This is gold – really! Just believe LibLabCon!


One issue only occupies the MSM this morning, and it is, surprise surprise, Labour’s Manifesto. Sorry – Prince Andrew is the other ‘big issue’, but we’ll not waste our time and space on that. As expected, Labour wants our money to spend on all of us, especially on all those who haven’t contributed a groat, either because they’re still young or because they’re on bennies, regardless of their being immigrants, illegal or not, or Brits born and bred.

On Brexit, as expected, there’s only the promise of doing ‘a better deal’ in three months, with a 2nd referendum whipped through in six months. And lo and behold, here’s the Irish tail trying to wag the British Election dog. It’s another fine example of click-bait –  read the whole thing if you feel like it:

“The European Union would sit down with Jeremy Corbyn to renegotiate a soft Brexit if the Labour Party delivers a shock general election victory, Leo Varadkar has said.” (link)

Isn’t that nice of them! It’s even more lovely when you see what sums Labour is going to rob from us ordinary people – here’s a non-paywalled report – while the Yellows propose to raise £50bn simply by Remaining in the EU:

“The centrepiece of the Lib Dems manifesto is its “Remain bonus” which it claims would generate £50 billion – or £14,300 billion a year by 2024/25 – by avoiding the potential economic damage from Brexit” (paywalled link)

Now you know why they want to legalise Cannabis: their ‘financial advisers’ must already be heavy users. As for Labour’s ideas – God help us, especially if you’re old. It’s a manifesto aimed to please the 18-24 cohort who cannot wait to get their hands on granny’s dosh, or what’s left of it once Labour has taken its cut:

Elderly people could be forced to pay up to £100,000 to fund the cost of living in care homes under Labour. […] The Labour manifesto sets out a plan to means-test the elderly and charge them up to £100,000 each.” (paywalled link)

If gramps doesn’t need to go into care and keeps the home then Labour will still get their pound of flesh with their ‘death tax’ :

“Tory inheritance tax cuts – which increased the tax threshold from £325,000 to £475,000 per person – would be reversed.” (paywalled link)

Not that the young Labour voters will realise that their favourite ‘magic grandpa’ is robbing them of what they might expect. They’re blinded by their greed. All this illustrates nicely the financial illiteracy of those who want to govern us. I won’t bore you with the rest of the tax hikes to hit us, be they Labour, LibDem or Tories whose manifesto is still to come, frightening as they are.

I’ll frighten you instead with some actual EU ‘finance’ reports which our friends at ‘facts4eu’ have published. For example:

“In Brussels the three main EU institutions (EU Council, EU Commission, and EU Parliament) finally agreed on the EU’s budget for 2020. This was the EU’s top news item. The EU says that this budget : “will allow the EU to focus its resources on the priorities that matter to citizens. (link)

I cannot but agree wholeheartedly with their observation:

“Apparently the UK funding the EU budget is not a news item. Yesterday and today the BBC has not seen fit to mention that the EU has decided how to spend €169 billion of UK and EU27 citizens’ money next year, […]” (link)

As we surely have learned by now: if it’s not in the BBC it hasn’t happened. Thus the rest of the MSM are also remaining sublimely ignorant. The various MSM analysts don’t even add our wasted EU contribution to their surveys of the Establishment Parties’ proposals for wasting our money. There’s more:

“This is highly relevant for British people because the UK is one of the few EU countries which pays in far more than it gets out. […] It is our assessment that large swathes of voters simply do not realise that ‘getting Brexit done’ by 31 Jan means nothing of the kind. There will be no trade deal, and no sense of anything being “done”. Instead we will continue to pay into the EU, big-time, and will have agreed a massive divorce bill which has no basis in law. We will be subject to every existing and new law and regulation from the EU. The only difference will be that the UK will no longer have any say over any of this.” (link)

Our EU-imposed financial woes don’t stop with this budget. Since this GE is about money and jobs, allegedly, ask the LibLabCon Remainers how Remain will create jobs in the face of these news:

“A long-standing dispute between the USA and the EU over many years of illegal state subsidies to Airbus, principally by the French and German governments, is about to result in massive extra tariffs being imposed on all EU exports of goods and services. This retaliation by the USA has been agreed by the WTO and will cost EU exporters (including those from the UK) $7.5 billion per year. The US plans to levy additional high tariffs on a wide range of goods and services, from Jaguar cars, to Cheddar and Stilton cheeses, to Scotch whisky. These new costs will range from 10-25% on top of existing tariffs, making British goods uncompetitive in the US market and putting UK jobs at serious risk.” (link)

Please read the whole thing! If you’re pressed for time there’s just this one point you have to remember: we, the UK are only represented at the WTO by the EU. Brussels ‘negotiates’ for us – we have no say. It makes one wonder if the reason our Remain lot in the Remain Parliament were so adamant against leaving on WTO rules because there’s no-one in their midst who has any expertise, never mind idea, about how to negotiate. Our wonderful Civil Serpents obviously have none at all. They’ve happily left such hard work to the ever so expert Brussels ‘negotiators’ – for the last 15 years, in this case.

I also wonder if there might be some slight regret in Brussels about having let their ‘hard’ negotiator M Barnier and his equally hard sidekick Ms Weyand negotiate the EU Punishment Deal for Brexit instead of deputising them to take on the WTO, given this WTO decision.

The main conclusion to be drawn from all those news is that we’ll pay … and pay … and pay, regardless for whom we vote. One acerbic comment I came across recently declared that it looks as if none of LibLabCon actually wants to win this election because they would then own the disastrous financial consequences of either BRINO or Remain. That might well be the reason why they are all dazzling us with these piles of money they plan to extricate from our pockets.

I’m reminded of a fable about greed. It tells of a bloke who believes a fairy – or is it a leprechaun? – who assures him that what he sees on the ground is a pile of gold. He picks it up, takes it home, gloats about now being rich. When waking up the next morning he finds that this pile of gold was in reality a pile of bovine excrement. Isn’t that just what these election gifts are? We may well end up like that bloke when we wake up on Friday the 13th of December.

As LibLabCon are trying their utmost, with the help of the MSM, not to speak about the reality of Brexit, we must do it for them, talking to our friends, colleagues, neighbours. Debbie’s article about how to get our message across in the polling booths will be published this weekend. Meanwhile, we’ll




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