Covid Madness is still spreading – there’s no cure for that!


One more day to the end of Lockdown, one more day to the start of more covid misery. The headlines in the broadsheets are about the prospective ‘Tory Revolt’ in the HoC later today – I believe it when I see it! Labour, that ‘champion of the people’, will abstain. There’s noble and caring! Doesn’t Labour want to “Save the NHS”, one of their main political reasons for being? The Red Tops meanwhile have homed in on the forthcoming vaccine passport (‘No Jab – No Pint’) – more on that below.

Firstly, let’s look at today’s Tiers vote. The ‘performance’ in the empty chamber will start at 2pm. MPs were promised a paper containing an ‘economic assessment’ of the covid measures. This was published yesterday afternoon, all 48 pages of it. You can read it here. The general verdict, not just mine, of comment post writers on various sites was that this was a copy & paste job containing unadulterated waffle.

It is full of pretty graphs and scare statistics with one aim only: to frighten the MPs into voting for lockdown because: “Protect the NHS!!!!”. However, in one of the short paragraphs on ‘economic impacts’ there’s this revealing paragraph:

“It is not possible to know with any degree of confidence what path the economy would take if restrictions in place were not sufficient to prevent exponential growth or in the absence of restrictions entirely. [… blah and waffle …] Given the unprecedented nature of both the virus and the restrictions that have been required to mitigate it, it is not possible to assess the balance of these effects.” (link)

So now you know: government doesn’t know what impact the latest covid madness will have, but let’s do it anyway! The Times however believes it has sniffed out some ‘secret information’ about the economic impact (link, paywalled). It’s only ‘secret’ if one doesn’t read more than the ‘executive summary’. The table The Times presents, gasping with excitement, is right there in the government paper. Anyone who scrolls to the relevant passages can find it.

I’ll spare you the thoughts of the covid writers in our covid MSM on this document – we can all make up our own minds and we can all recognise a ‘dazzle with bovine excrement’ job when we see it. LockdownSceptics’ Newsletter has some relevant assessments (link).

Our dear civil serpents even added to their workload, producing the reply to the petition most of us signed, demanding government not to institute a 2nd lockdown or more restrictions this winter. It was nice of the Cabinet Office to spare the time to answer us plebs when they had so much else to copy & paste. You can find the answer here, in case you didn’t receive that helpful email. Yes, it’s the same old piffle, and since that 2nd Lockdown will be over tomorrow, officially, by answering us petitioners late last night they showed again in what deep contempt they hold us.

It’s not just us peasants, us serfs, whom they treat with contempt – our elected representatives are treated in the same fashion. Also published yesterday afternoon was the statutory instrument on which the HoC will vote later today and which will force that tiers system onto us. My, weren’t those civil serpents busy! It’s 75 pages long and, as demanded by HoC regulations, states at the beginning:

“Made – at 1.30 p.m. on 30th November 2020 — Laid before Parliament – at 3.00 p.m. on 30th November 2020 — Coming into force – 2nd December 2020” (link)

As I looked at this paper I suddenly felt a twinge of pity for the poor things: so much to read in 23 hours! I thought to myself that this Instrument and the 48 pages of the ‘assessment paper’ shows that government, i.e. Whitehall, treats not only us serfs like mushrooms (“kept in the dark and fed excrement”) but does the same to our elected representatives. At the bottom of this Instrument are two most revealing sentences:

“The need for the restrictions in these Regulations must be reviewed by the Secretary of State every 28 days. –  No impact assessment has been prepared for these Regulations.” (link)

Last one first: the lacking ’impact assessment’ came out after this pack of papers had been sent to the MPs. Either the same civil serpents were working first on this and then on that ‘Impact assessment’ – or else they’re not talking to each other because joint-up thinking isn’t what they do in Whitehall.

The true, monumental scandal though is in what looks like a sunset clause: the revision of these tier-regulations after 28 days. This ‘revision’ will be done by none other than Hancock himself. Yes, ’tis the Covid Czar who determines on his own how long the covid torture will go on. That’s the scrutiny he promised! No MP involved. No votes in the HoC – they’re in Christmas recess anyway, 28 days from now, sitting in their little bubbles as permitted by that same Hancock.

