“We” trust him, don’t we!


As expected, the tiers-supporters won. Oh, there are some crumbs of comfort but there are hyperbolic headlines as well and there’s poor Mr Hancock to whom we must extend our sympathy. There are a couple of interesting little aspects to yesterday’s vote though which are somewhat disquieting. 

First – a look at the voting. The Ayes had it with 290. There were 78 Noes and 278 abstentions. Even someone with no knowledge of ‘Higher Maths’ can see that this Tiers system did not have the support of the majority of MPs. It is astonishing that the various opinion writers in the MSM seem to accept abstentions in such an important vote for the whole nation as a ‘natural’ fact of playing politics.

Fence-sitting has become the default attitude of Labour. How that can be described as ‘Opposition’ is inexplicable. Here’s a delicious little extra: Mr Corbyn – who had the whip withdrawn by Starmer – voted ‘No’. Not that it matters now. As for those Tory ‘rebels’ … well, weren’t there to be ‘about 100’ before the vote, or at least 78? And what did this ‘rebellion’ amount to in the end? 55! Gasp! How … rebellious! You can find a list of the names of those who voted No here

BJ seems to have mounted a huge, last-ditch campaign to convince wavering MPs that they must vote for this Tiers plan. Hancock’s shroud-waving in the HoC did the rest. His step-grandfather died ‘of covid’, he told the peacocks, choking back tears, saying that “we” must: “stick to Boris Johnson’s new Covid-19 tier system” because otherwise covid will get out of control, ‘Our NHS’ will become overwhelmed and “people will die” (link). Our MSM haven’t so far dug out how old Hancock’s step-gramps was, nor will we ever find out if he had comorbidities because that’s ‘private’.

To make quite certain that we’ll stay scared to death there’s a timely article in  this morning’s The Times. It’s about ‘the coronavirus death toll’ and they describe how these deaths are calculated:

“The coronavirus death toll passed 75,000 yesterday with the release of figures from the Office for National Statistics. The total is higher than the government’s official figure of 59,051, which counts only those who die within 28 days of a positive test. The latest data from the ONS, which records any death with Covid-19 on the death certificate, regardless of whether they tested positive for the virus, showed 2,697 such deaths registered in England and Wales in the week ending November 20.” (link, paywalled)

Remember that the ONS can only show the data they receive from the NHS. Thus scare numbers are achieved if the ‘guidance’ given to the various hospitals is to count everyone with ‘covid’ on their death certificate as ‘died from covid’, test or not. The covid government needs these numbers to keep us frightened and compliant. It’s apparently irrelevant that any proper scientific evaluation, any proper statistical analysis becomes impossible. If tests can now be disregarded – why not count everyone who died while also having a common cold as having died of ‘a corona virus’ as well? 

Now to the ‘crumbs of comfort’. “We” will be permitted to visit our grannies and gramps in care homes – provided we have tested covid-negative. Isn’t that nice! However, if we rush to get that test but are told  we’re covid positive – it’s quarantine for us. Moreover, by getting tested we’ll contribute to the scare numbers the covid government relies on to keep us under lock and key.

The other ‘crumb of comfort’ is the announcement that there won’t be a ‘vaccine passport’ to allow us to go to pubs or shops. However, vaccination data will be kept on GPs files. Lo and behold, the covid authorities have already been working on this, only it hasn’t been reported in the covid MSM until now:

“The minutes of a meeting of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation in August say, however, that regulators are demanding that “patient-level data” be recorded in any vaccination programme as part of efforts to monitor its effectiveness. “This would require links to primary care electronic healthcare records,” the minutes state. They add that the NHS and Department of Health were working on a system to “call patients for vaccination and ensure that administration was adequately captured”. (link, paywalled)

No, nobody will need to have a ‘covid vaccination passport’ –  but that’s only because they’ve not yet worked out how best to do it. Rest assured, they will, and rest assured that the following will be used as the next cosh with which to clobber us:

“Julian Savulescu, co-director of the Wellcome Centre for Ethics and Humanities at Oxford University, said: “It is unethical not to offer immunity passports. The sole ground for restricting liberty in a liberal society is when a person represents a threat to others. If immunity reduces transmission, those with immunity represent no threat to others. It is outrageous that their liberty is being infringed.” (link, paywalled)

