into changing our behaviour, spending our money on ‘rewarding’ us (money we’ve paid to the Exchequer in the first place!) rather than seeing to it that ‘Our NHS’ functions properly. 

Taking a step back from Liverpool, you’ll be pleased to hear that Nicola and Dripford (1st Minister of Wales) are going to get very tough indeed, threatening to close their borders to travellers from England, enforced by their local police forces (paywalled link). However, Dripford is immediately shown up for the posturing fool he is: 

“Police have told Welsh officials their travel ban stopping English people from entering the country is “unenforceable” (link).

Indeed – and why doesn’t someone ask him why it’s more useful to have the police check out who travels from where to where when surely they’re needed to investigate all those hate crimes?

Finally, let’s take another step back and look at our European neighbours. from tomorrow, Macron will impose a total curfew from 9pm to 6 am – for a month at least, with the option to extend it. More ‘restrictions’ are also coming into force in the Netherlands, Spain and Portugal. Ms Merkel is still trying to get the chiefs of the German Laender to follow suit.

Why it is that all those countries are seeing these increases in ‘case numbers’ when they had restrictions imposed much earlier, or when their testing worked so well that they’ve been presented to us as shining examples of how to do it – your guess is as good as mine!

It is wonderful though how their economies, ours included, are being driven into the ground because: “Covid!” while that of China isn’t … but better heed this latest warning of a ‘swine corona virus’ detected in China where it’s been ripping since 2016 (link). It’ll ‘only’ give you vomiting and diarrhea, but what the heck! It’s scary – so don’t go and pet pigs!

I leave you with these words from the irreplaceable Sir John Redwood. Under the title ‘The Great Reset’ he writes in his Diary this morning:

“I have no problem with the idea of building better or investing in a better future, but I do have problems with some of the agendas drawn up in the name of the Great Reset. […] When the agenda proposes taxing and regulating the very products of the digital revolution and the transport revolution that have offered to the many the freedoms and advantages that used to be the preserve of the few I worry that build back better just becomes a cover for more state control over our lives.” (link)

Sir John Redwood is always carefully meticulous in what he says and how he says it. His warning therefore ought to have our alarm bells ringing loud and clear. However, given that our right to congregate freely has been severely curtailed because: “Covid!” the question is – what can we peasants do about it? 




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