It’s summer – well, British summer: there’s cricket and there’s Wimbledon and politics don’t really matter. Brussels and the EU seem far away, somewhere across the Channel, and who really cares for the more and more demented-looking antics of the BoJo-Hunt campaigns. If you must, you can read all about them here.

The one Brexit ‘News’ was Ann Widdecombe’s maiden speech in the EU Parliament which has made it into the online papers. If you missed the link in my comment post under yesterday’s ‘Daily Brexit Betrayal’, you can watch her here, or have a look here. That article also mentions the reaction of the permanently offended Remainers who are spluttering that she compared the EU to slave owners – how very racist! 

Isn’t it funny how Remainers, Lefties in their majority, have the wonderful ability to willfully mis-hear what is actually being said. Like Victorian spinsters who spied sexual innuendo everywhere, they detect ‘racism’ in everything any Brexiteer says.

While the May Succession bandwagon is rolling on, there was a significant development which so far hasn’t attracted much attention:

“Peers last night backed a Parliamentary move to “stop Brexit”. They voted by 245 to 99, a majority of 146, in favour of setting up a joint committee of peers and MPs to examine the potential costs of a no-deal departure from the EU.” (link)

One wonders what they have been doing during the last three years! Nothing, as they hoped that Ms May would manage somehow to keep us ‘In’? Now, literally a minute before midnight, they worry about costs? Obviously, the hoary old ‘cliff edge’ had to come into it:

“Baroness Smith, the Labour leader in the Lords, tabled the motion. Opening the debate, she cited warnings from motor manufacturers, supermarket chains and the Bank of England about the potential impact on the economy of a no-deal Brexit. “We cannot accept marching towards the cliff edge without an up-to-date assessment of what lurks beyond,” she said. (link)

That must have scared the Lords present: not only that cliff edge but what is ‘lurking’ at the bottom of it – EU sharks, perhaps? Firstly, do note how many of the 800+ ‘peers’ were present and voting: 245, and 146 of them – not even 25% – were voting to thwart Brexit even now.

Secondly, see what even  Brexiteer ‘peers’ think of us. This quote is from a Tory peer and Brexiteer. While his argument against this motion is sound, even he cannot help himself:

“Speaking in the debate on the motion, Lord Robathan, a Tory MP and former Minister, warned colleagues: “It is frankly a political ruse. It is designed to tie the hands of an incoming prime minister. This House is unelected, it is privileged, it is unaccountable. I think we should be very wary of trying to stop Brexit.” Pointing to the referendum result, Lord Robathan added: “I don’t think we should be prepared – and that’s the point of this motion – to tell the little people outside… ‘sorry guys you just got it wrong’. I think that would be very unwise, “If we try to thwart the will of the people we would be very, very ill-advised.” (link)

How arrogant! As one of the ‘little people outside’, I’m sure glad that nice Tory Peer is thinking of us! We’ll certainly be thinking of him and his 800 colleagues when we campaign for a proper reform of the HoL.

Meanwhile out in the sticks where we little people live there’s a by election in Brecon & Radnorshire on the 1st of August. This was necessitated because the sitting Tory MP, Chris Davies, was recalled by his constituents because he was caught with his fingers in the till (see here, for example). 

This by election is crucial for two reasons. Firstly, if Mr Davies loses, the majority in the HoC for the new PM, Hunt or BoJo, will be down to three. Secondly, the Remain parties are targeting the seat in a ‘pact’ to get the Remain LibDem over the line: both Plaid Cymru (Remain) and the Greens (Remain) will not field a candidate but are set to support the Libdem:

“Plaid Cymru and the Green Party will not stand in Brecon & Radnorshire to help Jane Dodds, the Liberal Democrat leader in Wales, to secure the seat. […] Plaid, which advocates Welsh independence, will actively endorse Ms Dodds, 55. She described the pact as a “historic and courageous decision” in the interests of opposing Brexit.” (link, paywalled)

That is proof, if it were still needed, for the dissolution of  our Party political system. It’s now about Leave or Remain, not about which colour rosette a candidate is wearing. This Remain coalition is quite clear about that and their aim – to stop the Tories and the Brexit Party:

“The Conservatives face a battle to hold the seat, which they took from the Lib Dems in 2015 with a majority of 5,102 that increased to 8,038 in 2017. The Lib Dems hold it in the Welsh parliament and have been targeting the constituency for months. Ms Dodds needs a swing of 9.8 per cent to win. Failure to keep the seat by the Tories could prove critical if the next prime minister faces a confidence vote. […] The Brexit Party will try to secure its first MP after narrowly missing out in Peterborough last month.”  (link, paywalled)

RemainCentral published an accompanying opinion piece (paywalled), titled: “It’s time for the Brexit Party to shut up shop”. In good old ‘conservative’ fashion, the author pats TBP on its head.

He writes that, after their EUParl victory, it’s now time for TBP to go back home and let the ‘real politicians’ do their work. After all, voting for TBP would let the opponents of Tory candidates in, be they Lab, LibDem or Green:

“Having won this victory, reshaping politics, what should the Brexit Party do next? Looking at the latest YouGov polling for The Times, the answer is obvious. It should shut up shop and forget about fighting a general election. Indeed, the polling suggests there is an historic opportunity to unite the centre right in Britain if pro-Brexit voters and Conservatives who accept the referendum result join forces at a general election and vote for the same party.” (link, paywalled)

In that poll, Tories and TBP were neck-on-neck, with 24% and 23% respectively. That’s conclusive evidence for TBP to give up! Let those little people obey: ‘come back, all is forgiven – unite with us wonderful Tories and fight with us to keep out Corbyn – BoJo or Hunt will ‘deliver Brexit’ fersure, trust them and trust us’.  Trust the Tories? Not [expletive deleted] likely! 

Writing in the (paywalled) DT, Stewart Jackson (Chief of Staff and Special Advisor to David Davis MP during his time as Brexit Secretary) shows why we must not let ourselves be lulled into a false sense of security, why we must resist the siren songs of ‘Unity’,  be they from self-serving Remain Parties or from equally self-serving, scared Tories:

“The last few weeks of ruthless and grubby horse trading for the top jobs in the EU demonstrate the hollowness of the hardcore Remainers’ claims that this supranational political entity is an exemplar of democracy and liberty. […] That is not to say the cosy club of self-referential elitists who will take the reins later this year aren’t doing a great job of destroying the even now flimsy case for the UK to stay or – heaven help us – even rejoin the EU, as it hurtles towards being a remote, sclerotic federalist behemoth. The shenanigans we’ve seen this week played out like an extended party political broadcast for the Brexit Party.” (paywalled link)

That’s what the Remainers, singly or in packs, in both Houses of Parliament and the Remain establishment, never mind the Remain MSM, simply do not understand: there is no going back to their cosy arrangements in the Westminster Bubble.

If there’s no Brexit their whole House of Cards will come crashing down round their ears. TBP ain’t going away nor will we Leavers go back home. We won’t let Remain get away with keeping us ‘In’. 

We may watch cricket or Wimbledon, but we will stay vigilant and




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