The ‘New Look’ – a must-have when going out!


It’s the ‘day after’ – after ‘that’ press conference where Johnson’s top aide Dominic Cummings gave his statement. It is staggering that this media campaign is still dominating the headlines while other, more important items, are disregarded. Suddenly, the latest case numbers, the ‘death toll’, and anything to do with ‘Our NHS’ and PHE is irrelevant.

I won’t bore you with yesterday’s Cummings press circus – you can watch it here. I’ll just note that it was yet another opportunity for ‘Our MSM’ to display their professional inadequacy. The massed MSM journalists – those who were physically present and those who watched at home – demonstrated for all to see that they had fallen for their own propaganda.

Can we ever again take seriously a heavy-weight author of parliamentary sketches when he writes, astonished, that Cummings actually looked nice and ordinary and had a soft voice! And how seriously can we now take an editor of that broadsheet which has not only ten – yes: 10 – articles and ‘analyses’ of that press conference on their online home page this morning? She is still trying, in two articles, to convince readers: ‘Cummings bad – Johnson not quite so bad’. 

One reason, made repeatedly by Cummings, which ought to have elicited at least one response from one reporter has been conveniently disregarded: the continuous presence of ‘irate’ people at his home, day and night, attacking him. We’ve all seen the press pack in action at Cummings house. It’s highly ironic that those who accuse Cummings of having ‘flaunted the rulz’ and thus ‘putting lives at risk’ are doing precisely that: disregarding social distancing rules.

While more and more comment posters at the Anti-Cummings-DT and even in that august publication, RemainCentral, are rejecting this sort of reporting, while there was a ‘trending’ hashtag (‘scummedia’) on Twitter – the place where everybody goes to jabber, even the meejah presstitutes – and while Durham Police admitted that they gave ‘misleading statements’ (that’s media speak for ‘we lied’) about Cummings (link, paywalled), no one has asked why this whole affair which after all took place in April, attracted the MSM only now, at the end of May. 

One reason for this is glaringly obvious: it’s to keep the Labour leader and Labour out of the firing line. Not only did several of his MPs flaunt the sacred rulz without a massed campaign in the MSM – bringing a birthday cake to his dad, driving all the way to Wales like Steve Kinnock: nothing to see here, move on -, the online Labour minions have been out in force, trying to spin this event by massively posting anti-Cummings comments, even on that Tory site ‘Conservative Home’. That’s how to manufacture ‘public opinion’, how to allow the MSM to claim “public outrage”.

And why would the MSM try to shield Starmer? It’s because of the ongoing trade union campaigns of not opening schools. This ought to be even more important now because Johnson yesterday announced that shops will be allowed to open from June 15th. More on that below. Apparently Labour is extremely relaxed about the fate of workers and workers’ children, children who won’t be able to go to school and workers who won’t be able to go to work because their children have to stay at home – but this is a non-issue for our presstitutes!

We’ve read that those unions want ‘scientific evidence’ from the government, that opening schools ‘is safe’. There is evidence – evidence from countries where schools have either not been closed (Sweden) or have been reopened for weeks now (Denmark, Norway). ‘Our MSM’ were happy to slap all those low CV-19 case numbers and death toll numbers in those countries round the government’s face, asking why we’re not ‘more like them’. Now that there’s actual evidence that there have been no ‘spikes’ due to the open schools in those countries (link, in German) they are all ‘otherwise engaged’.

While the Labour Leader’s children have privileged access to a school ‘open for key workers’ he and his silent cabinet colleagues and MPs are abandoning the children of their core voters. That should have been the news, not what a PM’s aide did. Why is that not a subject for the not-quite- so left wing papers? And why is it ok for those unions and for Labour-run councils to reject, not just flaunt, government guidance on opening schools? What happened to Blair’s famous ‘education-education-education’? Why is Labour, from Starmer down, abandoning children? Is keeping trade unions on board, is ‘opposing’ Johnson’s government more important for Starmer than our children’s education?

Next, a closer look at the ‘you can all go shopping – go and spend your money (what money?)’ announcement  sadly shows that the government, part of that Westminster bubble, has no idea how the ongoing ‘social distancing rulz’ will affect said shopping trips. One store reportedly is prepared to ‘keep shoes in 24-hour quarantine’ after they’ve been tried on (link, paywalled). No, it’s not April 1st, I’m afraid. And there’s bad news for ladies and gents: you can go and buy clothes or cars, but hairdressers will stay closed:

“The prime minister said that nearly all non-essential retailers could open if they followed social-distancing guidelines. It means that clothing stores, shoe, furniture and electronic shops and indoor markets can open their doors. However, hairdressers, beauticians, nail bars, restaurants and hotels must stay closed because the “risk of transmission is higher”. Car dealers and outdoor markets can reopen from next week.” (link, paywalled)

So your wives will still have to trim your mop, gentlemen, and they’ll still have to do their own hair coloration. But don’t worry – you’ll be safe and protected when you are preparing to go shopping. There will be visors galore and you won’t need to handle cash! It’ll all be ‘contactless’. There are even plans to fit screens on trains to stop the spread of ‘that’ virus so people can have ‘confidence’ when travelling to work (link, paywalled). Well, we can do contactless shopping from the safety of our own homes, on our PCs, without needing to travel!

Where are the ‘behavioural scientists’, the mental health ‘experts’ asking what sort of society we’re going to be when everybody is being treated as potential Typhoid Mary? A society where everybody is expected to mistrust everybody else? A society where, as we’ve already seen, curtain-twitching and snitching is becoming the norm? How can you cuddle your grandchild while wearing a visor? Is the police expected to ‘enforce’ the wearing of face masks or visors when out? 

Do those questions not concern the massed Cummings-hunting writers, editors and opinionators in the MSM? Are questions of how to actually revive the economy – not by production of plastic face shields or home-made face masks but by getting businesses back to normal as quickly as possible – of no interest? 

While ‘Our MSM’ were otherwise engaged, more fruit pickers have made the perilous journey across the perilous Channel from perilously war-torn France. Now – now! – we read that the Home Office is ‘approaching’ the former Aussie Border Force chief for advice:

“Chris Philp, the immigration minister, is understood to have contacted Roman Quaedvlieg, former head of Australian border force, to consult him over the country’s Operation Sovereign Borders which saw its patrol force turn back migrants on boats and return them to their port of origin. Priti Patel, the Home Secretary, is already considering law and treaty changes to make it easier to return migrants at sea and on land to France, as previously revealed by The Telegraph.” (link)

Sounds too good to be true – not only because we know how the Home Office ‘works’, thwarting any attempt to police our borders; not only because our tiny Border Force must now ‘spot-check’ the homes of those who’ve entered our country from June 8th under those new quarantine rules; not only because our police forces will be stretched to breaking point having to ‘enforce’ all those social distancing rules in shops as well as in parks, but because of this:

“The contacts with Australian border force experts will, however, raise eyebrows because of the country’s hardline “turnback” policy which included rewriting Australia’s laws to place border policing ahead of asylum seeker rights.” (link)

It’s not just ‘eyebrows will be raised’ – there’ll be a concerted effort by all our ‘human rights activists’ and assorted lawyers to stop this effort. After all, as we all know, ‘asylum seekers rights’ trump our right to control our border, and trump even our right not to be exposed to ‘imported’ CV-19. Perhaps the Home Office will equip those poor people with free face shields as well as free accommodation and free everything else.

It’s no longer ‘never trust a Tory’, it’s now ‘never trust any politician – and never ever trust anyone writing in and for the MSM ever again’.




Photo by adafruit

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