‘Get vaccinated if you want your liberty back’ – and if you don’t do it, you’re depriving others of their liberties, just as being a muzzle-refusenik means you’re bent on killing everybody in sight. There’s more on vaccines and vaccinations. For example, some GPs are already up in arms because BAME people are not on the covid government’s priority list:

“Family doctors have demanded to know why people from ethnic minorities will not get priority for a coronavirus vaccine. GPs are unconvinced by the government’s argument that the extra risk to such communities can be explained by pre-existing illnesses and are demanding that ministers justify their exclusion from a priority list drawn up by the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI). This is largely based on age, with people with certain illnesses also getting jabs ahead of others.” (link, paywalled)

Obviously, the JCVI must be a bunch of heartless racists! Perhaps their ancestors were former slavers and colonialists? I’m sure the woke-industry will find out! Then there are the first wails about incompetence: “we” still haven’t got a single dose of vaccine, reports The Times. Apparently, the small fact that these vaccines haven’t yet received approval doesn’t matter:

“Coronavirus vaccination is unlikely to go much beyond health and care workers this year because the government does not yet have any of the jabs in its possession, officials have admitted. Although approval of the Pfizer jab is expected within days, sources concede that there will be “a lag” of a week or more before vaccination can begin as doses will not be released to the health service until after the regulator comes to a decision.” (link, paywalled)

Odd how our safety is of no concern for the MSM in this rush to ‘get the vaccine out’. These are the same MSM who love Lockdown because it keeps us all ‘safe’. Vaccination is the ‘cornerstone’ to BJ’s tiers system so he can decide when to lift those restrictions. We’re expected to applaud when we read that

“It has been estimated that covering the two million people most at risk would protect the group where 75 per cent of deaths have occurred. This could significantly ease pressure on the NHS within a couple of months.” (link, paywalled)

‘A couple of months’ – now isn’t that interesting! That gets us into February, to the time when BJ has said tiers-restrictions would be revised. If anybody still thinks that BJ’s government is being driven just by the daily covid data we serfs are presented with in the MSM  – they better think again! There is clearly a hidden agreement between government departments to keep this whole thing going for as long as possible.

Furlough extended until March; vaccines rushed out, safe or not; have ‘people most at risk’ covered in two months: that sort-of ‘sunset clause’ allowing Hancock to decide by himself to keep this going well into next year – all just a coincidence?

And then there’s a truly scary report in this morning’s Lockdown Sceptics’ Newsletter. It’s an application by Dr Mike Yeadon and the German Dr Wodarg to the European Medical Agency to suspend covid-vaccine studies because the safety of participants cannot be guaranteed (link). Read the whole thing and ask yourselves: if the safety of those volunteers cannot be guaranteed – what about the safety of us two-legged guinea pigs, especially the elderly who are ‘first in line’, especially when we read that:

“The UK could be the first western country to approve a coronavirus vaccine. The EU’s regulator said yesterday that it would not give any the green light until after Christmas.” (link, paywalled)

I leave you with these questions: why are our elected representatives not representing us? Why is our health irrelevant if we’re ill with anything but covid? Why does BJ aim to turn us into the world’s first nation-wide vaccine trial? Why are the elderly, who were sacrificed at the beginning of this pandemic to ‘protect the NHS’, first in line, as guinea pigs in this field vaccine trial? I’m having quite a few, very ugly thoughts on that.

Finally – why is it reasonable to crash the economy for BJ’s dream to look like Churchill, defeating the virus? Or is he dreaming of being a male version of Mrs Thatcher whose election victory after the Falkland Wars is still remembered by some of us? It’s not unreasonable to suppose so when The Times reported yesterday that, according to ‘senior government sources’ BJ has published “legislation repealing the Fixed-term Parliaments Act (FTPA)” (link, paywalled).

I leave you with the news that people will ‘rush out to shop’ today, according to MSM headlines. Perhaps it’s the last time “we” can do so while we still have some money left in our wallets – and Christmas is coming, after all. Best refrain from looking at the sinister-looking future this covid government is working on. Will we become like China – only without their economic success?





Photo by UK Prime Minister

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