BJ says our future will be green. “We” will be made to comply – or else!


It’s happening. As many of us have been saying: after Covid comes the Green Blob. From his non-covid ‘personal quarantine’ BJ has done as he said he would and announced his ‘Green Plan’, starting with the ban on the sale of all petrol and diesel cars from 2030. Other green blob projects will surely follow, such as making it illegal not to install a smart meter in one’s home or such as replacing the gas boilers in our homes with extra-green CO2 saving models.  

This announcement is important not only because of the implications for the future of our country. It’s important because BJ has clearly won his premiership under false premises – we voted for him because of Brexit, not because of Greenery. There is a Green Party after all … We can surely say that BJ was the Trojan Horse for the Green Blob.

It’s especially important because we’ve already seen how the covid measures, restricting our freedom for the sake of ‘saving lives’, ahem: saving ‘Our Holy Cow’, have been implemented without parliamentary scrutiny, how certain parties already demand ‘anti-vaxxer laws’ to stifle public debate. What can be used because: “Covid!!!” can easily be used for implementing green blobbery. 

Looking at BJ’s ‘green policies’ it’s easy to connect the dots. After all, if ‘saving lives’ by ‘exterminating covid’ is heroic, then it’s surely super-heroic to ‘save the planet’! “We” will surely be happy to comply! After all, “we” have let ourselves be sheepified (apologies to the woolly, four-legged variety!), wearing face nappies because ‘it saves lives!’, so we’ll surely do ‘our bit’ and will comply, for example when laws force us to install a smart meter:

“Electricity users will need to be re-educated to show ‘responsibility’, it seems, and to submit to ‘demand side control’ in future. So the power provider may decide when, or which, items of plug-in electrical equipment can or cannot be used in your local area at any given time, or vary its charges, as already happens in some contracts. The idea of having adequate resources of electricity generation is no longer put forward as the desired standard. Into this new set-up they want to bring millions of electric vehicles and abolish domestic gas heating systems, straining credibility.” (link)

See – that ‘Nudge Unit’ cannot be abolished, they have more work to do, nudging us into accepting poverty – not just fuel poverty but actual poverty. If you haven’t read Sir John Redwood’s fine Diary entry yesterday then please do so. His conclusion is important:

“It will be more difficult for the UK to enjoy an industrial revival without cheaper power or without plenty of capacity and no interruptions to supply.” (link)

Indeed – but that isn’t really ‘green’, is it! I wonder if BJ and his green blob advisers, if the ‘Read Wall Breaking Tories’ who welcome BJ’s greenery because it must mean jobs for their constituencies (link) have thought about the connection between jobs in industries, even ‘green’ industries, and cheap, uninterrupted energy supply.

Moreover, have they thought about how the lives of their constituents will be affected when smart meters interrupt their electricity supply, perhaps during the day when industry needs lots of electricity to work? It’s not just the elderly who will suffer – what about that modern icon, the ‘mother with small children’? Washing kid’s clothes, keeping the house warm for them: can’t be done, we must save the planet and interrupt your electricity supply!

I’ll just mention in passing that such interruptions will affect all of us who are using the internet in their homes. Silencing us, silencing the podcasters and video makers who criticise government: what a lovely consequence, surely unintended? 

Never mind that – those mothers will be at work, their children will be in a creche or in schools, the elderly will all be in ‘care homes’ – and those places will be warm, no electricity needed for households. No cooking needed – everybody can get hot meals delivered to their doors. Forget about ‘cooking from scratch’ and all those modern, eco-friendly lifestyles the Westminster middle class wimmin have been writing about. Perhaps they’d love to wash all their clothes by hand, in a tub, as their grannies and great-grannies did? So eco-friendly!

