A voter belonging to the lower orders …


It’s the first weekend in this Election Campaign. The establishment parties are being dragged hither and yon in their attempts to gain our votes,  the MSM are still working out what to write in order to end up on the winners’ side, and Brexit only appears because it’s the name of The Brexit Party. 

First, I simply have to draw your attention to a howler in a report in the Express because it made me giggle:

“Brexiteers are clubbing together to vote tactfully in the upcoming general election to ensure the UK’s departure from the EU actually gets delivered.” (link)

This is not a typo, ‘voting tactfully’ appears several times in the text. I wish politicians, reporters and editors were speaking and writing tactfully! This headline in the DM is another shining example for MSM manipulation:

“Nigel Farage faces mounting pressure to stand down as his backers warn that the Brexit Party’s surging support could cost vital Tory seats at the election” (link)

‘Surging support’? Interesting … What this article is really about is revealed a bit further in the text. It’s simply the ‘advice’ by one of TBP’s PPCs who has stood down, telling his colleagues to do likewise because:

“Britain could end up with a ‘shabby coalition of socialists, Lib Dems, Scottish and Welsh nationalists’ if he contests seats the Tories are trying to win. A string of Mr Farage’s candidates are leading calls for him to pull back.” (link)

That’s the 2019 version of ‘vote Farage, get Miliband and Sturgeon’. It seems these ‘friends of TBP’ haven’t looked at the trouble Labour is in. There are the Labour PPCs who have been outed as out-and-out anti-semites (here) and then there are ‘Teh Polls’. Here is a non-paywalled report, claiming that Johnson is pulling ahead of Corbyn in constituencies across the country. The DT (paywalled) meanwhile reports on a different poll with some interesting findings

“Low income voters are abandoning Jeremy Corybn in favour of Nigel Farage, according to a new study. The research by the Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) found support for Labour has plummeted by 10 per cent since April among those with a household income of below £17,000. A CSJ poll found that just one in three (36 per cent) poorer voters back the Labour Party despite people on low incomes normally being considered among Corbyn’s ‘core’ electorate. Almost one in five (18 per cent) low-income voters said they will back The Brexit Party, which means there are approximately 1.4 million low-income voters planning to support Farage’s party. These voters are influential because they live in the 100 most marginal seats which will decide the next general election, representing 1 in 7 voters in these constituencies.” (paywalled link)

Where have we seen this number before … 1.4 million voters … The comments from those polled should concern Labour and Tories:

“Almost half (45 per cent) of low income voters described Labour of “out of touch” while at the same time considering them to be the party most “concerned about supporting people on low-income”. Meanwhile only three per cent of low-income voters described the Conservative Party as “compassionate”. Fifty per cent of low-income voters believe the Conservative Party “only cares about the rich” and 38 per cent said they would “never” vote for them. But the ”research found 18 per cent of those not planning to vote Conservative could be persuaded to do so in the future.” (paywalled link)

Gaining the votes of these 18% is the reason why TBP is told to stand down across the board. As far as some MSM are concerned, it’s about giving Johnson a workable majority even while support for Labour is crumbling on this first weekend. There’s still a long way to go however, so take this poll as a snapshot and as ‘advice’ to the establishment’s election strategists, namely to go for TBP.

Finally, here’s a hint that the new-fangled social-media campaign waged by the establishment Parties doesn’t hit the spot for those low-income voters. Old-fashioned canvassing however might:

“The report also found that almost 8 in 10 low-income voters (78 per cent) had never met or spoken to their local MP. Sixty per cent agreed with the statement: “no political party really cares about helping people like me.” (paywalled link)

And why would they, given this cynical attitude of a Labour PPC who said that “lower income, less educated voiceless people are so much easier to control.” (link). The LibDems are also guilty of holding voters in contempt. Tom Harwood in the DT concludes his general, scathing analysis of the LibDems’ campaign policies thus:

“The dismissive attitude they [the Libdems] take towards the ‘lower orders’ who voted Leave is a concentration of Remainer sneering that is just too much to swallow. And for that they deserve calling out at every turn.” (paywalled link)

Indeed – but the alternative across the MSM is to tell those voters to vote BoJo and on no account vote TBP. Even when denouncing Labour in an editorial opinion piece the DT editors cannot help themselves, insinuating that only a vote for the Tories can prevent a Labour victory:

“Mr Corbyn’s campaign might look hapless and hopeless but the reality is that a vote for anyone other than Boris Johnson could put a Marxist into No 10. It is a gamble that sensible voters must not take.” (paywalled link)

Yes, we’ve seen this before – this scrabble by the Establishment parties for voters they hold in contempt. It was thus in 2015 and even more so in the Referendum campaign while the 2017 GE was a shining example for LabCon winning by lying to a still trusting electorate.

This time round voters have learned that their trust is misplaced, that they count for nothing once their votes have been counted.  We of the ‘lower orders’ must therefore fight this GE against the deceit by the establishment.

They have learned nothing from the warning shots we gave, the Referendum Result having been the first one. Perhaps we were naive to believe that politicians, elected on a firm promise to honour the referendum result, would keep their promises. 

We’re no longer so naive and the fine polls and headlines, the tacit support for LibDem Remain in some papers, the attempt to frame Labour’s troubles as incentive to vote Johnson but definitely not Farage, won’t suffice now to make us ‘follow the leader’. 

Since the Establishment, the Westminster Village dwellers, are bent on making Brexit vanish as main issue in this election, since they are bent on keeping everything just as it is, with Remain as the ultimate winner thanks to Johnson’s LINO, let’s help them! 

Let’s make this election about their betrayal of democracy. Brexit was about gaining back our sovereignty, the ability to make our own Laws. We voted Leave because the EU is not a democracy, all the trappings of an EU Parliament notwithstanding.

‘Taking back control’ did not mean giving control to an out-of-touch Remain Parliament, much as they want us to believe so. Voting for the establishment parties in this election means giving them the power to disregard us again, to betray us again and to control us unhindered. Voting for Johnson means that the establishment can keep things as they are, with millions of voters unheard, their voices discarded. 

Our only chance to show up the institutional contempt that Westminster lot have for us is by disregarding the games they play in this GE, with their polls, their calculated ‘micro-targettings’ on social media, their bribes and promises – promises they won’t keep anyway – by pointing out again and again that it is folly to vote for those who have sold us down the drain again and again. 

Why not have another hung parliament (some think a hanged parliament would be even better) – it’s easy to get round the FTPA as Johnson has shown. If the establishment thinks disregarding us lower orders while making us feel guilty for not voting Tory then so be it.

We will go out and do our own private canvassing. We’ll tell our colleagues, friends and neighbours that no, it’s not Brexit they need to fear but the establishment which will squash their hopes and aspirations.

This election is about Democracy, about our, the People’s sovereignty. That should be our battle cry.




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