NOT Starmer! He’s come off the fence …


We’re no longer in a world of post-covid madness, we’re now in a world of plain, unadulterated Covid Madness. Politicians use the scare covid numbers to peacock around as ‘Our MSM’, aiding and abetting anything and anyone ‘not BJ’, support them in that endeavour. Government ‘scientists’ are now briefing against the PM. As for ‘Our NHS’ – well, anything goes just as long as the unholy alliance of Covidians can get the Lockdown they desire, actual numbers be d*mned. 

Over the past weeks we’ve all become tired of the blockheadedness of the Westminster Cabal, of the unholy alliance of politicians, directors of quangos and ‘Our NHS’ and the MSM ‘health editors’. I’d like to know why they’re always ‘global’. None of the above even notice the idiocies they produce, never showing a hint of criticism. Oh, some papers are giving room now and then, behind their paywalls, to critical clinicians – but as far as the Westminster Covid Cabal is concerned, they might as well have saved their breath.

Yesterday was ‘that’ vote on ‘that’ curfew – and yes, 42 ‘brave’ Tories rebelled. I won’t even go there because they waved through ‘that’ three-tier scheme. Instead, Starmer was ‘celebrated’ for coming off the fence in favour of a ‘circuit breaker’, a national Lockdown during Half Term – in ten days. How this is supposed to ‘stop the virus ripping through’ right now is his secret. Since Labour abstained from voting for that three-tier system yesterday, it’s obvious that Starmer was only producing a choice political theatre:

“Sir Keir’s intervention was seen as an indication that he believed the Prime Minister would ultimately be left with no choice but to impose a circuit breaker, and wanted to make it appear that he was following Labour’s lead. He spoke moments before Mr Johnson faced his own MPs in a meeting of the 1922 Committee of backbench Conservative MPs, and tried to divide the Tories by saying the Prime Minister could count on Labour votes for such a plan, implying that he may need to if his own party members rebelled against it.” (paywalled link)

Interestingly, Starmer’s demand for a ‘circuit breaker’ was based on models by SAGE who have been trying to push this latest lockdown scheme onto BJ for some time, notwithstanding the WHO ‘advice’ that lockdowns don’t work, that they damage the economy, and should only be used as a very last resort:  ‘SAGE models rule ok!’. In a blatant example of disloyalty to the PM, SAGE ‘went public’ right after BJ had spoken to the Nation on Monday evening:

“Within minutes of finishing his address to the nation, minutes from Sage meetings were published, warning that a failure to go further could result in “a very large epidemic with catastrophic consequences”. A two-week national circuit break lockdown to halt the virus had been first proposed on September 17 by one of Sage’s subcommittees. The scientists and health experts appeared to be preparing the ground for tougher restrictions at a meeting of the Cabinet Office’s ‘Covid-19 Operation’ committee some two days later.” (paywalled link)

SAGE ‘spoke’ after Johnson on Monday evening, providing the ‘scientific material’ for  Starmer’s proposal. There’s more SAGE advice going to come today, to support this latest Lockdown:

“A half-term “circuit breaker” lockdown would save thousands of lives by the end of the year, government scientific advisers have calculated as pressure grows for a two-week shutdown. […] A paper by Sage, obtained by The Times and due to be published today, challenges his [BJ’s] position. It shows that a two-week full lockdown, with stay-at-home orders and school closures, from October 24 could reduce deaths for the rest of the year from about 19,900 to 12,100. Hospital admissions could be reduced from 132,400 to 66,500.” (link, paywalled)

That ‘pressure’ only grows in ‘Our Covid MSM’. Interestingly, SAGE previously seems to have demanded much more before BJ plumped for that three-tier system, following warnings by Sunak and others who want to keep the economy going as much as possible:

“Cabinet ministers had been discussing for three weeks the guidance from the Sage group of scientific advisers which stated that what was needed was a national lockdown of several weeks to “put the epidemic back” by at least 28 days.” (paywalled link)

Don’t ask what would happen after those ’28 days! This Covid warfare demonstrates nicely that SAGE, the Covidians and Labour are so far removed from real life that they don’t even understand that without the private sector working there’ll be no money coming in to pay them. So add economic voodoo thinking to their general scientific illiteracy and innumeracy.

