A warning from history: the ‘Ministry of Enlightenment and Propaganda’ in 1930’s Berlin


They don’t notice any longer that they’re bubble dwellers, those ‘top journalists’ populating the Westminster MSM. They don’t notice any longer that their language itself reveals how comfortable they are inside in their echo chamber, shielded from the lives of ordinary people. They do notice however the change in the pattern of people’s media consumption. They do notice that they can’t control how and what we think and say. And thus they are going to take measures. 

Since February this year there’s a new BBC chairman. I seem to recall that announcement vaguely, but somehow it didn’t make proper waves. I wonder why … It couldn’t be because the Westminster MSM at that time were full to bursting at the seams with covid scare mongering, could it? Surely not! Anyway – he’s a Mr. Richard Sharp, a former banker. Clearly, that makes him eminently suitable for discerning matters concerning the media and TV news. 

In the lovely way the Westminster MSM have developed, preserving their echo chamber from which they pontificate down to us uneducated plebs, The Times reports on a speech Mr Sharp will give. It’s the usual ‘pre-information’, copied from Mr Sharp’s press release before the speech is held. Yes, it’s boring – except for some passages which made me sit up. Here’s the first one:

“Sharp will also use his speech to call for an update to media regulation to protect people from disinformation on social media platforms. He will say: “The magnetic draw of conspiracy theories in our societies is getting stronger. And we can no longer pretend it doesn’t have real-life consequences, whether it’s pulling down 5G masts, driving down vaccine take-up or leaving the results of democratic elections in doubt.”  (link, paywalled)

This made my blood run cold. The BBC’s chairman is abusing his powerful position as the top man at the top of the top propaganda purveyor to demand a new ‘media regulation’ . This is aimed at the suppression of Free Speech. Yes, that’s what it ultimately is about – no error is possible.

He is throwing criminal acts like the destruction of those 5G masts into the same stewpot as opposition to the government’s vaccination propaganda campaign. We don’t need reminding that the Westminster MSM, the BBC first and foremost, have suppressed publishing medical evidence, thus restricting the freedom of people to inform themselves before they, not the government or the BBC, decide to get jabbed or not.

Furthermore, you can smell the stink since Mr Sharp omitted to mention the criminal act of throwing that Bristol statue into the water, never mind the repeated smearing of other statues with BLM slogans. Apparently, these aren’t criminal acts. Here’s another passage which made my blood go from icy-cold to boiling point with fury:

“He will add: “We need to rethink the regulatory environment in this country and replace a Communications Act that predates Facebook with one that can deliver on a clear vision … Now is the time to put in place the rights, protections and education that will safeguard not just our media environment but the stability of our societies and democracies long into the future.” (link, paywalled)

Let’s break this down and translate what this chairman really said. I note in passing that his mentioning ‘facebook’ is a strawman, used only because most of his listeners are probably unaware of facebook censoring anything and anyone not toeing their line of political propaganda. I only remind you of their removal of entries critical of masks because it was ‘anti-WHO’, never mind that the WHO oscillated between masks bad – masks good – masks bad. 

The next sentence shows Mr Sharp’s ‘vision’ – for the BBC and our society. According to him, ‘safeguarding our media environment’ is the pressing issue because only that ‘guarantees the stability’ – not just of our society here in the UK but elsewhere. And to make quite certain he doubles down and declares that only thus will ‘democracies’ be safeguarded for the future. 

This ‘safeguarding’ must be achieved by a new state regulation. The BBC officially believes that ‘regulation’, another word for censorship, is what democracies need – not Free Speech. Moreover, the BBC apparently believes that the ever more draconian ‘hate speech’ legislation isn’t sufficient. Proper, new “regulation” is needed so that not even a scintilla of ‘hate speech’ will ever see the light of day.

Once such “regulation” is in place it’s only a tiny step from labelling any criticism of government policies as ‘hate speech’ to preventing such criticism ever seeing the light of day. Can we say that the neutral label of “regulation” hides the request for censorship? I think we can!

There’s one other sentence which demonstrates that the BBC, as represented by that chairman, not only believes its own propaganda but is setting itself up as judge and jury as well:

“Sharp will say the BBC has a role to play in countering fake news as it is the “pre-eminent purveyor of facts in the disinformation age”.” (link, paywalled)

Oh dear! Wasn’t it only four weeks ago that Sir John Redwood took on the BBC, demonstrating that the BBC wasn’t countering fake news but only those ‘news’ the BBC declared ‘fake’, that they themselves were ‘purveyors’ of fake news (link)? And now this same BBC aims to set itself up as the ultimate arbiter of what is fake news, of what must never be said, by demanding ‘better regulations’, to better suppress Free Speech? You couldn’t make it up!

The BBC is also creating a legal basis for its de-facto position as ‘Ministry of Truth’. Clearly, the BBC’s top executives have learned something from the history of the last century. Sadly, their historical knowledge omits the lessons learned by the world a few years after that German propaganda minister created that 1930s equivalent of what the BBC is now aiming for. 

By clamouring for “regulations”, by legalising censorship, the Westminster MSM, the BBC first and foremost, are hoping fervently for the demise of Free Speech. Once they’ve got that, the new Propaganda Ministry will find ways to suppress not just any blogs and social media pages, they’ll even find reasons for suppressing the GB News TV Channel. And who knows – it’s entirely possible that the current BBC tax might be scrapped, to be replaced by a proper tax like the NI.

Happy days … not!



Photo by ukdamian

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