‘Going down the drain”


It’s all going down the drain: Brexit, CV-19, China, Russia, even ‘Our NHS’. Well – it’s going down the drain for the Remainers and Fearmongers in the Westminster Bubble who’ve driven us to distraction with their constant attempts to make us afraid of our own shadows, be it Brexit, be it CV-19.

Let’s start with China: on the one hand the mighty overlords in social media and MSM have been cracking down on any of us daring to criticise the WHO or talking about the WuFlu having originated in China. Now the US Sec of State Mike Pompeo told MPs yesterday that the WHO had been ‘bought by China, alleging that:

“Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the organisation’s director-general, had struck a deal with China that helped him secure election. Mr Pompeo […] added that the WHO was a “political” rather than “science-based organisation” that had failed to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic.” (paywalled link)

This wasn’t precisely unknown to us peasants, but social media bigwigs took down tweets and videos of anyone daring to make such statements. Next, you can hear The Times correspondents spluttering at their keyboards, trying to look ‘objective’:

“The US secretary of state is understood to have suggested that his [Ghebreyesus] election to the role led to “dead Britons”, a remark interpreted by one source present as referring to the WHO’s failure to force China to contain the virus. The Times attempted to reach the WHO and the Chinese embassy in London for comment.” (link, paywalled)

I’m not aware of a similar ‘outreach’ by that august publication when it’s about Russia and Putin. For example, there’s now the publication of the the HoC Intelligence Select Committee about Russia’s interference in the Brexit vote:

“The intelligence and security committee published yesterday the long-awaited Russia report, which accused ministers of failing to protect the EU referendum in 2016 against outside influences. It criticised the intelligence agencies for adopting an approach of “extreme caution” and said that the government had “directly avoided” an investigation into allegations that agents of President Putin meddled in the Brexit vote.” (link, paywalled)

No ‘outreach’ here … Since that train has left the station a long time ago, the actual reason for publishing this report now is this:

“The government is planning to push ahead with new counter-espionage legislation to make Britain a “harder environment for adversaries to operate in”. The new laws could introduce a formal “register of foreign agents” modelled on the approach in the US and Australia. Those who fail to comply could be jailed or deported.” (link, paywalled)

That might be useful when dealing with China. The funny thing is though that ‘Our MSM’ are still spluttering about Putin while being remarkably reticent about China – so far. We recall the articles at the beginning of this week about ‘Russian hackers’ having stolen British vaccine data. Oddly enough, it’s the USA who’ve now provided evidence – only, the hackers aren’t Russians:

“The US has accused two Chinese men linked to Beijing’s intelligence service of mounting a six-year campaign of cyber-theft that included targeting a British artificial intelligence company. […] The pair tried to hack into at least four American companies working on coronavirus treatment and testing, while the unnamed British “artificial intelligence and cancer research firm” was compromised this April, it was claimed. Prosecutors said that they did not have evidence that the coronavirus hacking attempts were successful.” (link, paywalled)

Ah! Will we now see ‘Our MSM’ switch from blaming Putin for everything regardless to taking a much closer look at China and at how that communist country has been worming its way into our industries and especially telecommunications? Perhaps we may now be permitted to talk about how CV-19 could have evolved, could have been prevented from becoming the instrument of the economic destruction of our and other countries – without being muzzled?

Perhaps we can now ask why ‘Our MSM’ were so keen on pushing their fear and hysteria project, labelling any Lockdown Sceptic as demented conspiracist, probably belonging to some hard-ultra-extreme right populist splinter group? Surely, given the devastation caused by  the Lockdown, pertinent questions should be asked?

For example – shouldn’t Dr Whitty now explain to us what he told the HoC’s Select Committee on Health? He said:

“The coronavirus pandemic was probably already in retreat before the full lockdown was imposed, the chief medical officer for England said as he insisted that there was no “huge delay” in government action. Chris Whitty said that “many of the problems we had came out of lack of testing capacity”. He blamed a failure to build up public health infrastructure in previous years for leaving Britain unprepared. In often bad-tempered exchanges at the health select committee, he said that the infrastructure could not have been “suddenly switched on” in the spring.” (link, paywalled)

