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Just think about this: next Saturday we’ll all be sitting back, glad that it’s all over. No more leaders’ debates, no soundbites, no poll gurus, no punditry, no tired ‘political sketches’ by writers who have scraped the bottom of their witticism barrel – phew, what a relief!

There will be some post-battle reviews though, and two items ought to get the spotlight: the way the MSM have been driving the GE agenda, favouring one side over the other, and the way our system of electing MPs and PMs has been abused and has been allowed to be abused by the tacit support of the Electoral Commission. That entity was instituted by a certain Mr Tony Blair, nuff said.

The Electoral Commission looks at complaints ‘after the event’, so MPs elected fraudulently can still sit and change the fate of the Nation. There’s this piece of news, reported in the DM (here), that Momentum could be in breach of regulations by targeting the ‘yoof’ vote. It was fined in 2017 for not adhering to the spending rules, but never mind – with a bit of clever wording they hope to reach hundreds of thousands of ‘yoof’ voters. That’s not party political, they assure us, because they don’t ask them outright to vote Labour. Will it matter?

On this background, Tony Blair’s intervention yesterday looked sinister. It was reported (see e.g. here) that both Sir John Major and Tony Blair spoke at an event yesterday afternoon:

“The two former Prime Ministers made the unprecedented intervention supporting tactical voting in the election to block a Tory majority. Sir John has told voters not to simply follow “tribal loyalty” and endorsed three independent candidates, all ex-Tories running against their former party. The former Conservative leader was speaking by video message at a rally in London alongside Mr Blair, under the banner “Stop The Brexit Landslide”.” (paywalled link)

Two of the candidates John Major urged people to vote for are Mr Grieve and Mr Gauke.  I wonder if Mr Major is already planning a new court case. There’s more:

“Meanwhile Mr Blair suggested he supported voting tactically to stop the Conservatives – even if it meant voting for candidates other than Labour. Mr Blair spoke at the rally organised by Vote for a Final Say, a campaign group spending thousands of pounds on targeted advertising in 25 key marginal seats to stop a Tory majority – including backing Lib Dem Monica Harding against Dominic Raab, the Foreign Secretary.” (paywalled link)

It’s hysterical to see these old has-beens trying to be heard on the national stage one more time, to get into the headlines. But, given the Momentum shenanigans, this quote is ominous:

“Mr Blair said: “Brexit is not a mistake. I wish it were.  Brexit is a disaster. I say to those of my generation who voted for it: with age can come the wisdom of lived experience; but it is youth that has its finger on the beating pulse of the future. We have no right to steal that future from them.” (link)

It’s ominous because its aim is to generate a war between old and young so that those who haven’t yet got any experience of real life will vote for socialist policies which will ‘steal their future’ more assuredly than Brexit could ever do.

This brings me to the role the MSM have been playing in this election. We’re all aware of the institutionalised left-wing bias in the BBC. We’ve been aware of the general support for Remain in that ’paper of record’, The Times. We’ve seen the spin they put on polling ‘news’, we’ve noticed their support for a certain party.

Now, less than a week before Polling Day, the MSM have noticed that maybe supporting Ms Swinson and her merry troop wasn’t that clever. She seems to have dug her and her party’s own grave and is allegedly in danger of losing her seat (link). No wonder the anti-Brexit former PMs felt the need to intervene! It must have pained RemainCentral to have to report that:

“The Liberal Democrats are failing to break through in key marginal seats because many Remain voters believe it is time to “get Brexit done”, swing voters in London and the South have suggested. Jo Swinson, the party’s leader, has not impressed this crucial section of the electorate and her promise to “revoke” Article 50 and cancel Brexit is almost universally unpopular because it is seen as undemocratic, according to focus groups.” (link, paywalled)

Perhaps we voters are not quite as sheep-like as the MSM believe? There are other ‘big beasts’ in peril of losing their heads, sorry: their seats. In a paywalled article the DT ponders if we can look forward to some ‘Portillo moments’ on Friday, naming Dominic Raab, Theresa Villiers, Jacob Rees-Mogg and even Johnson himself as being in danger. Momentum has however targeted one Tory especially, and their attempts are nasty:

“[Iain Duncan Smith] has had the book thrown at him by Labour in Chingford and Woodford Green, the seat he has held since 1992. Momentum has launched an #unseatIDS campaign in the area in retaliation at the Universal Credit reforms he introduced as Work and Pensions Secretary and such is the level of acrimony that his campaign office was graffitied with the words: “Tory Cuts Kill’ last month – prompting an outpouring of abuse on social media.” (paywalled link)

It’s not just abuse on social media – IDS posted this tweet, with photo, of what those ‘gentle’ Momentum activists have done: sending him a dead rat. Yuk!

