Is this our future – living in permanent fear and subjugation?


Yesterday afternoon the ‘Great Covid Showdown’ was supposed to have happened in the ghost chamber, formerly known as HoC. Well, it didn’t. There was also a ‘Repeat Performance’ given by the two Doom-Mongers, Messrs V and W, this time garnished with the august presence of the PM. Nothing new was said, but there were some inanities.

The good news is that there was not one ‘covid scare’ headline in this morning’s papers The bad news is that the various editors – chief, health, science – have still not understood anything, have still not got a clue about what we plebs outside the M25 want the government to do: stop this covid madness.

First of all – my disclaimers: I did not watch the ‘debate’ on the Tory Rebel Amendment nor did I watch the following BJ & Messrs V &V press conference. Live, especially under the covid cosh, is too short!

When you see the empty chamber that is the HoC nowadays, you have to ask yourself what use the whole thing is. Yes, they’re still doing that ‘social distancing’ thing, but even of the social-distancing peacocks which should have been there only a handful attended.

Why do we need such a huge number of MPs when they’re not doing their job? Do we really believe that they were dutifully sat at home, watching proceedings on their laptops or PCs? Does anyone trust them to ‘scrutinise’ government when they’ve been mostly sat at home because: “Covid!”, when their ‘research assistants’ generally answer constituents’ emails with standard texts which say nothing at all? 

The one shimmer of silver lining was the speech by the speaker, Sir Lindsay Hoyle, where he gave stern words to the covid-government. He accused government and ministers to have treated the HoC ‘with contempt’. One can’t get sterner than that, not in the Chamber. You can watch the video here. It is good stuff. However, it seems to have escaped even the Speaker’s notice that this covid government is treating us, the electorate, with contempt – something far more important, I suggest, than peacocking before TV cameras in that empty covid-HoC.

As soon as I heard the Speaker’s statement I knew the various MSM comment writers were right when they hinted that a deal might be in the offing: a ‘deal’ had indeed been made. The online papers are sort-of fine with this ‘deal’  and have refrained so far from either praising BJ for being statesmanlike or the Brady Bunch for getting the covid-government to accede to their demand.

However, there are weasel words in this ‘deal’ which, no matter how those concerned try to spin it, give the game away:

“Ministers staved off a Tory rebellion yesterday by promising votes for MPs on national coronavirus restrictions “wherever possible”. Matt Hancock, the health secretary, said that parliament would be consulted on “significant national measures” but not on putting areas into local lockdown. The announcement won over the majority of Conservative backbenchers, […] Mr Hancock conceded that “scrutinised decisions are better decisions” and that advance votes should become a new convention for the pandemic.” (link, paywalled)

Why is it so hard for those Rebel MPs to understand that they’ve been sold a dud? That it’s the BJ-MH duumvirate, aided and abetted by Messrs V & W, who will decide what “whenever possible” means? That this sell-out only refers to ‘national lockdown decisions’, not local ones? That this covid government has no intention of relinquishing their power to keep us in subjugation? See this:

“The circumstances in which rules would be introduced without any consultation were unclear. “The government must act with speed when required and we cannot hold up urgent regulations which are needed to control the virus and save lives,”Mr Hancock said.” (link, paywalled)

Does one really need to be an Oxbridge  professor of contemporary politics to see that, under the pious pretext of the alleged urgency of ‘saving lives’, this covid government will proceed precisely as it has done so far? 

The press conference given by BJ, flanked by those two SAGEs, V & W, was proof if proof were needed. The PM was in full ‘we’re in a war’-mode, and yep, the same tired slogans were fed to the dumb plebs. It was again about ‘saving lives’ and protecting ‘Our NHS’. It was again about muzzling up, washing hands, keeping away and following ‘teh rulz’:

“Boris Johnson has defied calls for an easing of Covid restrictions, insisting the “only way” to fight a second wave of the virus is by making sacrifices which might have to get worse. In a riposte to his critics, the Prime Minister told a Downing Street press conference that “no matter how impatient we may be, how fed up we may become, there is only one way of doing this”. (paywalled link)

It’s ‘his way or the highway’, no discussion permitted. There’s more, and anyone who was still thinking that BJ might have taken on board some arguments against this sledgehammer approach better think again – Tory Rebels included:

“Mr Johnson said: “I know some people will think we should give up and let the virus take its course, despite the huge loss of life that would potentially entail. I have to say I profoundly disagree. And I don’t think it’s what the British people want. I don’t think they want to throw in the sponge – they want to fight and defeat this virus, and that is what we are going to do.” (paywalled link)

Who are these ‘British people’? The muzzle-fanatics, the ones living in Audi Avenue who have secure jobs, well paid, ‘working from home’? Are LockdownSceptics not ‘British people’? BJ seems to believe that his war-like language will make us follow him even into another National Lockdown.