Oh dear! So the Lockdown was not, in fact, strictly necessary, was it? We’ll remember this when it comes to an inquiry which hopefully brings results faster than that ‘Russia Report’! Also, ‘testing’ wasn’t the be-all and end-all issue when Lockdown was imposed in March. Whitty then gives the game away for those capable of reading between the lines when he ‘praises PHE’ for developing a test quickly but adding:

“We got lulled into a false sense of security by the fact that we were so fast off the mark in developing a test . . . the problem was around the scale-up.”  (link, paywalled)

Yeah, well – we’ve not forgotten how PHE brushed aside the help and initiatives of private companies offering and doing tests. The bleating from Sir Jeremy Farrar, director of the Wellcome Trust and a member of SAGE, adds just another layer to the obfuscation produced by SAGE and the MSM then and now:

“[He] had said that Britain was too slow in the early stages of the pandemic. He said that there was “not enough urgency” in January and February. He added: “I regret that Sage wasn’t more blunt in its advice and more robust.” (link, paywalled)

But ‘the virus was already in retreat’ even before the full Lockdown, according to Dr Whitty! In those ‘early stages of the pandemic’ in January and February China and the WHO were not exactly preaching ‘urgency’, nor were ‘Our MSM’, as those of us with a memory going back further than the weekend know full well.

Moreover, it seems possible that SAGE and especially Sir Patrick Vallance were a bit selective, shall we say, in providing that committee and thus Messrs Johnson and Hancock with papers. There was the report about ‘200,000 worst-case scenario deaths’ he mentioned in an exchange with another HoC Special Committee and which nobody was aware of nor could find.

Toby Young, writing in LockdownSceptics, today provides the link (here) to that paper. I wonder if there are other papers which are lurking somewhere which neither the government or indeed ‘Our MSM’ are aware of. I’m not suggesting that such papers exist, that would of course be churlish of me and would make me into a CV-19 conspiracist, wouldn’t it!

The last CV-19 piece of ‘news’ is that one of those SAGEs is proposing to use the elderly as vaccine guinea pigs:

“Jonathan Van-Tam said that given that the elderly were much more likely to die of the virus, regulators were likely to need less assurance about the safety of a vaccine before giving it to them. Vaccinating the 20 per cent of adults most at risk could eliminate up to 90 per cent of deaths, his calculations suggest.” (link, paywalled)

Words simply fail me! This is not ‘protecting’ the elderly, this is putting them at even more risk by giving them this new vaccine which may well interfere disastrously with all their other illnesses. Some protection, that!

And so to the latest Brexit reports. The tone of the article in the DT, by their Remainer correspondent James Crisp, is decidedly dejected:

“The Telegraph has learnt that the Government’s central working assumption is that Britain will trade with Europe on World Trade Organisation terms when the transition period ends on December 31. UK and EU negotiators began the latest round of negotiations in London on Monday, but remain deadlocked on the stumbling blocks of fishing rights, so-called level playing field guarantees, governance of the deal, and the role of the European Court of Justice. Businesses have already been told to start preparing for a no trade deal exit from the transition period, a scenario which comes closer with each day of failed negotiations.” (paywalled link)

‘Brussels diplomats’, according to the article, are giving a good impression of whistling in the dark, telling everybody that they’re of course preparing for such WTO deal. However, as always, the sting is at the bottom:

“Mr Frost is understood to be ready to meet Mr Barnier again in August if there is movement from the EU on the sticking points. The EU insists the real deadline for a deal is the end of October, which would still allow time for member states to ratify the agreement before the end of transition.”  (paywalled link)

How nice of Mr Frost! But – isn’t August the month when the whole of France, ‘Our Michel’ included, goes ‘en vacance‘? So – not much work to be done, but note that for the EU, only their deadline matters, not ours. The performance of the EU ‘masters’ who needed five days, not the planned two, to agree on that CV-19 ‘rescue fund’ – a proud €750bn – after the ‘Two Ms’, Macron and Merkel twisted arms. is not precisely confidence-building and ought to be a warning to our Remainers. Given our own debts thanks to Rishi, the thought of having to pay even more into Brussels’ coffers should we still be ‘In’ makes me shudder.

I leave you with a little wail from the HoC. According to the Express, there were MPs who voted against ‘protecting Our NHS’ from ‘outside deals’ post-Brexit (link). Dearie me! What I wanna know is: was this amendment tabled to prevent China from buying up ‘Our NHS’? Don’t answer – ‘tis a rhetorical question!



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