More of this for the public sector!


This morning’s inanities come to you thanks to the the pigheaded Mandarins in government as reported in ‘Our MSM’. Oh, there’s also talk about a vaccine, and about masks. I’ll look at the vaccine issue below, but first … aaah! Face nappies!

We’re being reminded yet again that mask-wearing is ‘a good thing’, this time in The Times where their ‘Health Correspondent’ and their ‘Religious Affairs Correspondent’ (yes, really!) collaborated to squeeze into one article a report by ‘a team’ in San Francisco, that mask-wearing is a good thing. Why The Times saw fit to publish this becomes clear in this quote from one of the co-authors:

“She told The Times that her research suggested the government should go further in its recommendations for the wearing of face coverings. “The research suggests that we should go towards universal population-level masking to control infections and to limit the severity of disease.” (link, paywalled)

Yep – face nappies for all, everywhere, all the time! After all, a study in hamsters (yes, really!) quoted in that report showed that mask-wearing hamsters exposed to CV-19 had milder infections. Don’t scoff! The hamsters weren’t given hamster-sized masks, they were kept in a cage covered with mask-material! This is serious science!

Where does religion come into it, you ask? Ah – the CofE and mosques are now going to tell their congregation they must wear masks before being allowed to worship. I’m sure a ‘correspondent’ without any ‘religious’ credentials couldn’t have copied and pasted those press releases correctly.

However – there’s ‘news’ from one of the police forces regarding mask-wearing. According to the Police Commissioner of the Devon and Cornwall Police Force, their officers won’t respond to calls about people not wearing masks – they’re only going to come if there’s disorder. That’s apparently supported by the top police officers’ council. The retail industry’s head spokesman had already said that shop assistants won’t police the wearing of masks (link). Can we expect face-nappy-wearing activists out in force on the 24th, policing shops instead of actual police officers? It’ll be an interesting weekend …!

However, this police force and the chief police officers are truly ungrateful because, amongst other public serpents, they’re in for an ‘inflation-busting pay rise’. No – this is not a joke, especially when you see who else in the public sector is getting more dosh:

“Nearly a million public sector workers will be given inflation-busting pay rises as a reward for their efforts during the coronavirus pandemic. Teachers and doctors will see the largest pay rises at 3.1 per cent and 2.8 per cent respectively, which the government said is to recognise their “efforts on the frontline during the battle against Covid-19” […] Combined with previous funding promises, the announcement means some nurses will receive an average 4.4 per cent pay rise this year […] The Armed Forces will receive a two per cent wage rise – smaller than last year’s 2.9 per cent increase – while police officers will see their pay increase by 2.5 per cent, the same as 2019.”  (paywalled link)

Yes, they’re serious – it’s not a joke: teachers are going to receive more than the Armed Forces and indeed the Police – to ‘reward’ them for doing nothing and blocking the reopening of schools for fear they might catch that virus from school kids. The remarks by riches-distributing Rishi , riches coming out of our, the taxpayers’ pockets, is sickening:

“Mr Sunak said: “These past months have underlined what we always knew — that our public sector workers make a vital contribution to our country and that we can rely on them when we need them. It’s right that we follow the recommendations of the independent pay bodies with this set of rises.” (link, paywalled)

That’s not all that’s nauseating. The private sector – that’s those who create the wealth by their work and who pay the taxes which enable Rishi to distribute all those financial goodies – is meanwhile looking at rising unemployment and a reduction in pay:

“Economists said that the rise was likely to make the public sector more attractive to private sector workers, who are expected to be hit hardest as the economy recovers. […] The National Institute Of Economic and Social Research, a think tank, has forecast that total pay, including bonuses, will be minus 2.9 per cent by September. The relevant figure for the public sector is 4.9 per cent. Garry Young, its deputy director, said: “Pay growth in the private sector has fallen but may flatten off before weakening further in the second half of the year when unemployment is set to rise sharply.” (link, paywalled)

Tough for the private sector, innit like! Our civil serpents cannot be expected to go without, not even when there’s no reason to reward them. I bet that ‘Our Peacocks’ in the HoC will reward themselves a similar pay rise at the next opportunity – and never mind that the number of jobless is increasing, never mind that many businesses are going to go to the wall, never mind that the ‘economically useless’ recipients of the state pension will only receive the rise in inflation while expected to pay the full whack of rises in taxes. 

