Follow the covid rulz and get the reward: a castrated Covid Christmas and a 3rd wave


Here we go again: do “we” cancel Christmas or not? Do “we” cave in to the EU or not? What to do! It’s actually rather intriguing to observe how ‘Our MSM’ are desperately trying to create an upswell of ‘public opinion’ by shamelessly quoting ‘advisors’ or NGO ‘chiefs’  as if their maunderings are ‘facts’, unsullied by vested interests or agendas. Yes, we’ve known this for a very long time. Yes, we’ve reported it for a very long time, but it’s never been as blatant as it is in these last days of the Covid Year.

Let’s start with Christmas. SAGE is split, Johnson doesn’t want to go back on his promise to allow us some cheer, so prepare for ‘a compromise’: there will be ‘new guidance’. Any such ‘guidance’ means tinpot dictators and covid stasi up and down the country will take them for ‘Law’ and enforce them. The reasoning, as presented by the MSM, is hair-raising but it points to one fact which the lockdownians seem to’ve agreed on: us plebs aren’t willing to knuckle down as we did in March and April:

“Pro-lockdown government advisers have warned that scrapping a Christmas relaxation of Covid-19 rules could backfire but they suggest that people postpone celebrations until after elderly relatives have been vaccinated.” (link, paywalled)

Ah – the latest ‘holy grail’, that vaccine! Those clever people have forgotten that two jabs are needed, four weeks apart, and that vaccination only started a week ago. But never mind that: let’s scrap Christmas for the eldery, for their own protection. Christmas next year will be early enough. Here’s another inane piece of possible ‘guidance’:

“Masks indoors and socially distanced Christmas dinners have also been recommended by advisers, as the government prepares to encourage people to take greater precautions in the light of rising infections.” (link, paywalled)

That would certainly promote traditional Christmas cheer! I’m just waiting for ‘guidance’ to avoid having that sherry before the turkey and that port and whisky afterwards: covid loves alcohol, innit, else why did the Welsh dictator prohibit the sale of alcohol in pubs. There is however a silver lining to the gloom spread by SAGE and the rest of the lockdownians:

“Opinion is divided on [SAGE] as to whether telling people to cancel Christmas plans would do more harm than good by provoking mass disobedience of the rules.” (link, paywalled)

‘They’ are fearful of mass disobedience! That has to be balm to any covid-prisoner’s hearts. The lockdownians’ clearly fear that we unruly peasants might disregard all their fine-tuned guidances and just go and do as we want. This thought seems to’ve swirled round the corridors of Westminster, or rather: spread through the whatsapp and zoom meetings as Whitehall is empty.

There’s more, demonstrating clearly that this covid government does indeed regard us as toddlers who must be given ‘a prize’ for ‘good covid behaviour’:

“For months, ministers have promised a relaxation over Christmas if the public followed waves of new rules including a lockdown and the introduction of tiers.” (paywalled link)

Sweet, innit! ‘Behave now and you can have Christmas, sort of’. However, there’s a hint of things to come, allowing for a rather more sinister interpretation:

“It is understood that No 10 was concerned that if Christmas plans were cancelled, it could lead to lower compliance with the rules in January and later in the winter.” (paywalled link)

This can only mean that the health czars, SAGE and this covid government expect a rise in ‘case numbers’, a ‘3rd wave’, in January. Never mind that this has happened every January, for as long as we’ve turned the NHS into ‘Our Sacred Cow’, with the persistent call to ‘save’ it. You know which politicians to thank for that. You might want to laugh hollowly when you next read this:

“Doctors and health service leaders have raised concerns about the effect of the relaxation. The BMJ (British Medical Journal) and the Health Service Journal yesterday called it “a major error” that would wipe out 20 years of progress in bringing down hospital waiting times. […] “A significant third wave could wipe out almost all the reductions in waiting times for elective procedures achieved in the past 20 years,” they said.” (link, paywalled)

Yes, that’s correct: these doctors have seen ‘20 years of progress’ in reducing waiting times! Have “we” really? Have waiting times not piled up, thanks to all those ‘elective procedures’ cancelled because: “covid!” ? Isn’t it again about ‘blame the patient’ for having accidents, for becoming ill or old? Is is about blaming patients for catching covid because they disbelieve ‘Teh Science’, trusting their own experiences instead?

