Ever since covid: April Fool’s Day doesn’t come only once a year …


Those who still trust the MSM – reading, watching or listening to their daily effusions –  are busy this morning, endeavouring to be the first to spot an April Fool’s Day item. I’ll mention three candidates below, for hilarity’s sake. However, I believe that government and MSM have treated us as fools all through the past covid year, so it’s been ‘April Fool’s Day’ all the year round. The archive of this daily column provides ample proof.

Still, there are some covid news illustrating that the covid politburo’s foolery is ongoing. For example, the Leader of the Loyal Opposition, a certain Sir Keir Starmer, has suddenly surfaced. He stated that a ‘covid passport’ is un-British. Before we clap for Keir, here’s what he really said in his interview with the DT:

“Sir Keir added that Covid passports for international travel were inevitable and the focus of the Government should be on maximising the vaccine rollout, but said: “My instinct is that… [if] we get the virus properly under control, the death rates are near zero, hospital admissions very, very low, that the British instinct in those circumstances will be against vaccine passports.” He stressed that he wanted to find a cross-party consensus on the issue and would only decide Labour’s stance once he had studied detailed proposals from the Government. But he made it clear that he was against Mr Johnson’s idea of letting pubs decide themselves, saying: “I think this idea that we sort of outsource this to individual landlords is just wrong in principle.” (paywalled link)

Firstly, note that he’s only against it if ‘covid is properly under control’. We know that SAGE will see to it that this is unachievable by moving the goalposts again and again. Note also his point about ‘outsourcing to individual landlords’ being wrong. Of course it is – when would Labour ever trust private individuals to do something right! He’ll be happy, you can be certain, when those pub passports are controlled by local councils.

I am certain however that Keir willl be certain to find reasons to agree with the covid government after having ‘studied the proposals’ because he won’t want to get into the black books of SAGE and the enablers of the covid dictatorship in Whitehall.  Moreover, Keir wouldn’t want to disappoint Tony B’s effort to have ‘identity cards’ for all, in one form or another, now would he!

Next, another item of covid news which doesn’t come under ‘April Fool’s Day’. France’s wannabe Napoleon is now locking down all of France for four weeks., starting on Saturday. One wonders if this will stop the ‘migrants’ intrepidly fleeing war-torn, covid-ravaged France. They are crossing en masse yet again:

“Nearly three times as many migrants used small boats to cross the Channel in the first quarter of this year than in the same period in 2020, figures show. A further 81 migrant crossings were recorded yesterday, taking the total figure for the first three months of 2021 to 1,402, up from 511 a year earlier. It suggests 2021 could break last year’s record of 8,420 crossings.” (link, paywalled)

Ah well – when did ‘migrants’ ever obey the laws of the ‘guest country’! Back to Macron whose police and border force will surely obey the new lockdown rules and stay indoors, allowing those ‘migrants’ to flee. I’m full of admiration for his breathtaking reasons and ‘excuses’! The Times quotes him verbally:

 “Whereas a lot of our neighbours decided to go into lockdown several months ago … we have won precious days of liberty and days where our children could continue learning. We can congratulate ourselves on having been among the first countries to open schools [after the lockdown last spring] and having kept them open since then. We did well to trust in the sense of responsibility of the French people.” (link, paywalled)

That makes eminent sense, doesn’t it: the French people behaved so sensibly that Macron now needs another four-week lockdown, after having given them a bit of ‘liberté’! According to Macron, this is entirely the fault of the dastardly ‘British Mutant’ which is sweeping the country:

“’We are faced with a new situation,’ he said. ‘We are involved in a race. Propagation of a new variant that was identified by our British neighbours’ must be dealt with.’ Current efforts to limit the virus ‘were too limited at a time when the epidemic is accelerating’. The spread of the variant meant ‘we risk losing control’, he added.” (link)

The vaccine debacle created by the EU, with help from Macron and Merkel, has of course got nothing to do with this. The strange thing is though that the Macrons and Merkels and the rest of the EU were only too keen to use the scientific discovery of this variant, documented by British scientists thanks to our outstanding scientific institutions such as genome sequencing. They then swallowed the SAGE declarations – unsupported by evidence at the time – that it was ‘more deadly and more infectious’ than the original.

