The latest MSM Theatre Production: Death in Afghanistan


Well, that didn’t take long: Biden told the G7 there would be no extension to the evacuation, that flights would stop on the 31st of August – and that was that. Some of our MSM editors have already had a stab at making this into another ‘Boris-Fail’ while others have suddenly and miraculously taken the knee to the US President. 

The strange thing is that our MSM have been exceedingly coy to report on the meeting between the Director of the CIA with the leader of the Taliban. That meeting took place on the Monday just past. It’s all over the US MSM, but not here. This is what happened:

“CIA Director William J. Burns had a secret meeting with Taliban leader Abdul Ghani Baradar Monday in Kabul. The former deputy secretary of state was sent to attend the clandestine rendezvous by President Biden amid the chaotic circumstances surrounding the U.S. evacuation from Afghanistan following the Taliban’s takeover. Anonymous U.S. officials familiar with the matter confirmed the development to the Washington Post, but could not disclose any details of the classified meeting.” (link)

Funny – usually our MSM are so very eager to copy from US papers. They must have known. So why has there been just one article in the Independent so far? The quote above is taken from a report I received in an email newsletter last evening. Again: why are our MSM keeping us in the dark?

Is it to keep up the illusion they are trying to sell us, namely that somehow, notwithstanding Biden here – Taliban there, our government should have been ‘doing something’, like standing up to either? The purveyors of that illusion are of course the same people – Remainers all –  who have been castigating us for years about wanting to Leave because we still dreamt of the Empire.

Now it is they themselves who are providing this illusion in order to lambast the BJ government. Not that he doesn’t need lambasting, especially since he seems to believe in that illusion so kindly prepared by our MSM! Firstly though, here’s Biden telling the G7 what’s what:

“Speaking at a press conference on Tuesday night, Mr Biden said: “I’m mindful of the increasing risk I’ve been briefed on and the need to factor those risks in. They’re real… starting with the acute and growing risk of an attack by a terrorist group known as ISIS-K, an ISIS affiliate which is a sworn enemy of the Taliban. Every day we’re on the ground is another day ISIS-K is seeking to target the airport.” Mr Biden added: “I’ve asked the Pentagon and State Department for contingency plans to adjust the [withdrawal] timeline if that becomes necessary.” (paywalled link)

So the G7 have been shown to be a toothless tiger. BJ’s blustering – aided and abetted by our MSM, don’t forget – looks more like someone whistling in the dark. Note well that nowhere is anyone mentioning the EU … surely that’s strange? Here’s the DT reporting on BJ’s press conference:

“The Prime Minister could have been a parent reading an ultimatum to a wayward teenager. If the Taliban want the dignity of G7 recognition, or the benefit of its financial support, it will have to behave. The “number one condition”, said Boris Johnson, is “to guarantee… through August 31 and beyond, a safe passage for those who want to come out”. There were other demands. The Taliban must guarantee girls’ education, not turn Afghanistan into a narco-state, and not allow terrorist groups to take refuge there. Otherwise there would be consequences.” (paywalled link)

Oh dear. And while the broadsheets are politely not talking about real money, the DM writes that BJ is offering money to the Taliban – their own money, that is: “G7’s cash offer to Taliban: Prime Minister promises to unlock hundreds of millions if new Afghan regime will agree to list of demands” (link). BJ is doing this because he and the rest of the G7 still seem to regard this club as a ‘real power’:

“The G7 had “very considerable leverage – economic, diplomatic and political” at its disposal, including withholding substantial funds from the Taliban, Mr Johnson said.” (paywalled link)

Let me observe in passing, highly heretically, that in former times this used to be the G8, before they kicked out Russia because of Putin’s ‘invasion’ of the Crimea. China has never been a member. It bears pondering if a G8 might have had more influence given the good relations Russia now has with the Taliban regime. But that’s a speculation for an idle moment.

Meanwhile we read that the Taliban is not only not budging from the red line that is August 31st but are now tightening the screws:

“Zabihullah Mujahid, the [Taliban’s] spokesman, told a press conference that only foreigners would be allowed to reach the airport for evacuation flights, blaming chaos there for the decision. “The road to Kabul airport is closed for locals and open to foreigners,” Mujahid said. “We are not going to allow Afghans to leave. And we will not extend the deadline.” (link, paywalled)

Does BJ and the rest of the G7 really believe that the Taliban will cave in for cash? How delusional! The Taliban spokesman was quite clear:

“We will not extend the deadline. It is their plan, the American plan, this was already not according to the agreement,” Mujahid said. “They have the opportunity, they have all the resources. They can take all of the people that belong to them.” (link, paywalled)

Are our leaders so inept, are our political analysts so inept that they don’t see or won’t see that the CIA and the Taliban – who know each other of course from the time of the Soviet occupation – have worked out between them what is going to happen? Do they not understand that all their posturing is akin to kids playing at Cowboys and Indians while the grown-ups do the real work? Of course the content of this meeting between the CIA boss and the Taliban leader is secret, but if you think that Biden wasn’t given his marching orders then I have an eight-legged donkey I can sell you.

Meanwhile the distressing images from Kabul airport will continue while the rest of the world understands that the G7 are paper tigers who will carry the blame for anything that happens now. 

I leave you with another conundrum. There’s a huge airport north of Kabul, Bagram Airfield. This was run by the USA, but they left it in secret during the night of July 21st without informing anyone (link). Why? Was it another secret deal between the USA/CIA and the Taliban? Don’t expect an answer from our leaders or the MSM! 

Why are our MSM so keen on painting pictures which are devoid of any connection with reality? Don’t forget: the vast majority of our fellow Brits still rely on the MSM and believe what they’re being told. So it’s important to ask such questions and it’s even more important to understand that we’re watching a giant theatre production. We don’t know the puppet masters as of yet. We ought to realise though that what we’re seeing, what we’re being told, is being used to prepare us for worse to come – and not just in Kabul.




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