This famous sculpture shows nicely what Brussels has been and is still doing to us!


I must have a heart of stone. I didn’t weep when I saw this morning’s headlines in the print MSM which all lead with BJ’s pronouncement: ‘I am deeply sorry for every life lost’. Well, so is everybody, I’m sure, but instead of producing that grief-stricken face now splashed across the front pages, accompanied by the usual “lessons will be learned”, BJ should surely resign if he’s serious. Didn’t he say that he was PM and that he therefore takes full responsibility?

This was perfect shroud-waving, accompanied by the stomach-churning reference to WWI by The SUN where “we will remember them” forms part of the headline. The ‘lessons learned’ will of course not incorporate an investigation into the perfidious game of numbers the authorities have been playing, with even the ONS being coerced into sweeping every death under the ‘covid’ carpet – something that’s been documented in Lockdown Sceptics from the get-go.

Personally, while holding with John Donne’s line that ‘every death diminishes me’, I’m angry – hopping mad – ‘tamping’, as the Welsh say. How can anyone proclaiming to ‘follow the science’ not ask if the actual numbers on which political decisions have been based for nearly a year were correct! I’ll disregard the accompanying tear-jerk comments by the ‘great and good’. These come under ‘they would say that’.

In today’s PMQs I expect the Kneeler to pick up on another ‘statistic’,  namely that ‘Teh Poor’ had died in greater numbers. He might ponder the fact that numerically there are more of ‘Teh Poor’ than of ‘Teh Rich’, thus a greater number of the poor would be expected to succumb. He won’t mention the fact that the private hospitals were taken over by “Our NHS”, thus ‘Teh Rich’ were unable to pay for preferential treatment.

And so to the actually far more vital question of the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine and the EU. This is especially important because the EU head honcho~ette, Ms vdLeyen, told the world at the – virtual – Davos meeting that:

“[…] the EU would press on with the export mechanism that would force companies to ask for permission before vaccines could leave the bloc. In a speech to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Mrs von der Leyen said, “Europe invested billions to help develop the world’s first Covid-19 vaccines to create a truly global common good. Europe is determined to contribute to this global common good but it also means business.” (paywalled link)

Oh how virtuous! She’s now surely going to hand over EU vaccines – which they don’t yet have – to the ‘poor countries’ because the sacred EU cannot possibly indulge in ‘vaccine nationalism’! Then she said:

“And now, the companies must deliver. They must honour their obligations and this is why we will set up a vaccine export to transparency mechanism.” (paywalled link)

Yes – there it is: ‘export controls’. That’s what this is about. The German Health Minister – who is regularly hauled over the covid coals in German papers – let that particular cat out of the bag:

“Jens Spahn, the German health minister, said that EU demands for companies to reveal production and export plans were intended, if necessary, to restrict exports, hinting that UK deliveries could be hit too. He said that companies would have to tell the EU “what is being produced in Europe, what is leaving Europe, where it is leaving Europe for” to ensure “fair distribution”. (link, paywalled)

The EU is trying to hide their total lack of competence by doubling down on this manufactured scandal even as the German government published a denial of the reports in two German papers on the effectiveness of the O/AZ vaccine:

“Germany has denied media reports that it has data suggesting the Oxford vaccine is drastically less effective in older people, blaming an apparent mix-up in the figures. The German health ministry issued a swift denial after two German newspapers claimed Angela Merkel’s government has data that suggests the vaccine is largely ineffective in people aged over 75.” (paywalled link)

The coincidence of such ‘leak’ taking place just as the EU Health Commissioner was demanding O/AZ bosses to explain themselves is astounding in itself. However, the head of AstraZeneca pointed out that production in the UK, thanks to having committed early to that vaccine, had a three-month head start on the EU:

“The UK contract was signed three months before the European vaccine deal. So with the UK we have had an extra three months to fix all the glitches we experienced. As for Europe, we are three months behind in fixing those glitches. Look, the sites that have the lowest productivity in the network are the sites that are supplying Europe. One of the plants with the highest yield is in the UK because it started earlier.” (paywalled link)

There’s more from M Soriot regarding the EU’s attempts to fabricate scandal. He said that:

“[…] his firm had never made a contractual commitment to supply the doses, as Brussels has suggested. Instead, he said the company agreed to make its “best efforts” because the EU wanted to be supplied at more or less the same time as the UK, even though the contract was signed three months later. The best efforts falls short of a contractual commitment, which would weaken the EU’s position were it to attempt to take legal action against AstraZeneca.” (paywalled link)

In addition, there’s the small fact that the EU hasn’t even approved that vaccine yet:

“Emer Cooke, head of the European Medicines Agency, refused to say what authorisation the EMA might give the AstraZeneca vaccine on Friday, but added it was “possible to conclude an authorisation that would focus on a particular age group or it’s possible to conclude for a wider age group”. (paywalled link)

Brussels’ incompetence couldn’t be clearer: expecting a global company to produce vaccines without knowing if they’ll even be approved! It looks more and more like an attempt by Brussels to blame AstraZeneca and by extension the UK for the lack of vaccine doses for which Brussels itself is actually responsible. Jeremy Warner in the DT writes:

“The European Commission’s complaint against AstraZeneca is instructed more by the need to find scapegoats for its own failings as anything else. It also seems in some way to have been conflated with the ongoing sense of grievance over Brexit, and the UK decision to go it alone on vaccination strategy, rather than join the collective European effort. Allegations that AZ is deliberately prioritising UK and US markets are essentially just sour grapes.” (paywalled link)

Jeremy Warner then doubles down as well, with points regarding AstraZeneca – points the EU surely must’ve known, namely that AstraZeneca is a global company, Swedish as much as British, that it has set up local production sites around the globe as fast as possible, and that therefore:

“The idea that it would deliberately favour one country over another is preposterous. Around 1bn of the 3bn doses the company plans to supply globally this year are to be produced by the Serum Institute in Pune, near Mumbai. Virtually all this production will serve India and other developing markets. These are not the characteristics of a company that prioritises the UK and other favoured Western markets over the EU and the developing world.” (paywalled link)

Indeed so! Moreover, this Brussels scandal seems also about trying to restrict export of the Pfizer vaccine to the UK – doses which are contracted for – in order to hide their abysmal incompetence due to the interference by Brussels into allocating vaccines across the EU, top down, socialist fashion. In the DT Ambrose Evans-Pritchard warns:

“What we do know is that the EU is preparing to activate political force majeure allowing it – in extremis – to restrict exports of the Pfizer vaccine and potentially to restrict supply-chain components of the AstraZeneca vaccines manufactured in the UK itself. Might we wake up to find that the UK is subject to a de facto blockade of critical medical components in the middle of a pandemic? It is not out of the question. Politics have come a long way since Wuhan.” (paywalled link)

There’s nothing about this in today’s Lockdown Sceptics Newsletter nor in facts4eu, but Sir John Redwood in this mornings’ Diary observes briefly and to the point that:

“The EU then threatens to interrupt exports contracted by customers outside the EU as punishment for difficulties in supplying sufficient vaccine under another contract.” (link)

I’ll leave you with a trenchant refutation of the WHO’s and other global virtue signallers’ claims that ‘Teh West’ must share the vaccines and give them to the world’s ‘poor nations’. It’s again Jeremy Warner in the DT, remarking:

“By implying some sort of Western attempt to use its wealth to queue jump, the WHO is tilting at windmills. There would be no vaccine salvation at all without Western know-how and wealth. Nor even is it remotely true, as suggested in a new WHO study, that Western economic recovery will be dramatically slowed unless vaccines are shared equally with the developing world. The sooner Western economies get back to normal, the sooner there will be prosperous markets for the developing world once more to sell to.” (paywalled link)

Ah, but that would be applying economic, common sense to political propaganda coming from the WHO and their willing supporters in the West! Warner concludes his opinion piece thus:

“National governments are duty bound to seek protection for their own citizens first. That’s the whole basis of social contract. By doing so, they also better serve the purpose of global protection.” (paywalled link)

Amen to that! As BJ is ‘grief stricken’ but not willing to draw the consequence from his ‘I’m responsible’ statement, never mind sacking that other man who is even more responsible, a certain Matt H., I leave you with this Brexit meme created by Dr John Hart who gave us so many memes during the EU Referendum Battle:





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[Ed: we’ve had news from Debbie. She is still in hospital and will undergo an operation on her back, either today or tomorrow. Our thoughts are with her, with our best wishes!]

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