The Times, who proudly claims to be the instigator of BJ’s greenery thanks to their campaign for ‘clean air’, has some details of the points BJ will make:

“Mr Johnson’s ten-point plan includes:  –  Confirmation of £1.3 billion for new charging points for electric vehicles and £582 million in grants to make them more affordable. –  Investment of £500 million to develop mass-scale electric batteries. –  An additional £1 billion to make homes and businesses more efficient, including another year’s subsidies for domestic energy improvements. – Another £525 million to develop new large and small-scale nuclear power stations. – Up to £500 million to test hydrogen cooking and heating in homes as a less polluting alternative to gas.” (link, paywalled)

If that isn’t enough, here are more green blobbery projects BJ proposes, with The Times including some ‘reality checks’:

“The government has pledged to install 600,000 heat pumps a year by 2028 as part of plans to make homes, schools and hospitals greener. Ministers want gas boilers replaced by electric heat pumps, which extract heat from the ground or air surrounding a building. However, they are expensive and poor quality installations have undermined consumer confidence.” (link, paywalled)

You don’t say! Never mind that such heat pumps are also very noisy: put up with it, to ‘Save the Planet’. Don’t ask where, how or with what those heat pumps are going to be built  … we’ve got the money! Here’s more:

“Ministers have already committed £2 billion for cycling and walking as an alternative to the car. A blueprint published in the summer promised thousands of miles of new cycle lanes and the closure of roads to cars to prevent “rat-running”. On public transport, money has been allocated for electric and hydrogen buses, with at least one town or city getting a fully electric fleet by 2025.” (link, paywalled)

We’ve all noticed how local councils tried to implement this thanks to the ‘covid money’ given them by Rishi, and never mind the outcry of the local people. Some of it has been ‘built back’, a scant consolation. Once people have been nudged and got used to this ‘new normal’, things will be fine, trust BjJand his green blob adviser!

I’ll not even mention the money which is going to be spent on pie-in-the sky projects such as developing ‘zero-emission’ jet engines, or using hydrogen to replace gas in household boilers. 

Everything will be fine, absolutely fine, because “we will have wind power”! BJ has said so already and returns to his idea that “we” will become the ‘Saudi Arabia of wind power’, so it will surely have to happen:

“The plan reiterates the government’s commitment that Britain would produce more than enough electricity from offshore wind to power every home in the country by 2030. That will entail a huge expansion. The government has said that it will award subsidy contracts next year to support the next wave of offshore wind projects.” (link, paywalled)

Never mind our crashed economy thanks to covid, never mind the billions to be spent on vaccines and ‘moar NHS’! Never mind that nobody seems to care that any money in addition to covid measures will also have to come out of our wallets. Nobody knows – certainly BJ doesn’t – of where the material for all those lovely green projects is going to come from – China? – or how and where “we” are going to build factories for those green blob projects.  

However – rejoice: there will be trees – the final nail in the green blobbery coffin, showing how ‘ideas’ can take off when nobody has to care about the realities ‘on the ground’:

“The government has a target of planting 30,000 hectares of woodland a year, which it believes could help tackle unemployment. The Conservative manifesto pledged to increase tree planting to hit the target by 2025 but the government has struggled so far. Just over 13,000 hectares of trees were planted in the year to the end of March, a similar level to the previous year.” (link, paywalled)

Where will those trees be planted? Next to the already existing wind turbines, perhaps? Has anyone in the departments involved, from BJ down, actually got a clue about what our country outside the M15 looks like ‘for real’? Have they heard of the geography and indeed geology of our Isles? Do they want to plant trees in the Peak district, perchance? 

Obviously, a combination of ‘long covid’ and ‘green blobbery’ does real damage intellectual capacities. Even more obviously, living inside the M25 and only travelling to far-flung destinations means the Westminster Cabal, infected by the green blob, doesn’t have a clue. Economic realities are trumped by green pipe dreams. 

“We” the peasants will do as we’re told – our Lockdown Compliance has shown this. And of course “we” peasants will have to pay up: taxes, higher energy prices, costs for installing those lovely new toys … and don’t think you can go back to the Middle Ages and have open fires or, more modern, stoves. Burning stuff pollutes! It’s forbidden! Burning candles produces CO2! So don’t even dare to think about doing that!

Strangely enough, I’m reminded of the ‘Ancient Regime’ in France, right before the revolution in 1789. Only this time it’s not a Marie Antionette  – sorry, Carrie, you’re not even close to being in her class – but the whole Court, the green-infested Westminster Cabal, who asks us why we can’t eat cake … 




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