While the DM has published yet another article on how to vote in which constituency (link), aimed at cutting off TBP, with another report on Ann Widdecombe to the same effect (link), they also have put paid to Corbyn’s ‘NHS Sell-Out’ document: it was a ‘Russian leak’ (link).

But will this now matter? It might, because of the BBC’s anti-Johnson bias. Yesterday they screened the ‘final’ “Leaders Debate”. If you didn’t watch – who can blame you for giving this a miss! – and look only at the headlines (here, here, paywalled here and here) you’ll see that Johnson ‘won’.

However, that’s only the opinion of the political pundits. Personally, I think this debate mattered not a bit to us voters because it was excruciatingly boring, both contestants drivelling the same old election slogans while being obviously frightened to put a foot wrong.

In all honesty I have to say though that Nick Robinson who chaired the debate did an excellent job. He even urged Corbyn to reply properly to the accusation of antisemitism in Labour. Corbyn of course went straight into whataboutery of ‘islamophobia’ …

But ask yourselves: who would actually spend a Friday evening during the Christmas Party season watching this drivel, except for us politics nerds! A reporter, writing about his impressions ‘on the campaign trail’ for the Times, has noticed this same attitude ,of not giving a damn any more, amongst us peasants living in the sticks beyond the Westminster Bubble:

“A great many of our fellow countrymen and women aren’t that bothered about the democratic process. They don’t take it nearly as seriously as we do, partly because they genuinely feel disempowered and overlooked, and partly because, in the face of adversity, people learn that if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry. And partly, I think, satire and scepticism have long been a feature of our national character — and there still is a national character, even in these schismatic times — not to take very much, least of all politics, too seriously.” (link, paywalled)

Well, we’ll take it seriously enough in the privacy of the polling booths – we just don’t talk about it to reporters …! Illustrating my call to investigate the role played by the MSM in this election is an article in The Times, reporting that there are already some rumblings coming from our ‘betters’:

“Leading broadcasters have been accused of letting a “sense of entitlement” drive “hysterical” rows with politicians as the Conservatives turned their fire on the BBC and Channel 4. Senior media figures warned that broadcasters risked breaching their obligation to remain impartial during the election by attempting to embarrass leaders into granting interviews.” (link, paywalled)

Now isn’t that amazing! They haven’t yet noticed that they’ve already breached that obligation, as we’ve noticed. There’s more, justifying our impression that the MSM Broadcasters were not being the models of impartiality they keep telling us they are:

“Lord Grade of Yarmouth, the former BBC and ITV chairman, said that broadcasters were sounding hysterical and urged Ofcom to review rules around empty chairing. He said that Neil’s monologue on Thursday was “pretty close to the edge”. “What’s coming through is an arrogance on the part of the journalists in the media, which I think is unwarranted, unnecessary and unseemly,” Lord Grade, a Conservative peer, said.” (link, paywalled)

Mind you – I think The Times published these rumblings because it’s a clear dig at the TV media, apparently thinking that they themselves are above such criticism. They are not. The post-election hangover in the MSM will be epic.

I leave you with some really important news from Downing Street:

“The chancellor confirmed that he has to “keep an eye on” Boris Johnson’s Jack Russell, Dilyn, who has displayed “amorous intentions” towards Bailey, Mr Javid’s cavapoo. “Dilyn’s a bit randy, yeah,” Mr Javid said […] Mr Javid has complained in the past that Larry, the Downing Street cat, “seems a bit vicious” to dogs. No 10 recently denied reports that Larry, who arrived in Downing Street in 2012, was being readied for retirement.” (paywalled link)

Oh noes! No Larry? Wouldn’t that be the decisive question to ask the two would-be PMs in these dying days of the GE: will you keep Larry or not? Surely the answer will determine whom we vote for!

No apologies for ending on this slightly facetious note!




Photo by James Good

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