NOT the “Mogg Conga”!


Still in Lockdown, still the same Lockdown inanities in ‘Our MSM’, and still the same manufactured drama both in regard to CV-19 and Brexit. One item and one person missing in all these ‘frontline reports’ are Labour and Labour’s leader. No reports on what he or they would do or would have done. Lockdown rules transgressions by Labour MPs: not worth mentioning.

Meanwhile, RemainCentral has become a Labour paper: veiled, but it’s seeping out between every line in every article. You’ve been warned, and this warning is necessary because The Times is still benefitting from its former glory as unbiased ‘paper of record’.

Not that the paper formerly known as the Torygraph is any better – they’ve gleefully joined the anti-Johnson MSM crowd. It’s as if all those ‘journalists’ are one big conglomerate where it’s dangerous to lose the credentials of being a certified anti-Johnson, anti-Cummings ‘writer’. Are they scared of no longer being invited to lovely dinner parties in islington? Or rather, in these Lockdown times, are they scared of being ‘unfriended’ or ‘blocked’ on the unsocial media? 

The main event yesterday was the return of the peacocks to the HoC. They had to vote following the social distancing rules and omigawd, didn’t they hate it! Like so many other public sector employees who’ve been sitting at home on full pay, doing eff all, well cushioned from real life, they moaned that the virtual voting was so much better. I bet it was! 

Democracy done by WhatsApp, in secret, with only ‘Our MSM’ and their gotcha questions as self-appointed scrutineers: if that’s ‘democracy’ then it’s time to abolish Parliament and run this country using facebook and twitter where anyone who doesn’t follow ‘community rulz’ is kicked off – not by votes of our elected representatives but by CEOs sitting in the USA. Wouldn’t we save shedloads of money that way!

‘Our MSM’ reported more or less gleefully about the “Mogg Conga” (link, paywalled), declaring that ‘Rees-Mogg forced MPs into line’ (link, paywalled) with other headlines smirking that MPs got a taste of ‘living on Planet Queue’ (link). The reason for this Mogg queue was mentioned here and there, for example:

“The voting lobbies have been deemed unsafe by Public Health England, so MPs had to form a coronavirus conga line to feed into the Commons chamber 50 at time and cast their votes at the despatch box instead.” (link)

It seems our elected peacocks are keen Lockdown adherents and would rather obey the diktat of an unelected quango – a quango which has been shown to stand not just on feet but on legs of clay – than to question these decisions. Of course, it could well be that they are as scared as the rest of the Lockdown acolytes, preferring not to follow the easing of restrictions, just as the parents who aren’t going to send their kids to school:

“Despite the public having been instructed to “go back to work if you can’t work from home”, it seemed some politicians were still desperately trying to hang onto their glitchy Zoom calls as they were ordered back to the House of Commons.” (link)

Oh the horror! Let the plebs (us) work, never mind “Teh Risk”, while they enjoy well-paid holidays. Apparently, the MPs made their anger known by tweeting how dreadful it all was, overlooking the fact that we peasants had to queue like that on a daily basis when trying to shop for food at supermarkets.

The ‘journalists’ seem to agree that this was so unfair on our MPs – else why did they mock Mogg rather than using their platform to lambast those wailing MPs! Here’s what this vote was about:

“Asking MPs to back a motion requiring them to vote in person, Mr Rees-Mogg said: “Voting while enjoying a sunny walk or whilst watching television does democracy an injustice. The solemn decisions we take together affect the lives of millions of people in this country. We ask members to vote in person for a reason, because it is the heart of what parliament is about.” The motion was passed by 261 votes to 163. About 180 fewer MPs took part than in the last vote held remotely.” (link, paywalled)

180 MPs couldn’t be bothered to turn up for ‘work’ for which we pay them! The Times’ parliamentary sketch writer Quentin Letts refers obliquely to the point about democracy when he remarks:

“Much of yesterday’s controversy, though dressed up as a matter of principle about the rights of self-isolating MPs, resembled an attempt to stop the government getting its legislation.” (link, paywalled)

