For a long time I’ve had the suspicion that we’re not so much being dumbed down but actually infantilised. Also for a long time I’ve despised the way how our elected representatives are more interested in how they look in the MSM and on telly than doing their duty, scrutinising government.

During the covid ‘ghost parliament’ the peacocking of MPs was less noticeable but even so, we all remember that there was no opposition against the SAGE-induced lockdowns. Furthermore, anyone who has ever watched hearings by this or that HoC select Committee will have noticed that all the clever and sometimes excellent questions have generally not had any influence on government policies. The less said about the usefulness of the ‘debates’ relating to this or that petition the better. As for my opinion on our MSM and especially the ‘opinion formers’ therein – that ought to be well known by now.

Looking at the headlines in this morning’s print MSM (link) simply enhanced my low opinion of that unholy conglomerate of government, MPs and MSM. While the PM is going ‘to bash on’ as if nothing has happened, Tory MPs are demonstrating their infantilism, from ‘revenge’ to ‘we’re no longer going to play with you’. In the following I am referring to headlines as shown on yon compilation site linked to above. After all, everybody only reads the headlines, don’t they, so I will do just that as well. Who needs to read long articles …

We’re informed that, allegedly, Tory Rebels will ‘attack the PM’ on a daily basis, in ‘a war of attrition’. We’re told that Tory Rebels are ‘plotting vote strikes’. We learn that ‘cabinet ministers demand tax cuts from the PM if he wants to survive’. And lo and behold, we read that the PM is planning to do just that, what a surprise!

Even more of a surprise – not! – is that ‘Johnson allies’ now demand he give the Treasury to Hunt: keep your friends close but keep your enemies even closer. Making Hunt the Chancellor responsible for the coming ills of inflation and all that: genius, simply genius!

Speaking of economic misery: the Rail Unions will shut down the country with a ‘total rail shutdown’ at the end of June. Inflation, strikes: that reminds me of a time the current government office holders, most of the Whitehall mandarins, most MPs and certainly most of MSM ‘writers’, never mind the smartphone-addicted generations, only know from hearsay … if they actually listened to what this despised generation of oldies, of grannies and gramps, were telling them about ‘winter of discontent’ and all that jazz.

Who knows if railway ‘strikes’ will actually matter! Since the Westminster swamp dwellers are so addicted to WFH why should we peasants not follow that rule and WFH, going on a consumers’ strike and shunning the High Streets? We’ve got no money anyway to waste on trinkets and ‘fast fashion’! We’ve got to keep hold of our money because we need to pay for our food and for the energy bills which will rise and rise. After all, if we don’t buy stuff then the Chancellor won’t reap VAT. Btw – here’s an ‘intended consequence’ of higher petrol prices which our ‘green’ PM ought to love:

“Surging fuel prices mean buying an electric car finally adds up – More and more drivers are switching to electric cars as petrol motors become too expensive. “ (paywalled link)

Jolly good, innit like – but don’t ask how those with ‘petrol motors’ will fare, those who cannot afford to buy an electric car. Don’t ask how those fabulous electric cars will run when electricity becomes unavailable or unaffordable. They’ll probably all WFH … 

Meanwhile, like infants in playgrounds, our elected representatives indulge in childish tantrums, demanding revenge:

“Boris Johnson is being urged by cabinet ministers to sack members of the payroll who did not announce that they were backing him in Monday’s confidence vote. Thirteen members of Johnson’s government have not publicly confirmed which way they voted in Monday’s ballot.” (link, paywalled

Never mind that this was a secret ballot! Let me indulge in a spot of maliciousness when I interpret this astonishing news item as proof that the adults have left the room, that instead these ‘cabinet ministers’ are behaving like playground bullies, demanding ‘proof of proper attitude’ or else. After all, it’s not sufficient that all those MPs – about 180 of them – on the ‘government payroll’ have to vote with the government on any legislation. No, they must also demonstrate their purity of thought and forget voting according to conscience.

Now you know why your Tory constituency MPs are only replying to your letters with copy & paste texts: they lose money if they don’t follow the Party Line. Paraphrasing Upton Sinclair’s famous quote (link), it’s difficult to get MPs to vote according to their constituents’ wishes when their salaries depend on voting against them.

No matter what the government mouthpieces write about the government theatre in Westminster: we, the electorate, are just so much staffage. Worse: we’ve become the neofeudal serfs who have to work and pay and are made to tug our forelocks because: “rulz”. We’re permitted to ‘have fun’ by watching our ‘betters’ performing their Punch-and-Judy show as presented in the MSM. Like little kids we’re supposed to gawp and applaud.

Also like the illiterate serfs in the Middle Ages we only need to look at the pictures on our smartphones ‘for information’. We don’t need to read any longer. Knowing how to read and write is unnecessary. In the Middle Ages serfs were taught the Bible by wall paintings in their churches. For us modern serfs the moving pictures, the smartphone videos, are the equivalent to those wall paintings.

In  medieval times, reading was for the clergy and for some of the aristocracy. Today it’s for mandarins and some MSM ‘writers’ and MPs. Nowadays, apps transform spoken words into text when text is needed, so us ignorant plebs don’t even need to actually write. People kept in total ignorance are more fearful and more likely to obey ‘the rulers’. If this doesn’t sound very familiar then I recommend remembering how we were forced to live during the covid years.

Perhaps we neofeudal serfs ought to go ‘on strike’ as well, no longer playing with the bullying kids a.k.a. ‘government’. A posh expression for that is ‘civic disobedience’. It’s the only defence left to us because clearly, voting doesn’t work when or representatives turn against us.


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