This is another stepping stone towards a nation of ‘haves’ in the public sector and ‘have-nots’ in the private sector who must work to pay for the drones in Whitehall and County and Town Halls. It looks as if we’re returning to the Middle Ages with serfs working exclusively for their ‘overlords’ while being made to keep their mouths shut.

Meanwhile, the team which developed the vaccine in Oxford has published the results of their trials, showing that it was safe:

“A coronavirus vaccine could be available this year, Oxford University researchers said yesterday after a “milestone” clinical trial produced encouraging results. The vaccine stimulated “robust immune responses” and there were no serious side-effects in a phase-one trial involving about 1,100 healthy volunteers. The subjects displayed sufficient levels of neutralising antibodies, thought to be critical in protecting against viral infection, to give researchers grounds for optimism. A second important aspect of the immune system, T-cells, were also mobilised, according to a study in The Lancet.” (link, paywalled)

The Oxford team is now running trials to find out if the vaccine actually does what it says on the tin, i.e. protect people from falling ill with CV-19. They’ve also helpfully giving some details about those side effects. Remember – the tests were run on healthy people, not on oldies with other illnesses:

“There were no serious adverse reactions, and side-effects were confined to fatigue, headaches, pain at the injection site and temporary flu-like symptoms including muscle ache, malaise, chills, feeling feverish and high temperature. The trial showed that taking paracetamol could allay most of the effects without impacting the efficacy of the vaccine.”(paywalled link)

Well, me not being a medic, I wonder in my naivety if those symptoms aren’t rather ‘CV-19-like’? I also wonder why these symptoms are suddenly described as ‘flu-like’ – I thought it was a big no-no to compare CV-19 infections with the flu? In any case – before everybody is popping their champagne corks keep in mind that there’s no evidence yet that this vaccine will work ‘in the wild’.

And finally, here’s why that ‘vaccine success’ and the elevation of public servants through pay increases are connected: it’s the elevation of the public sector to ‘the ruling class’, ruling over the have-not private sector workers. We can connect the dots when we read Melanie Phillips’ concluding observations in her opinion piece in The Times:

“It would be beyond appalling if so many people refused to be vaccinated against Covid-19 that the population at large remained at risk. So how do we combat such epidemic irrationality? Compulsory vaccination would rightly be viewed as an intolerable infringement on individual freedom. Public education campaigns remain the only viable course.” (link, paywalled)

So far so rational and apparently acceptable – at first glance: the well-rewarded public serpents will have to ‘guide’ the ignorant have-nots. But here’s the argument  lurking under that veneer of reasonableness:

“What’s going on below the surface, though, is nothing less than the repudiation of reason and evidence based on a decades-long revulsion against progress and modernity. Public health officials seeking to persuade everyone to trust scientists and the state and get vaccinated may find they have their work cut out to do so.” (link, paywalled)

Translated, this means that we peasants must be ‘educated’ by our Mandarin overlords to ‘trust science’, to stop us being so irrational by using our own minds. Fear of death by CV-19 is however totally rational!

I for one can well imagine how government and those public-service behaviorists will nudge us unsubtly into taking up that vaccine regardless. I can already imagine the collective crusade in ‘Our MSM’, based on their successful fear & hysteria campaigns these past months. 

Why doesn’t it occur to those writers that we do not want to be herded into complying with something we reject on rational grounds? Do those ‘experts’, those writers and editors and indeed those Mandarins believe they have acquired the right to treat us as foolish, irrational plebs?

Just as in the Brexit campaign were Leave voters were depicted as the dumb, ‘left-behind’ idiots, the first shots have been fired in the next attempt by those ‘elites’, this time by utilising masks and vaccination as instruments in their ongoing war against us peasants, their future serfs.

You can bet your bottom dollar that the next ‘shot’ by those ‘elites’ in Westminster and the MSM will be to smear all who ask rational questions about unproven vaccines by labelling us ‘extreme hard right populists’. It never stops!




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