Ermine-wearing traitors in action?


The warning shots have been fired: the House of Lords, true Remain to all intents and purposes, is on the warpath and won’t easily accede to the PM’s wish to pass his Bill in time for the deadline of January 31st.

However, if you were to scan the MSM you’ll find that this is insignificant. Is this perhaps because the MSM regard the HoL as unimportant non-entity? Or is it because they are still given to fill their spaces with the Megxit real-life Royal Saga? After all, “Royalty” is of huge interest to us peasants who are too stupid to understand ‘High Politics’, especially those relating to the EU!

Only the DT mentions this HoL Report which leads me to wonder if the ever so formidable “EU and Europe correspondents” in RemainCentral, in the DT and the rest have gone on a prolonged weekend, taking any research assistants with them. If you want to check out that report, it’s easy to find – here’s the link to it.

I’ll get to that report below –  firstly, let’s look at the scattering of Brexit news which show the deep concern the Metro-Elites have. In RemainCental there’s a piece on ‘Erasmus’. The outcry of British Remain Students about losing access to that programme had become somewhat subdued during the last year, but here it is back in full force. Under the title “Brexit: Students face losing EU exchange courses if Erasmus scheme ends” RemainCentral reports:

“Officials in the Treasury and the Department for Education have suggested that Britain’s participation in the Erasmus+ exchange scheme could end this year. At present the £1 billion cost of subsidising British students studying for a year of their course in EU universities is paid for by the European Commission. At the end of the Brexit transition period Britain will have to pay if it still wants to participate in the €16 billion programme. The commission hopes to expand the reach of the project from next year, with the potential to double its budget to €30 billion, and the UK would be expected to contribute.” (link, paywalled)

Can’t argue with numbers, especially when the EU is so generous – with money which we have paid into EU Coffers in the first place. But take note of that last sentence: ‘the UK would be expected to contribute’ – regardless of us having left. The sting is again in the tail:

“Every year about 17,000 UK students participate in Erasmus+ programmes and about double that number of EU nationals come to the UK. Participants get a grant of up to €350 (£300) a month.” (link, paywalled)

So it’s about us British taxpayers supporting EU students coming here rather than for UK students going there, is it? It’s also strange that we never hear about other, non-EU countries accessing ‘Erasmus’ when the EU so helpfully publish them, see here for yourselves.

Why is it that Remain journalists never go to the actual sources, and why do they always think that we cannot do anything without EU governance and EU money – overlooking the small fact that we’re the biggest EU net contributor after Germany! No, they’d rather screech about “Toree Austeritee”.

The other two Brexit News are in The Express, one predictably being about Fisheries

“The EU has warned the UK that blocking their access to British fishing waters would inevitably lead to huge skirmishes between the UK and European fleet.” (link

The EU, before that Johnson Bill has even passed and Trade Talks have started, are already threatening us with a Cod War. Well, the RN may not be as mighty as in the olden days, but I would hazard the guess that neither are any Navies of the other EU member states. Perhaps you might like to check this out – the MSM certainly are incapable of research.

The other EU News, also in The Express, comes from France. It’s delicious:

“France’s EU minister was sceptical and said it [the transition period] could take three times longer. Amelie de Montchalin said EU member states would bide their time even if that risks causing a chaotic no-deal transition at the end of the year. “If Boris Johnson says it must end in 11 months from now and we need 15, 24 or 36 months, the 27 will take their time,” she said.” (link)

I’m flabbergasted: doesn’t this sound as if ‘crashing out over the cliff edge with a No Deal’ is not dangerous for the 27 rump EU member states, only for us? Perhaps, all the Remain Project Fear scenarios notwithstanding, it’s actually not really dangerous at all? The unsurpassed Sir John Redwood has been pointing this out in his various Diary entries for a long time. Perhaps it’s time for the Remain MSM to check out what he has had to say?

But if there’s one thing our MSM don’t do is doing ‘research’. We’ve learned over the past year that and how they copy from each other. We now observe that, with Johnson’s Bill having gone through the HoC, they are not even copying each other about that Report produced by the Lords mentioned above. This is what the DT had to say:

“A House of Lords committee complained that a mechanism for giving MPs and peers a say in approving the negotiating objectives had been taken out of Mr Johnson’s version of the deal. The panel said that while the European Parliament would be able to scrutinise the future trade deal, Westminster politicians would have no such role.” (paywalled link)

Funny how those ‘wise’ Lords seem to believe that the EU Parliament is actually doing any such thing as ‘scrutinising’. As we all know, they just nod through what the unelected Commissioners tel them. But never mind that, here’s more;

A 94-page report by the Lords European Union Committee noted that the previous version of the Bill had “provided a framework” for Parliament to “approve” the UK’s future relationship with Brussels, which had been “omitted” in the re-written text.” Lord Kinnoull, chairman of the committee, said: “The revised EU (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill has significantly weaker arrangements for transparency and democratic oversight. “The lack of any provision in the Bill for the UK Parliament to scrutinise the future relationship negotiations is set in harsh relief compared to the role the European Parliament will play. MEPs will be able to undertake detailed and transparent scrutiny of future EU-UK negotiations while parliamentarians in Westminster will be reduced to passive observers.” (paywalled link)

Oh dear – how sad! I respectfully suggest that this report is in fact a last-ditch attempt by Remainers, especially by the Remain Lords, to keep us shackled to the EU by prolonging the transition period according to the EU and M Barnier’s wishes. There can be no doubt about this when you see this:

“But in a sign of the battles that are expected to start on Monday, the Liberal Democrats – who have 94 peers – promised they would “continue to fight to hold the Government to account”. (paywalled link)

Holding Government to account is one thing – stopping Brexit, as is the avowed aim of the Libdems, is quite another. Someone should ask the Remain Lords if Remaining is really worth the abolition, i.e. “a Reform” of the House of Lords, having been made so cushy for those 800 of them thanks to a certain Mr T. Blair. The millions of voters in the GE just past would certainly be jubilant if the PM keeps that particular promise.

Meanwhile and because I have nothing else to do (warning: that’s irony!), I shall take a closer look at that Report so I can tell you all about it. That’s what’s meant by




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