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Today is a red-letter-day: it’s the first day since the pandemic outbreak without any CV-19 headlines on the home pages of ‘Our MSM’. If you thought however that this means we’re back to being able to get news without propaganda, then I’m sorry: that’s not how ‘Our MSM’ work. I was stunned when I compared the online ‘front pages’ of our broadsheets this morning. These are, after all, the places from which readers launch their online reading, these are the places from which editors launch their daily brainwash mission.

At the time of writing this column the Daily Telegraph has one (!) article about face nappies, but in the rest of the page wallows in what looks like a ‘Daily Magazine for Wimminz’, with articles concerned with questions a middle-class yummy mummy might ask, such as ‘Are the loos open in Eurostar trains?’. There are however no headlines about Rooosha and ‘Putin spies’.

In contrast, The Times presents us with articles galore on Russian spies, Russian donors to the Tory Party – forget about a certain Mr Mandelson, Labour, spending time on the yacht of a Russian oligarch. There’s of course another attack on Cummings, and there’s an article about a Starmer demand. I’ll look at that in a jiffy, let me just mention The Express where we read that  Russia has 12 spies in the UK which roam our country, with nefarious intent:

“The undercover Russian spies could reportedly even relay information back to Russia about critical UK infrastructure such as power networks or water systems. They could also be on the lookout for any troop activity on British military bases.” (link)

So watch out for men prowling around your neighbourhood with snow on their boots… ! What is striking though is that there’s nothing at all about China, Chinese influence or Huawei in either broadsheet. It’s as if there’s a tacit agreement of spreading a cloak of silence over these issues. It’s as if, after the performance of the Chinese Ambassador on Sunday’s Andrew Marr show (link), ‘Our MSM’ have decided not to touch these issues with a bargepole.

Only The Express has dared to publish one article, albeit spiking their headline with suggestive quotation marks: “TikTok warning: US official warns Brits data ‘ends up’ with ‘evil’ Chinese Communist Party” (link). Well, what does Mr Pompeo know about those things, and surely our nurses dancing on TikTok during the CV-19 pandemic couldn’t have been of any interest to the CCP, could they!

Anyway – it’s Putin who is evil, not the nice Chinese who’ve done so much for us and the EU, what with sending us defect PPE suits or face masks and never mind about that WuFlu! No – it’s ‘unduly Russian interference’ which we must beware of, and the Labour Leader is at the forefront with his demand:

“A string of SNP MPs and at least one Conservative backbencher have appeared on Russia Today in recent months even after the television station was found to have breached impartiality rules. Sir Keir Starmer called for the state-controlled station to be stripped of its licence to broadcast in Britain, after its role in spreading Kremlin misinformation was highlighted in the intelligence and security committee’s Russia report.” (link, paywalled)

Oh the irony! Of course, if one uses ‘Our BBC’ as measuring stick for ‘impartiality’ then RT (‘Russia Today’) must fail. After all – where’s the diversity on RT which is so wonderfully displayed and beamed into the homes of those who still watch our State TV? The concluding sentences in that article are illuminating though:

“The ISC report, which was published on Tuesday, said that RT put out “serious distortions”. Ofcom did not comment.” (link, paywalled)

Well, if I were to put my mighty mind to it I could find ‘serious distortions’ galore in ‘Our MSM’, from all the fear & hysteria reports on CV-19, the ‘Project Fear’ articles during the EU Referendum campaign to the constant ‘Trump Bad’ articles.

It is significant however that Ofcom ‘did not comment’ because we remember that Ofcom was the entity which issued ‘guidance’ to ‘Our MSM’ not to publish anything which was not in tune with the government’s CV-19 policies, the SAGE proclamations and the rest of it. So either there’s no evidence, or Ofcom is already infiltrated by Roooshans. There’s more though, and it’s another ‘shock – horror’ item. The Times tells us that ‘it emerged’ last night that:

“two of its [the Tory Party’s] MPs on the intelligence watchdog committee and 14 ministers had accepted donations linked to Russia. Electoral Commission records show that six members of the cabinet and eight junior ministers received tens of thousands of pounds from individuals or businesses with links to Russia. The donations were made either to them or their constituency parties. The disclosures came 24 hours after the intelligence and security committee (ISC) published its long-delayed Russia report and questioned whether the government “took its eye off the ball” by allowing oligarchs to invest billions of pounds in Britain and make high-level political connections.” (link, paywalled)

So – ‘it emerged’, did it? Or was it rather that some Times ‘correspondents’ dug into the records of ElCom to find something? After all, all candidates standing in parliamentary elections have to provide ElCom with records of the donations they received and by whom. I’m sure a diligent digger would find such donations by Chinese businessmen, or indeed by French, German and American ones.

And what about Labour? The Express reports on a Tory backbencher reminding us that “’Starmer was silent as Corbyn spouted Russian propaganda!’ Tory MP erupts in BBC clash”. It’s a brief transcript of that Tory MP’s remarks:

“Mr Philp said: “Let me start on Keir Starmer before I come on to the substance of the topic. Keir Starmer was on the Shadow frontbench and he was sitting next to Jeremy Corbyn at the time of the Salisbury attacks.This is while Jeremy Corbyn parroted Russian propaganda seeking to absolve the Russians from blame. Keir Starmer sat there and said nothing.” (link)

Ah well – that was a long time ago! Starmer is now one of the good ones, and above all this doesn’t help The Times in their war against Johnson and Cummings, the latest shot in this war being their article on remarks by the new chairman of the ISC, Julian Lewis:

“Dominic Cummings and other special advisers must be blocked from politicising the intelligence and security committee, its new chairman has warned. Julian Lewis called yesterday for a commitment from the government that no party political aide would be allowed “anywhere near” the ISC. He said he had been warned by a source that people within government had tried to sack the committee’s civil service secretariat and replace it with “political appointments” instead.” (link, paywalled)

Good gawd! It’s back to ‘sources’ again, to gossip, and I am amazed how ‘people within government’ has been deftly turned into ‘Cummings’ by The Times. They do try to be impartial though. A reader who has had the patience to scroll down and not just stop at the headline (Julian Lewis: ‘Keep Dominic Cummings away from security committee’) finds the following sentence:

“A No 10 spokesman said yesterday that he was not aware of the claims about efforts to sack the ISC’s secretariat to which Mr Lewis had referred.” (link, paywalled)

It would have been easy to start with that refutation, but that wouldn’t serve when it’s about getting rid of Cummings, is it! However, The Times being a bastion of impartiality does have an editorial on the latest ‘Russia – Evil’ madness. Roger Boyes, their diplomatic editor, starts his piece with a critique of Moscow’s reply to that Russia report, along the lines ‘they would say that’, before warning:

“The report, in drawing a direct line between the abuse of the British economy as a money laundering haven and hostile activities against the British state, goes a step further. It risks inviting a Reds-under-the-bed witch-hunt, the likes of which has not been seen since the Cold War or even the 1920s. It is not only oligarchs who are in the cross-hairs of the joined up security establishment, but their enablers, the lawyers, the public relations companies, the private bankers, the estate agents. They are already being branded as collaborators” (link, paywalled)

I’d go further and warn of a resurgence of McCarthyism, that witch hunt which had the USA in a dead-grip in the middle of the last century. Mr Boyes does not refer to that explicitly but touches on it when he remarks that trying to implement such hunt would require more resources for the intelligence services, pointing out that:

“To give suspected Russian infiltration equal billing with counter-terrorism would require a huge surge in funding.”  (link, paywalled)

This would also give them huge powers to intrude into our lives. One doesn’t need to be a conspiracist to remember that ‘test and trace’ is already providing the government with a trove of our private data. 

It looks to me as if we’re being carefully prepared for another bout of fear & hysteria, this time about ‘reds under the beds’ – Russian reds, that is. Chinese reds simply mustn’t be mentioned – you do want to keep buying all that plastic tat which they so generously and cheaply sell to us, don’t you! And you certainly cannot do without your smartphones, Zoom and TikTok, so don’t mention China.

Do stay vigilant though, especially in regard to ‘Our MSM’, and 




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