Perhaps us peasants have been ‘brainwashed’ by publications like Lockdown Sceptics and by some heretic professors consistently pointing out that the covid emperor is nekkid. They’ve even been given space in publications read by millions such as the DM! The horror!

The important point is that the lockdownians ‘expect’ a 3rd wave – something the government also seems to expect. They’re reasoning that we plebs must be given this bauble of some sort of castrated Christmas because else we’d stop being obedient little covid lemmings, submitting to more restrictions apparently already being planned for the new year.

There’s one more ‘reason’, one more ‘plan’ in the works which will demand the tightening of restrictions, 3rd wave or not. ‘Our NHS’ has been working hard on a totally fabulous scheme, ‘despite covid’:

“Patients can expect to be seen by a nurse or doctor within 15 minutes of arriving at an A&E department under new NHS targets. The target to admit, treat or discharge 95 per cent of patients within four hours is set to be replaced by a new set of measures, which NHS England said were “more sophisticated and patient-centred”. […] The plans are backed by a broad coalition of medical and patient representatives and are likely to be adopted swiftly once the consultation ends in February next year.” (link, paywalled)

Clearly, the consultation period for this ‘sophisticated plan’, stretching to the end of February (!)  cannot, must not be endangered by hordes of patients coming in with the usual winter illnesses, ahem: covid. That’s why patients must be kept away from ‘Our NHS’ – the reward will be great: only 15 minutes waiting time … ! However, ‘Our NHS’ isn’t doing this out of the goodness of their hearts, wanting to give us better treatment. It’s a managerial exercise pure and simple. The language gives it away:

“Many of the new measures, such as recording the time between a patient being declared “clinically ready” to move on from the emergency department and them leaving, aim to improve “patient flow” through A&E departments and hospitals.”  (link, paywalled)

Words simply fail me! ‘Patient flow’ – as if sick  people are pieces on a conveyor belt. Patients being declared ‘oven’, sorry: ‘clinically’ ready – dear me!  This is the mentality of a factory, of a repair shop. It’s more box-ticking, more shiny stats – actual people, sick people with individual needs simply mustn’t disturb that ‘flow’.

Meanwhile on the “Brexit front” MPs are being ‘prepared’ to come in next week – well, to keep their Zooms going – because allegedly there’s ‘hope’ for a deal which they’d have to vote on. While some speculate that this must mean ‘A Deal’ is in the offing, “sources” say it ain’t so:

“[…] both UK and EU sources have firmly denied suggestions of an imminent announcement, while a Government source said of the plans: “It’s entirely provisional. If there’s a deal then MPs would have to vote on it, but that does not in any way suggest that there’s been any movement in the negotiations.” (paywalled link)

We’ve become used to this: MSM ‘writers’ taking preparations for a possible event as proof that it’s going to happen. Remain Central seems closer to reality when they report:

“Negotiations continued in Brussels yesterday with Downing Street playing down speculation of an imminent deal. Mr Johnson told the cabinet that he was committed to continuing negotiations on the remaining areas of disagreement but insisted that leaving without a deal “remained the most likely outcome”.” (link, paywalled)

We all know what these ‘remaining areas of disagreement’ are about. It’s not just fish, it’s the ‘level playing field’. Sir John Redwood – who else! – explains in his Diary this morning why this is unacceptable, pointing out that for the EU, this ‘field’ encompasses not just trade but other sectors such as education, transport, taxation:

“The EU has long argued that most policies have a bearing on their single market, and that many policies can therefore be a state aid. […] So when the EU says it needs to lock us in to prevent the UK gaining any competitive advantage from choosing better policies, it does so knowing that means wide ranging powers to limit the ability of the UK to govern itself.” (link)

This is not just unacceptable to staunch Leavers, it’s something international negotiators are also criticising in stark terms. Ambrose evans-Pritchard quotes one such negotiator in his article in the DT:

“The broad thrust in world trade law is that you may regulate a product but you may not regulate how a product is made. You may not reach into the legal structure and governing system of another state through the mechanism of trade clauses. “What the EU is doing is totally novel in trade deals and they know it,” he said.” (paywalled link)

The EU knows this. Frosty, we hope, knows this as well. That’s why I fervently wish our peacocks an uninterrupted covid Christmas – uninterrupted by having to zoom in to vote for a deal which can only be a shoddy sell-out. 





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