In July 2015, I was motivated to write my first article for ID (then UKD if I recall correctly) following the capitulation of Obama and his supporting cronies, including our own government, to Iran in respect of its nuclear development programme. Recent events have prompted this update.

The Present Situation

Iran has stated that it will no longer comply with the agreement made in 2015 to slow down the development of uranium enrichment required for its nuclear weapons development programme. I would be surprised if they ever did comply with that agreement; it would be difficult to verify.

Now we see much criticism of Donald Trump for eliminating a man who was a clear and present danger to US troops and allies in Iraq. Perhaps it could have been carried out less overtly, but that would probably have required troops on the ground.  As it was, the attack did avoid Iranian territory which might have met the definition of an act of war. Of course, Iran is now threatening acts of war in retaliation.

The Rules of Islam

Muslims who follow a literalist interpretation are exhorted to lie and cheat in dealings with non-Muslims by passages in the Koran / Hadith1 and to kill non-believers2 and homosexuals3, even stipulating methods of execution. To date, there has been no reformation of those texts with such parts removed; it is a case of all or nothing with severe penalties prescribed for non-compliance.

We may observe daily the apparently peaceful behaviour of most Muslims in our towns but we should be aware of the many attacks on our own people and the Bradford riots as examples of the capabilities of the more extreme adherents. We should also note that collective violence by Muslims in a non-Muslim country is common. Indeed, fighting between the various factions of Islam is not uncommon.

The Enemy Within

The enemy within has many factions, including many of our own people, some supporting Islam and Islamic countries through ignorance, others simply not prepared to believe what is written. Others want peace at any cost yet are ignorant of what that cost might be, either now or in the future.

Those enemies include:

  • Many in our own government / parliament, especially those on the left or claiming to be liberal, particularly Blair and his cronies who instigated mass Muslim immigration for their own ends.
  • Supposedly Christian religious leaders such as Archbishop Welby, the leader of the Church of England
  • Those presiding over criminal courts at all levels who consistently sentence offenders to ridiculously short terms or release them back into society with an effective slap on the wrist.
  • The UN which, through its Agendas 21 and 2030, envisages people of a much-reduced population being crammed into large cities “1984” style.

To them we must add the millions of unreformed Muslim immigrants who, it seems, are largely allowed to do as they please thanks to politicians who either will not acknowledge the issues or have become lazy and left such matters to the equally ineffective EU. Anyone familiar with the Muslim ghettos of the former cotton and woolen towns will be familiar with their disregard for our law and the failures to prosecute them.

It should be of concern to us all that some practicing Muslims may well take the side of other Muslims, of any nationality, against our own. Indeed, they are likely to be ordered to do so by their Imams.


  • It should be clear by now that Iran cannot be allowed to develop and deploy nuclear weapons. The theory of Mutually Assured Destruction cannot be applied to religious zealots.
  • The possibility of rioting in support by our significant Muslim population cannot be discounted.
  • We must always keep in mind the need to preserve our country and sovereignty for our descendants and in a fit state for them to enjoy.

Governments need to decide whether they are willing to face up to this issue now or whether they will procrastinate until the task becomes far more difficult with a greater risk to the population of our own country. Remembrance Day is not long past. At that time and others, I wonder how many lives could have been saved had the government been prepared to destroy Hitler and his cronies when the threat became evident.

An Iran with nuclear weapons will be a far greater threat than Hitler, but it is important that any pre-emptive action be agreed with the other nuclear-capable nations to avoid escalation. It would be surprising if the US and others didn’t have the information necessary to target Iran’s nuclear facilities. I believe the US, in particular, has conventional weapons able to destroy such underground facilities.

On the other hand, the UN Agendas 21/2030 can only work with a huge reduction in world population. What better way to achieve that than a world war?

Let’s hope our politicians come to the right decision…


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