I am certain that, should this covid government deem it “necessary”, the HoC won’t get a say, Sir Lindsay Hoyle’s  words about contempt notwithstanding. Messrs BJ and MH only have to declare that the situation is so ‘urgent’ that they ‘had to act’ before the HoC could debate. It’s in ‘the deal’ they struck with the Brady Bunch. 

In a remarkable instance of letting the mask drop, showing that these ‘measures’, unto the National Lockdown sledgehammer, are meant as punishment for us:

“The Prime Minister said that if people failed to stick to the rules, “more costly” restrictions would have to follow. He suggested the coronavirus second wave was a “localised” issue and insisted that he did not want to impose any more national restrictions, although he refused to rule out a new national lockdown.” (paywalled link)

Yep, BJ ‘doesn’t want to do this’ unless “we” make him to … His  words, meant to tranquilise us, were shown to be nought but posturing when at that same press conference the gloom duo said on the one hand that:

“it was “far too early to say” whether Covid could be restricted to local outbreaks and predicted “a long winter ahead”.” (paywalled link)

… while saying on the other hand that the virus ‘could’ be contained by local lockdowns:

“because Britain is not yet seeing the same national outbreak it did in spring, […] Chris Whitty said that the second wave was looking more localised than the first and illness and deaths could end up “very highly concentrated” in some areas.” (link, paywalled

You only have to look at Wales where nearly three quarters of the Principality are in ‘local lockdowns’. Only the sheep – the four-legged, woolly variety – roaming the hills and mountains aren’t locked down. When one locally locked-down area merges into the next one – how long does it take to get what will in fact become a national lockdown?

Meanwhile Sir John Redwood writes in his Diary this morning that ‘we need an exit plan, a message of hope’ and concludes:

“I am trying to persuade Ministers they need a new plan to restore our liberties.’ (link)

My apologies to the indefatigable Sir John, but this attempt will be futile. It won’t happen as long as BJ keeps listening to the V & W ‘science whisperers’, as long as he seems to be incapable to accept any criticism by scientists and clinicians as eminent in their field as those two ‘SAGEs’.

To crown it all, MH was caught out in a blatant lie which could have serious consequences for the lives of covid-patients, but apparently with no consequences for keeping his job:

“Matt Hancock wrongly claimed that government scientists had run unsuccessful tests. The health secretary told the Commons last week that he had ordered a trial that showed vitamin D did not “appear to have any impact”. Officials now admit that no trials took place.” (link, paywalled)

Lying to the HoC used to be a sackable offence. That MPs, that the ‘science editors’ in ‘Our MSM’, aren’t yet up in arms about this lie is unbelievable, in view of this:

“New evidence from Spain suggests that vitamin D, which some scientists believe helps to prevent a fatal overreaction to the virus, could save lives. […] Charles Bangham, chairman in immunology at Imperial College London, said: “Public Health England already recommends that everybody take a daily vitamin D supplement but the message is not getting through to a large section of the population.” (link, paywalled)

I suggest this ‘message’ isn’t ‘getting through’ because it was never given.This lie, apologies: this ‘mis-speak’, documents that Mr MH only regurgitates what his ‘advisers’, scientific ones or not, are telling him. 

Messrs BJ and MH seem determined to keep us under their control, in abject covid fear, with more ‘measures’ and the threat of a national Lockdown. They’re thus making a mockery of their slogan that their ‘rulz’ are about ‘saving lives’.  They are in thrall to a handful of ‘scientists’ who are not going to relinquish their power over those two sorry figures. 

Must we keep living in fear, must the economy, must our civil liberties, be thrashed because ‘fear’ is all BJ, MH, V and W are offering us, in order to keep us in subjugation?

Who will rid us of those troublesome figures – these two puppets and the two puppet masters? 




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