Now though they are decidedly un-keen to accept the British study showing that this isn’t the case. This isn’t even ‘hot of the press’ news which poor Macron couldn’t possibly have known about. LockdownSceptics published an article on this last evening with impressive graphs – this quote is the take-home message:

“Lockdown Sceptics noted on Saturday that while the British variant is becoming dominant in many countries, that dominance is often, as in the UK and Denmark, accompanied by infections, hospitalisations and deaths plummeting not surging.” (link)

That is clearly irrelevant, especially since Macron and the rest need a scapegoat on which  to blame their own shortcomings and disastrous covid policies – yep, ‘perfidious Albion’ which has become even more perfidious after Brexit.

And now … here are the three items which are my candidates for the April Fool’s Day compilation. Here’s my Number One:

“The US Geological Survey (USGS) has advised American researchers studying endangered bats in the wild to wear personal protective equipment and take Covid-19 tests before handling the species, saying that the risk of transmission is low but that the consequences for the animals and humans could be grave.” (link, paywalled)

Omigawd – zoologists giving covid to innocent US bats? Words fail me – if it’s true. Now to my second candidate:

“Russia has registered the world’s first Covid-19 vaccine for animals and will begin mass production this month. The Carnivak-Cov vaccine would help in the struggle against the spread of mutations of the virus, the Russian agriculture oversight agency Rosselkhoznadzor said. It was tested on dogs, cats, mink and foxes and is designed to be used on pets and some farm animals. The vaccine will be commercially available to foreign buyers. Animal-breeding companies and other private firms in the United States, Canada, Singapore, Greece, Poland and Austria were said already to have expressed an interest in acquiring it, the agency said.” (link, paywalled)

Gasp! Covid vaccines for pets and wild animals! Aren’t the Russians clever … or are they? Perhaps those US zoologists ought to get that Russian vaccine and intrepidly vaccinate those wild bats they’re going to study, no? Here’s my last April Fool’s Day candidate:

“Three British tradesmen have been fined and deported from Germany as the country toughens its stance on unregistered workers after Brexit. […] Thomas Seemann, the spokesman for the customs office in Stuttgart, told The Times that although the three Britons had not been prosecuted, they had to pay an upfront fine before they were deported. “The official accusation against the men is that they were working illegally in the Federal Republic of Germany, as they did not have a place of residence or the correct paperwork,” Seemann said. “Based on this, they had to deposit a ‘financial security’ for the expected penalty. […] The sum the men had to leave was only a three-digit figure, so not very much really. And if the public prosecutor decides that the fine they will face is a very small one, then the men will get something back from the money they deposited.” (link, paywalled)

Crikey. German authorities giving back money? That has to be an April Fool’s Day joke, surely? However, all the news we’ve been given during this past year are more like jokes played on us, so who knows!

The final item is actually not a joke, played by Brussels and the EU Commission. Pfizer said that the EU’s export restrictions on vaccines have become a burden because they now must “notify the Belgian government in advance about every parcel of vaccines it plans to export. Approval must then be granted by the European Commission.” (link, paywalled). No – Brussels is certainly not joking.

I think the actual April Fool’s Day joke played on us is that there’ll be an end to lockdown if we all ‘behave’. The covid imperium will never relent. So make the most of that bit of ‘freedom’ we’re permitted to enjoy, accepting that France showed us the way when Macron lifted some restrictions earlier this year because: “liberté”! The next Lockdown will come. 

Enough is never enough for the covidians, so here’s hoping that more and more people will use the freedom currently permitted and work towards organising civil disobedience campaigns. 




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