Now let’s round up some more ‘news’ of total, utter covid madness. For example, we read that government will instruct local councils to allow ‘ethnic minorities’ being given priority in the mass testing to be rolled out in all Tier 3 locations, and to offer incentives:

“They can also offer people discounts to local shops and businesses as a means of incentivising those who may feel healthy to get tested. The new rules additionally make provision for so-called “freedom passes”, whereby those who have received two negative tests results could be allowed into pubs and restaurants and to sporting and cultural events, even though their area remains in Tier 3.” (paywalled link)

How they might use such ‘freedom pass’ when pubs, restaurants etc are closed in their tier-3 locality is a mystery the government doesn’t reveal. Why people who ‘feel healthy’ should get tested – Hancock tells us the reason:

He told a Downing Street press conference: “If you have Covid without symptoms and still infect others, that of course is a silent danger. You wouldn’t know that you’re risking lives around you. And so to anybody, if you’re offered a test, please take it, you might just save a life.” (link, paywalled)

Who the fluff is ‘offering’ tests? Aren’t we told that tests are rationed because they’re needed for key frontline personnel’? Never mind: we’re all lepers, so get tested and ‘save a life’ – you’ll get a lovely little voucher if you do! This is just the prelude to the mass vaccination. Government is really going for it. The Times reports that

“The military arrived in Bristol yesterday to start setting up one of the first mass vaccination centres at Ashton Gate, the central sports stadium.” (link, paywalled)

How very reassuring! The army will indeed be needed when we read in an ‘exclusive’ in the DT that GPs demand more money from government to implement all that mass vaccination because they fear bankruptcy. Apparently, the reimbursement for PPE and such during that 1st Lockdown was too slow to arrive. So they want money up front – but then see this:

“They are also demanding to be released from the obligation to perform various routine services, such as asthma monitoring for low-low (sic!) risk patients, while the roll-out takes place.” (paywalled link)

Yay for ‘Our GPs’! Vaccination must have priority over anything merely ‘routine’. That’s how the medical profession, how the gatekeepers to hospitals, ‘protect’ our health. Of course, GP surgeries and all those other ‘vaccination centres’ will be overwhelmed by people clamouring for the vaccine when you see this statement by the ‘new vaccine minister’:

“Pubs, cinemas and sports venues may demand customers show proof of coronavirus inoculation, the new vaccine minister has suggested. Nadim Zahawi said that the government was “looking at the technology” when asked if those who receive the jab will receive an “immunity passport”. He said that while vaccination would not be compulsory, pressure would be applied as service providers started to prioritise access to those who have been inoculated.” (link, paywalled)

This reminds me powerfully of a historical statement made by the erstwhile dictator of the communist part of Germany. He said that ‘nobody had the intention of building a wall’ between his Eastern German and the non-communist West. A few weeks later, on 13th August 1961, the wall went up … Plus ça change, innit like. Government obviously thinks it’s got our measure: if people accept vouchers for unnecessary tests then why wouldn’t they accept ‘incentives’ for getting vaccinated!

Meanwhile in Dripfordistan, formerly known as Wales, another totally insane covid measure was announced. Starting this Friday and being ‘revised’ after two weeks:

“Pubs, bars, restaurants and cafes will have to close by 6pm and will not be allowed to serve alcohol. After 6pm they will only be able to provide takeaway services.” (link)

Yes, you read that correctly: pubs may open until 6pm but won’t be allowed to sell alcohol. Guess who’ll rake in profits from alcohol sales … All other ‘indoors entertainment venues’ will also have to close at 6pm, even museums. Only ‘outdoor visitor attractions will remain open’. Never mind that these venues will have closed by 4.30pm at the latest because this is December and, as any fool except Dripford knows, it’s frigging dark by then!

Thus endeth today’s lesson on covid madness. Remember: there’ll be a fine, zoomed display of more of that madness starting at 2pm in the House of Peacocks. Remember also that not even vaccination is a cure for this government’s collective covid madness.





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