Democratic desert?

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The peace of Easter Sunday yesterday, the holiest of days for Christians across the world, was rudely and bloodily shattered in Sri Lanka by the atrocious attacks on churches and hotels. More on that below.

Here at home, there weren’t any ‘Brexit News’: all those ‘sources’, those ‘EU diplomats’ and ‘EU administrators’, those ‘cabinet sources’, always leaking so busily, have gone home to their families as well as our MPs.

One news item in this ‘news desert’ however has been picked up by our MSM: British Human Aid NGOs haven’t received monetary support from Brussels – see the report in The Times (paywalled, here) and in the DM (here):

“[Penny Mordaunt] revealed British aid firms have had to wind up life-saving schemes in Somalia and Yemen because the intransigent EU has refused to fund them. Others have been told to transfer projects which they have been running for years to European bodies. In a letter to the EU commissioner for humanitarian aid, Christos Stylianides, Miss Mordaunt reminded Brussels the UK is now set to remain a member of the EU until the end of October.”

One wonders if other UK organisations working in concert with the EU have also had their EU money denied. Of course, they might say that it’s just an admin error – after all, we were supposed to have been Out already, weren’t we …

Then there are the rumblings inside the Tory Party. Allegedly, Ms May’s “departure” might be “weeks away” (a bit late, one would’ve thought …):

“A vote on Theresa May’s future among the party’s grassroots supporters which could hasten her departure from office is just weeks away after enough local party chairmen signed a petition supporting it. The National Conservative Convention, which represents Tory volunteers, now has a duty under the party’s constitution to call an “extraordinary general meeting” to allow a no confidence vote in Mrs May to be held. Any vote would be unprecedented and would put pressure on Conservative MPs to change the leadership rules and allow them to hold an early vote on Mrs May’s future which could see her being forcibly removed from office. […] MPs on the executive of the 1922 committee of backbench Tory MPs are meeting on Tuesday to discuss an early vote, rather than waiting until December as they have to under current rules.” (paywalled link)

There are ‘rebels’ on the Tory Remain side as well though. Tory Party donors are now going to donate to MPs rather than to Tory Central Office:

“[Party donors] have called for MPs to back Mrs May as the only leader who can deliver Brexit. […] The warnings come as […] there were claims last week that the party’s top official is having to reach into his own pocket to cover some of the costs of the European elections. Sir Mick Davis, the chief executive and treasurer of the party, has told cabinet ministers that the Brexit impasse and infighting is putting off supporters.” (link, paywalled)

Oh really? Interesting that the Tory Grandees only take notice when it’s a question of money! Moving on:

“Many Conservative MPs believe a crunch moment for Mrs May could come next week if the party performs badly in local elections. […] Local election experts yesterday warned that the Tories were on course to lose 500 council seats on May 2. But the cost could be as high as 1,000 seats if polls showing a collapse in support prove accurate, they said in an article for The Sunday Times.” (link, paywalled)

Ah – those local elections … finally entering the field of vision of the MSM! This scandal however – and it is one, indicating how democracy is being killed off at the grassroots level – has only been mentioned in passing:

“New research by the Electoral Reform Society ahead of next month’s vote shows 300 council seats in England have been guaranteed for one party or individual before a single ballot has been cast, weeks before the May 2nd polling day. […] Nearly 150 councillors will win their seats without a single vote being cast, because candidates are running totally uncontested. They’ve already ‘won’. Around 270,000 potential voters in these ‘democracy deserts’ will be denied their democratic right of expressing a preference about who will represent them locally.” (source)

Given the Remain HoC, it seems we’re living an a ‘democratic desert’ anyway. The MSM however are only really interested in the EU elections because: Brexit Party! Nigel Farage! How exciting!

Labour’s Tom Watson, who fancies himself as a contender in a possible Labour leadership fight, has now come out on the side of those who demand a 2nd Referendum – like that Mr T.Blair …:

“Mr Watson said: ‘Labour won’t defeat Farage by being mealy-mouthed and sounding as if we half agree with him. We won’t beat him unless we can inspire the millions crying out for a different direction. We won’t win if we sit on the fence about the most crucial issue that has faced our country for a generation. Now that we know a bit more about what Brexit means, the very least that Leavers and Remainers deserve is a final say – a confirmatory referendum – on any deal.’ (link)

Note how, for Labour, Brexit is now only and exclusively about defeating not just the Tories but also Nigel Farage. It’s about their beloved political games – the EU’s intransigence, the fate of our Nation and our democracy: irrelevant!

Now allow me that brief excursion from Brexit: the atrocity which took place yesterday in Sri Lanka. You’ve seen the headlines, the photos, the number of dead and wounded.

There are two things, in addition to this crime ,which made my blood boil. One is the mealy-mouthedness in our MSM, where reporters and opinion writers simply could and cannot bring themselves to put the blame where it belongs: on islamic terrorists.

They more or less openly tried to insinuate that this could have been a return of the civil war – Tamil Tigers – or perhaps, given that Sri Lanka is mainly Buddhist, some fanatical buddhist group …That there was a warning received by the police, that the atrocities were committed by suicide bombers: that is shamefacedly hidden in subordinate clauses.

The other item is a report in The Times, and I quote:

“A sense of “post-colonial guilt” and a belief that Christianity is the religion of the rich and powerful have held Britain back from supporting persecuted Christians around the globe, according to the bishop leading a government review into their plight. […] Speaking before the attacks in Sri Lanka, Bishop Mounstephen told The Times that Britain had “something of a blind spot to the persecution of Christians”. The Foreign Office has conceded: “The UK’s foreign policy response has not always reflected the suffering of persecuted Christians.” (link, paywalled)

But wait – haven’t we been told for decades that everything is our fault because of our ‘colonialism’? And now the persecution of Christians across the globe is also our fault because we’ve accepted that burden of guilt? Oh my … words fail me!

Do enjoy this Bank Holiday and relax – it’s the last breathing space before the coming turmoil of the next weeks which will demand all our strength.




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