Larry The Cat will definitely ‘Remain’ in No 10


At 11.45am today we expect the announcement of the winner of the BoJo-Hunt campaign, with Mr Boris Johnson expected to be the winner. In the run-up to the handing-over of the keys to No 10, the Brexit wreckers have been busy and we can expect more Brexit betrayers leaving the new Johnson-Ship before it’s even reached deep water. 

Apologies for the maritime allusions – the Iran incident is still in the headlines and this will have repercussions for the new PM’s cabinet. Yesterday the current Foreign Secretary, Mr Jeremy Hunt, ‘unveiled’ a plan in the HoC, namely to create a ‘EU Force’ to protect shipping in the Gulf (here).

I’ve not found any indication of even a hint of support from those EU membership states who have a Navy, nor does the USA seem to be keen to help after Ms May allegedly refused to accept support from US ships in the Gulf. 

Leaving aside the fact that this steaming mess is another indicator for the ineptitude the FO advisors and Mandarins have displayed – surely there ought to have been contingency plans anyway? – this has made abundantly clear that the Remainers, in their zeal to stop Brexit, have had no care at all for the actual welfare of our nation.

There is one oddity which deserves to be mentioned: I seem to remember that we have something called a ‘Ministry of Defence’, led by Ms Penny Mordaunt MP. I seem to remember that this Ministry deals with the Armed Forces – correct me if I’m wrong – and that the Royal Navy is part of that force.

Surely we ought to have had more statements from Ms Mordaunt than the one that HMS Montrose was ‘only an hour’ away? The reason for this silence couldn’t possibly be that she is making no waves in order to keep her job? After all, Mr Hunt allegedly will be sacked tomorrow unless he has managed to come close to Johnson in the vote count (here). 

In a most unedifying spectacle Hunt’s deputy, Sir Alan Duncan, resigned yesterday from his job in the Foreign Office. Our beloved MSM were onto this like veritable hawks, especially since Sir Alan first wanted to have his resignation letter read as speech in the HoC yesterday and then submitted a ‘Motion of No Confidence’ in Johnson for debate today, when Johnson hadn’t even been installed as PM. The Speaker Mr Bercow wisely rejected both attempts. 

While the MSM were heaving with Sir Alan Duncan’s bile poured over Johnson – “I was Johnson’s poop scooper in the FO”, he allegedly said – nobody asked how well he did his job in regard to supporting Mr Hunt during his absence in that leadership campaign.

Moreover, the MSM did not ask how come that such a ‘patriotic Remainer’ is leaving his post while the government is reeling under the Iran crisis, or what he did to prevent this from happening in the first place. It’s as if Remainers have the special protection of the MSM, their work never to be questioned.

Here’s a letter in the DT which sums it up nicely:

“Sir – Sir Alan Duncan is leaving the Foreign Office because of his dislike of Boris Johnson, but it would have been more to his credit at this time of crisis if he had remained in his post to assist Mr Hunt in negotiations with Iran. A lot of MPs are motivated more by their own pride than that of their country. – Colin Eldred” (paywalled link)

I couldn’t agree more! Moreover, this is true for all those Ministers, from Phil Hammond down, who quit their job because they ‘can’t work under Johnson’ but were happy to serve under May as long as she damaged Brexit, helped and supervised by the EU.

There’s a fascinating report in The Express this morning on the state of the Civil Service. Remember that these are all ‘impartial’, and do their work no matter what, regardless of the political Party their minister belongs to. Or so they keep telling us … This is what’s been going on:

“Civil servants have been listlessly “playing games of fantasy politics” and pulling a record amount of “sickies” amid the turmoil surrounding a new leader in No 10 and Brexit wrangling for the Halloween deadline, claimed a Westminster source.” (link)

Far more important though is the next quote which shows clearly that not just the Foreign Office but probably all of Whitehall needs a total clear-out, a reminder for whom they work, a reminder of adhering to their alleged ‘work ethics’:

“Large parts of the Whitehall machine are systematically working against leaving the EU the civil servant has claimed. The source has claimed that the atmosphere at the Foreign Office is renown for it’s “anti-Brexit bias”. The civil servant recalled a conversation with a senior member of staff at the Foreign Office who told him she was ashamed when Boris Johnson was appointed Foreign Secretary as he is so “typically British”.” (link)

It is astonishing that Johnson got anything done at all as Foreign Secretary, given the obvious hostility in his department, from Sir Alan Duncan down to that civil servant. 

Is this the reason for the Brexit wreckage? And is this perhaps the reason for the Iran debacle? After all Mr Hunt doesn’t look any less British than Mr Johnson. I do not believe for a minute that this attitude of ‘shame for looking British’ isn’t shared across the FO and perhaps even Whitehall.

One wonders if Sir Mark Sedwill was and is aware of this attitude. If so, what has he done to correct it? Nothing?

In ‘other news’, there was another leadership campaign, that for replacing Sir Vince Cable as leader of the LibDems. The result is all over the news: the winner is Ms Jo Swinson MP. According to RemainCentral (paywalled), she vowed to scupper Brexit (see also here).

Were some of the Tory Arch Remainers electing to join her Party of 12 MPs, thus depriving Johnson of a majority, that might well happen. After all, the LibDems have never wavered in their Remain attitude, unlike Labour, so might do very well in a forthcoming GE.

In her acceptance speech she verily nailed her colours to the mast, in a very modern feminist way. RemainCentral has published that under this headline: “When Farage and Johnson offer only hate, we should give people hope” (link, paywalled).

I had to read the whole thing, trying to find anything about how “Farage offers only hate” – and found nothing except a repeat of this assertion. She clobbered Johnson with “The Bus!!!!”, and that was all she had to say about it:

Because when all that Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson can offer is hate, we should give people hope.” (link, paywalled)

She was equally short on telling us what ‘hope’ she hopes the LibDems can offer, except scuppering Brexit:

“We believe the UK’s best future is as a member of the EU, and that’s why, as the new leader of the Liberal Democrats, I will do whatever it takes to stop Brexit. We champion freedom, but Brexit will mean the next generation is less free to live, work and love across Europe.” (link, paywalled)

That is what a ‘young, fresh, feminine’ politician brings to the Brexit debate! It’s Twitter politics writ large: assertions but no facts, and a blatant disregard of 17,4 million voters.

Meanwhile we’ll watch for the announcement. At the same time we’ll watch for more Remain Rats leaving the allegedly sinking Tory Government ship. After all, it’s Ego before Party before Country!

Crossing the floor is without danger because, as the TIGs (remember them?) have shown, doing the honourable thing and calling for a by election is unfashionable. Can’t have the plebs keep on voting unless it’s in a “People’s Vote” to Remain, can we!

While the Brexit wreckers believe they can still avert Brexit with their shenanigans, we are watching with interest how they are coming out of hiding.

By their desperate attempts to wreck not just the Johnson Premiership but Brexit altogether they are driving straight to the cliff of a GE. After that, the new HoC will most certainly not be the same …






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