‘Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the party’.  I think that most of us have heard that one, but the question now is ‘which party?’ There now exists a plethora of small parties that oppose membership of the EU.

As long as we leave the EU completely at the end of the transition period in 2020 it would seem that the threat is finally over. I certainly wouldn’t believe that. The EU will do its best to bring whatever hardship it can on Britain once we leave, even if it means that some of their own people get hurt in the process, in order to try and cultivate public opinion in Britain towards rejoining the EU, on their terms of course. The EU is the enemy of the nation state, particularly when that state is the UK!

We should be alright at the next general election in 2024 as the euphoria of freedom will still be strong then, particularly if we are prospering. But they will not give up their efforts to bring us back into submission. At the 2029 general election we may find that all the major parties, which is the Lib/Lab/Con cabal, have been got at in a big way and decide to support a renewed British membership of the EU. Whichever one of them goes on to win, they could then claim that it was what the people had voted for. If this happens, we will need a strong political movement to stand against them, and we will not have this if we have the same setup of small parties that we have at the moment, and with the different parties standing against each other.

The situation now is that we have UKIP, which is the original anti-EU party and still exists, but which is in self-destruct mode at the moment. We have the Brexit party, which was the glamour boy and leading banner-carrier of the 2019 European Parliamentary elections, which is dormant at the moment but which could re-emerge as the Reform party if the need arises. There is also the Heritage party that was recently formed by David Kurten after he left UKIP, and looked as if it was supposed to cater for people who basically supported UKIP but thought that UKIP had lost its way.  We have also recently seen the actor Laurence Fox throw his hat into the ring and create the Reclaim party, which seems to be positioned along similar lines to all the other anti-EU parties.

The one thing that must not happen is that all of these parties end up opposing each other at the ballot box in a crucial election, which would let the pro-EU parties have a free run at government and taking us back into the EU. We must find some way to co-operate with each other and present a single, united front at the ballot box or we risk finding our country under occupation again.

We will never get the parties to merge into on, but perhaps they might agree to form some sort of alliance or coalition to stand against the Europhile parties? I would hope that these parties could at least try to establish some sort of communication, within the next year if possible. The next step would be to establish an inter-party group to draft a manifesto that all parties can agree on, even if it means leaving out some bits that they cannot agree on.  Hopefully this would lead to further inter-party co-operation on a variety of matters. This would create a framework that can be brought into action quickly if the need arises and we face re-occupation by the EU. However, this will be just a ‘worst case’ contingency plan and, hopefully, if the Lib/Lab/Con party see that such an alliance is ready to oppose them at the ballot box with a united front, they will be deterred from betraying us again. This would be a massive task, requiring the putting aside of egos and the showing of real statesmanship to a high degree. There are people in all these parties who are capable of this and they are those who have remained true to the one cause that unites us all these years and are still here even after the initial victory has been won.

Who would we choose to lead this alliance?  Well I think that the name that immediately comes to mind is that of the man who has championed Brexit for nearly thirty years and who has done more than any single person to achieve it. In the eyes of the public he is the icon of Brexit, and his name is worth thousands of votes. I know that he is not perfect and he has ruffled feathers, dented egos and made a variety of enemies over the years, but there would clearly be no other contender for the job if this scheme is ever needed. I know that he is trying to distance himself from a political career, but if the bugle calls he will not be able to escape his destiny.

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