It seems as if Remain MPs would rather ‘attend virtually’ that “Make Johnson beg for an extension” Bill which gets the 2nd reading on the 12th of June, voting in the privacy of their homes, possible electronic glitches notwithstanding, than stand and be seen to be counted. The DT observes another aspect to the MPs’ Conga:

“Worse is that such measures [Lockdown Rules] have received almost zero parliamentary scrutiny or debate. The two-metre rule is not some unchallengeable fact of life. Other countries manage quite well with just one metre and there are clearly alternative ways of keeping people safe without […] putting individuals to so much trouble. Will MPs demand a reassessment of the policy? Unlikely. Yesterday they were too busy grumbling that they had been asked to go back to work like the rest of the country.” (paywalled link)

It never fails to astound me that ‘Our MSM’, who are so keen to scream about other countries having done so much better than we do and it’s all Johnson’s fault, keep downplaying these same results when they don’t fit the ‘narrative’. No wonder our peacocks feel justified keeping their holidays – but see this:

“Business leaders and MPs have called for the guidance to be altered in line with WHO guidance and rules followed by some other countries in order to avoid mass redundancies and help the hospitality sector reopen.” (link)

According to that article, there’s an analysis in The Lancet showing that the social distance can be halved with no real danger, but Government will stick to SAGE advice, advice based on reports from ‘other countries’ because our scientists must be rubbish, or rather: they observe the situation in the UK as opposed to relying on papers from China:

“Professor Robert Dingwall, a Government adviser on Covid-19, […] an advocate of reducing social distancing to one metre, said that too many scientists were basing their calculations for safe distancing on transmission of the disease in the laboratory, failing to take into account real world conditions in which air flow played a huge part in dispersing the virus. He believes there is almost zero risk of catching Covid-19 outdoors and that one metre is sufficient for maintaining a safe social distance.” (link)

Still, government will keep the 2-metre distancing rule because it’s ‘science’ – SAGE approved science that is, the screen behind which our ministers hide to obscure both the fact that they are scientifically illiterate and the fact that, like a cat who has climbed a tree and can’t get down without the help of the fire brigade, they cannot climb down from their Lockdown rulz. Sadly, there’s no fire brigade to rescue them, especially not when the Westminster MSM, their helping ‘senior Whitehall sources’ and the elected peacocks keep scaring them ever further up that tree.

There’s no point in mentioning yet again that “Our MSM” keep throwing around numbers of  deaths, unexplained deaths, ‘other countries’, possible 2nd spikes, without understanding what they’re on about. Here, for example, they are desperately trying to keep going the ‘my death toll is bigger than yours’ exercise, this time on a local level. 

Given the pigheadedness of SAGE and government to keep the Lockdown Rulz as onerous as possible, you might like to look at a report by the same authors, surfacing yesterday, with the title “Hospital deaths drop below normal levels as Covid-19 deaths hit new low” (link). Why that might be the case – don’t ask. You’re being dazzled with bovine excrement in the form of numbers and more numbers. The comments posted on that article are scathing.

There’s one other piece of Lockdown News: Johnson is setting up two cabinet committees: “Two centrally-run committees, covering strategy and operational delivery, will shape Government’s approach to pandemic” (link). Some ‘sources’ see this as proof that Johnson is clipping Cummings’ wings, others think that Cummings will run both of these committees. We’ll know which it is when there are or aren’t leaks: Cummings is an anti-leaker.

And finally: as we all know, Trade Negotiation talks have resumed. There are the usual fireworks from Barnier (link), or that he believes we’ll cave in (link) while British Fishery chiefs demand Johnson stand firm (link) as others warn that, no matter what, French fishermen will create havoc at Calais (link, paywalled). Ah well – French business as usual then … We’ll wait for more details before assessing what’s going on.

One final remark: thanks to ‘Our MSM’ not doing their duty by reporting all the facts, more and more people rely on the internet for news and opinion pieces, especially regarding CV-19 and Lockdown. This makes life extremely difficult for me because I find it physically impossible to watch, read and evaluate every single report and video as I’ve still not been issued with a 48-hour day. It would be very much appreciated if some of you were to write some critical Lockdown reports based on such blogs and videos!




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