Bonfire Night: now a thing of the past


Well – there won’t be any bonfires or fireworks tonight, and rightly so! Why should we celebrate the failure of the Gunpowder Plot to blow up the House of Lords at the opening of Parliament in 1605 when our current politicians have successfully destroyed parliamentary democracy in our nation, with the help of unelected bureaucrats and the MSM!

When looking at the Lockdown vote in the HoC yesterday it must finally dawn even on a fervent supporter of lockdown that our parliamentary democracy is finished, that it’s over, done away with. There was no parliamentary opposition scrutinising government. There were only a handful of Tory MPs questioning the already discredited government Lockdown policies.

Sir John Redwood had a terse report yesterday evening in his Diary (link). Lockdown Sceptics’ Newsletter this morning has the fitting title ‘The Betrayal of Britain’ . They name those who voted against the Lockdown government:

“Just 39 MPs voted against the lockdown. 34 were Tory rebels voting against the Government. Here is the Roll of Honour:  Adam Afriyie, Steve Baker (teller), Peter Bone, Sir Graham Brady, Steve Brine, Sir Christopher Chope, Philip Davies, Jonathan Djanogly, Jackie Doyle-Price, Richard Drax, Sir Iain Duncan Smith, Marcus Fysh, Chris Green, James Grundy, Mark Harper, Gordon Henderson, Philip Hollobone (teller), David Jones, Tim Loughton, Craig Mackinlay, Stephen McPartland, Esther McVey, Huw Merriman, Anne Marie Morris, Sir Mike Penning, John Redwood, Andrew Rosindell, Henry Smith, Sir Desmond Swayne, Sir Robert Syms, Derek Thomas, Sir Charles Walker, Craig Whittaker, William Wragg. – There were also four DUP MPs: Paul Girvan, Carla Lockhart, Ian Paisley and Sammy Wilson. And one independent: Julian Lewis.” (link)

It was a crushing defeat – for common sense, for proper science, for democracy and ultimately for liberty. This vote demonstrated that we are now ruled by a cabal of unelected, shadowy ‘senior sources’ who pull the strings of the departmental ministers, the ones who regurgitate whatever latest inanity they’re told to spew forth. I’ll not name names – we’ve seen them disporting themselves on telly and in the papers for most of the year. 

Then there are their not-so shadowy but equally unelected willing helpers in the MSM. They have been acting as opposition to the government since the start of this pandemic, pushing for lockdowns, instilling fear – it’s all documented. The frightening aspect to this is that they are all following the same script, with a tiny bit of leeway allowed to dissenting voices: ‘the peasants must be seen to have been allowed to have their puny say’. In this way can these forces, the MSM and their helpful masters, claim to ‘have won’: who dares complain when there’s an overwhelming majority! This is democratic, isn’t it! 

What use is ‘freedom of expression’ when commercial tech entities can suppress dissenting voices because of nebulous ‘community rules’? What use is ‘freedom of the press’ when valid criticism is simply not published? When those who are occasionally being criticised – with good cause, with well-documented example after example of wrong-doing – simply push ahead with their agenda, unmoved? 

While the election fight in the US is still ongoing I’ll refrain from thinking out loud what the eventual outcome means for us here in the UK. I’ll only say that the Fourth Estate, once lauded as necessary corrective to the power of the Executive, has taken on the role of political opposition in the absence of a true political opposition.

When I saw the following remarks by Toby Young in yesterday’s Lockdown Sceptics Newsletter, I wondered if we ourselves are allowed to play the role of useful idiots, permitted to have ‘our say’ here and there, because the actual powers know that we’re toothless:

“No one in Downing Street – or, rather, the Quad (Boris Johnson, Rishi Sunak, Michael Gove and Matt Hancock), since they’re making all the big political calls – is pretending the data hasn’t been deliberately skewed to create a rationale for Lockdown 2.0 […] (link)

They know, their handlers in Whitehall know, the ‘science editors’ in the MSM know, the ‘opposition politicians’ know – and still they press ahead, unmoved. I found Toby’s concluding observation in that segment significant as well:

“One final point: this isn’t a case of SAGE pulling the strings, browbeating Boris and co into doing their bidding via its envoys Witless and Unbalanced. Rather, the CMO and the CSO are doing the bidding of the Quad, slavishly pumping out propaganda in order to justify Lockdown 2.0. Dom has the two dupes by the short and curlies. They love the power and the spotlight and will say anything, even if it’s transparent balls, to keep it. They’re also worried about the coming reckoning, with lawsuits, etc. heading down the pike, so they want to be able to say, “We were just following orders, your Honour.” (link)

If Toby is right – and why wouldn’t he be, his sources are as good as those quoted in the MSM – then we should ask why it is that the elected PM is acting against the welfare of our country, with the tacit support of the MSM which have abandoned their self-proclaimed role as scrutinisers and gleefully taken on that of ‘opposition’. 

We might perhaps ask if the globalists, the ‘leaders’ of Davos and Bilderberg, are now finally dropping their benevolent masks, aiming to achieve their ‘Great Reset’. We might however also wonder if they are actually dupes as well, the famous ‘useful idiots’ we remember from that other ‘Reset’ a century ago.

It is always instructive to note what or who isn’t being talked about, what isn’t reported in the MSM. So I wonder why it is that the one big player on the international scene has vanished from the news pages: China – poised to rush in, to fill the political and economic vacuum created by covid and by the ongoing destruction of the democratic process which the MSM have created.

Meanwhile the Brexit trade negotiations are still ongoing. The EU deadline is the 16th of November. I’ll look at that Brussels theatre production tomorrow, noting in passing that it’s very convenient that, thanks to Lockdown, no demos can take place in case of a BJ sell-out. 

As we’re now all back in Lockdown prison, I ask again: why should we commemorate the ‘Saving of Parliament’ from the Gunpowder Plot when Parliament itself has self-destructed in front of our eyes? 

Instead of the now forbidden bonfires we should perhaps light a candle, in the privacy of our homes – to mourn the passing of our democratic system and the death of the ’Mother of Parliaments’. Still – tomorrow is another day, as Scarlett O’Hara said, so we better




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