The poster child for this sort of plain Covidiocy surely is Matt Hancock, whose utterances are happily spread by those ‘global science and health’ editors in ‘Our MSM’. You really couldn’t make this up! First see this:

“Matt Hancock, the Health Secretary, had said the concept of herd immunity from the virus was “emphatically false” as there could be no mass immunity “even if everyone caught it”.” (paywalled link)

‘No herd immunity’ even after everybody has caught the virus? Really? Does he think we’ll all be dead by then? Next see this, under The Times’ headline “Thousands will die without new coronavirus curbs, Matt Hancock tells rebel MPs’’. Scaring the nation to death just so that ‘Tory Rebels’ can be shown to’ve been put in their place – that’s fine:

“Matt Hancock has faced down lockdown sceptics in his own party, warning that thousands more people will die and “harder economic measures” will be needed without tough new coronavirus restrictions. The health secretary warned of loss of life “too great to contemplate” as he attacked those in his own party who oppose curbs on hospitality.” (link, paywalled)

What ‘harder economic measures’ is he on about? Is he now also taking over Sunak’s department? I leave it to you to ponder if Hancock is preparing us for more of the same, all based on those oh-so impeccable SAGE models, on those equally impeccable ‘case numbers’ and this latest outcry from Liverpool:

“Intensive care units at Liverpool’s main hospitals are at 95 per cent capacity as a rebellion against the lockdown by local businesses grows. Sources have told The Times that the number of Covid-19 patients across all beds is expected to surpass its April peak in the next seven to ten days. About half of the intensive care beds across the Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust have been taken by patients with the virus, according to the Financial Times.” (link, paywalled)

Never mind those numbers from ‘sources’ and the FT: “we” must lock down everything to ‘save Liverpool’s hospitals’, yes? The aim is clearly to present ‘material’ in support of the SAGE-Starmer demand for that ‘circuit breaker’. Now add to this dire repeat image of ‘Our NHS in Crisis’ another piece of grim news:

“A Covid-19 vaccine is likely to be only 50 per cent effective, the chairman of the UK Vaccine Taskforce has said. Kate Bingham said any vaccine capable of immunising against the virus would probably be as effective as the flu vaccine. “The vaccines we have for flu are about 50 per cent effective,” she said. “We shouldn’t assume it’s going to be better than a flu vaccine, because that’s an equivalent – it’s a mutating … respiratory virus that gets in through the nose and eyes and respiratory tract.” (paywalled link)

Isn’t that what non-government scientists have been telling us for some time now? Is that another instance of ‘jam definitely next year’ which could even be force-fed to us? Meanwhile keep doing what you’re told to do, until next summer:

“The head of the Oxford University coronavirus vaccine team said face masks and social distancing may be needed until July, even if the global trial proved successful. “Even if we had enough vaccine for everyone, it’s unlikely that … the physical distancing rules can be just dropped,[…].” (paywalled link)

So, vaccine or no vaccine, everything will stay the same, in perpetuity? Don’t forget that there’s no such thing as ‘herd immunity, according to that top scientist Hancock!

I leave you with news that owners of gyms in and around Merseyside aren’t going to take this latest ‘measure’ lying down:

“The Empowered Fit gym on the Wirral said that it was planning to defy the new laws and stay open. “We are not staying open for financial gain but more for our members’ mental and physical wellbeing,” […] Chris Ellerby-Hemmings, one of the owners, told The Times that he was aware of about 40 gyms across Merseyside that would be doing the same. “Obviously there might be some enforcement that happens, maybe the council will come, and the police will come,” he said. “We would have a discussion and explain that we’re doing this to make a stand — and ask the council leaders to give us evidence to prove why gyms should be closed.” The Pure Gym chain, which has seven gyms in the area, has expressed disappointment and warned that it may take legal action over the closures.” (link, paywalled)

I’ve heard from my ‘sources’ that users of private gyms across the country are ready to support gyms who might be fined by chipping in with donations. They’re all observing the strictest hygiene rules demanded by government. It seems local defiance, supported by a loose national network, may be one way of overcoming covidiocy. 

In a blistering comment piece in the DT yesterday evening – before ‘that’ vote –  under the title “Yes, Boris, this is the tipping point – for our trust in you”,  Allison Pearson, not mincing her words, lets rip in no uncertain terms and concludes:

“But if Boris doesn’t trust the British people with the truth – according to the most recent peer-reviewed paper on Covid-19, 99.8 per cent of all people who get the virus survive, including 99.96 per cent of those under 70 – then why on earth should we trust him? […] They call this a tipping point and they well could be right, but not in the way they think. Their pointless, destructive local lockdowns will end in tiers.” (paywalled link)

It surely will, not least because the economy is at a tipping point – something about which Starmer and SAGE couldn’t care less. Let’s be clear: they’re not about ‘saving lives’ but about ‘looking good’ in the Covid MSM while rejecting any blame for the real-life consequences which the rest of us have to deal with – those of us living outside the Westminster Covid Cabal. 

Let’s hope for more examples of informal defiance like the national support for the Merseyside gym owners and 





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