Europe – the continent – is suffering from a heatwave.  ‘Europe’ – the EU, in the form of Messrs Juncker and Tusk – have gone to the G20 Summit in Osaka. Here, the BoJo-Hunt is in full swing. The ‘stop Boris’ crowd is gloating that “the public” now prefers Hunt as PM. Looking at the actual poll (see here, you need to scroll down a bit) that ‘preference’ is based on one percentage point. Ah well, every little helps …

Something else has been happening in our political landscape. It’s instructive to note in passing that our MSM operate in the same old fashion: “if it’s in the Times” it’s true and can be copied and spread as ‘News’. Actually, this piece of news is serious and The Times is right to give it such prominence today.

In the circus that is the May Successor Race many, especially remainers, have apparently forgotten that one of the outcomes of those political games they’ve been playing is a GE, resulting in a Labour government and Mr Corbyn in 10 Downing Street.

Taking a closer look at Mr Corbyn and his entourage is therefore important. You can see the reports copied from The Times here, here and here. However, I’ll take a closer look at the original Times articles because ‘sources’ are involved …:

“Senior civil servants have become increasingly concerned about Jeremy Corbyn’s health and warned that he may be forced to stand down as Labour leader because he is not up to the job “physically or mentally”. The future of Mr Corbyn, 70, was openly discussed at an event attended by mandarins this month amid suggestions that he has become “too frail and is losing his memory”. They say they are increasingly worried about the prospect of him becoming prime minister because he is being “propped up” by his advisers and lacks a firm grasp of both foreign affairs and the domestic agenda.” (link, paywalled)

Leaving aside his health and the general suitability of Mr Corbyn, I find it quite extraordinary that Mandarins are leaking their concerns – it’s not just one, it’s several who spoke to the Times:

“One senior civil servant said: “When does someone say [he] is too ill to carry on as leader of the Labour Party let alone prime minister? There must be senior people in the party who know that he is not functioning on all cylinders.” Another said: “There is a real worry that the Labour leader isn’t up to the job physically or mentally but is being propped up by those around him. There’s growing concern that he’s too frail and is losing his memory. He’s not in charge of his own party.” (link, paywalled)

There’s more and yes, it is worrying:

“When the top 200 civil servants met this month, one subject kept coming up over coffee — not Brexit or the Tory leadership but Jeremy Corbyn’s health. The mandarins are nervous about the prospect of Mr Corbyn in No 10. “It’s not just his command of foreign affairs,” one says. “He needs to have a grasp of the domestic agenda in the 21st century rather than living in the past. His advisers can’t shield him from everything.” (link, paywalled)

How bad must it be for Mandarins to become so concerned? Apparently, there have been rumours and ‘health briefings’ from Labour MPs as well – not that we’ve ever heard or read about them. The spectacle of May and the ‘hardcore [insert ‘Remainer’ or ‘Leaver’ according to your own preference] rebels’ was far more, well, spectacular. Meanwhile, it’s our dear Mandarins who worry about our political leaders, leaking like sieves:

“The civil service is more pragmatic. They want to know the protocol. “When does someone say Jeremy Corbyn is too ill to carry on as leader of the Labour Party let alone prime minister?” says one senior civil servant. “Brexit and the Tory leadership contest have meant the Labour Party hasn’t been scrutinised as much as it should have been. At least Theresa May could understand her briefs, even if she couldn’t control her party.” (link, paywalled)

Oooh – that’s not a nice thing to say, is it! While one paywalled article in the Times is full of anonymous observations from Labour MPs, with added speculation of who might follow him – in other words, gossip – the main article has some more substantial observations:

“The party said that Mr Corbyn was in good health and leads an active life, running and cycling regularly. Concerns are being heightened, however, because of the increasing possibility that Brexit will lead to a general election. Times reporters spoke to dozens of Labour figures including members of the shadow cabinet, finding a culture of bullying and intimidation within the leader’s office. A former cabinet minister told of a “moral malaise at the top”. Another leading figure said that Mr Corbyn’s most senior aides acted with a mixture of arrogance and insularity. They compared the leader’s office to Soviet Russia and said that Mr Corbyn’s aides wanted to “purge the party of non-believers”. Another Labour source said: “Jeremy is just a puppet, he can barely hold his head up. He is being manipulated and controlled.” (link, paywalled)

‘Comrades’, aye … While there are more titillating ‘news’ – paywalled – in The Times (here, if you can), about ‘life in the Corbyn Bunker’, reporters of that august paper also took a look at the Party finances. It’s not looking good:

“Labour is […] heading into the red for the first time since Jeremy Corbyn became leader with senior figures suggesting that the membership has fallen to about 480,000, down from 564,000 in December 2017. […] The financial troubles are likely to be compounded by changes to the rules governing the distribution of trade union political funds […]. MPs say this will almost certainly mean a big drop in the amount of money the unions have to give to Labour, making it even more dependent on membership subscriptions. “We are haemorrhaging members, equally balanced between stalwarts who have finally given up because of antisemitism and young idealists who joined because of Jeremy Corbyn and feel betrayed over Brexit,” one MP says.” (link, paywalled)

Let that sink in: Labour is experiencing the same woes as the Tories. Members are fed up with their leaders who are not doing what they said they would: either stand for Leave or stand for Remain, and are leaving the party. This is yet another indication of the changing political landscape. 

Our elected representatives have wasted three years playing games amongst themselves in order to prevent Brexit, aided by the Remain MSM and Remain Establishment. Meanwhile their power base is crumbling around them. It’s not just the Remain Tories and Ms May, it’s Remain, anti-semitic Labour and Corbyn who are being punished by their members as well.

There are no redeemers in Labour, nor will either of the BoJo-Hunt winner redeem the Tory Party. They haven’t noticed yet that their game is over. It really is no longer about tribal politics – it’s about ‘Leave’ or ‘Remain’.

The time for both Tories and Labour is fast running out. There’s that new player, The Brexit Party. They are holding their “Big Vision” event tomorrow in Birmingham. Tomorrow evening we’ll know more about their policies.




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