“Sources …”


I am amazed, truly amazed: not one leak from the Brussels-sieve to be found anywhere in today’s MSM! How did that happen? Have they asked Dominic Cummings for advice? After all, except for the official statement of that meeting between Johnson and Varadkar nothing pertinent has emerged on this side of the Channel either.

We’re left with everybody – from chief political editors to Brussels correspondents – speculating like mad, scraping the bottom of various ‘sources’-barrels and analysing every utterance by MPs for subtle hints. Mind you, some of those self-same politicians are so blatant in their articles penned for the Sunday papers that there’s not much analysis needed. 

There’s a fluff piece by Jacob Rees-Mogg in the DT (paywalled link) where he tries to dazzle us with bovine excrement on why everybody must trust BoJo. At the same time he pours elegantly expressed vitriol over Labour. Nice to read but it doesn’t advance the Brexit argument. Someone tell him that the argument: ‘trust him, he’s BoJo’ doesn’t work!

There are however some intriguing pieces about the Remain Harlots in the Sunday papers. Take for example Labour: Keith Starmer declares that they’d do everything to prevent Johnson from leaving without a deal, even unto going to court again (here), and another lovely Labour development, according to ‘sources’:

“Sources say the Labour leader has concluded that he would not win the support needed to lead a government of national unity. […] John Bercow […] has emerged as the Labour leader’s favoured compromise candidate.” (link, paywalled)

Good grief! Bercow in No 10? Words fail … Rest assured, the Tory Remain Harlots haven’t given up either. They are now quite blatant in their aim:

“Former Cabinet Ministers Philip Hammond and Dominic Grieve are central to moves to compel Mr Johnson to send a letter to Brussels asking for an extension to the UK’s membership, regardless of the outcome of this week’s high-stakes Brexit diplomacy.” (link)

Loyalty to their own PM, to their own Party, never mind their voters? No, that dissolves into wraith-like shreds when it’s about the harsh reality of saving the money they allegedly receive from the EU provided we stay ‘In’. The DUP’s concerns pale into insignificance next to the Remain Harlots aims:

“The Democratic Unionist Party has threatened to torpedo Boris Johnson’s make or break Brexit deal if Northern Ireland does not remain part of the UK customs union. Nigel Dodds, the party’s deputy leader, today warned that Johnson’s eleventh-hour solution ‘cannot work’.” (link)

Strange though how neither The Times or indeed any other papers investigate the huge sums our Remain Harlots receive from the EU. Getting EU money is legal, but it surely puts into question their impartiality when they so fiercely demand we stay ‘In’. So why is Swinson so keen for us to Remain? Here she is, writing in The Times, nailing her colours firmly to the Remain mast:

“The Liberal Democrats are clear that there is no version of Brexit that is better than the deal that we have now as full members of the European Union, and that is why we will continue to fight for a People’s Vote so that the public can have the final say. We will be campaigning unequivocally to stop Brexit and will continue to do everything we can to make sure that we do not leave the EU.” (link, paywalled)

Not one word does she waste on her own visit to Brussels to see Barnier! For her, it’s ‘Remain or die’, by way of a 2nd Referendum. Oddly enough, there’s also a letter from 12 Tory Lords in today’s Times which concludes:

“Since the situation has turned out so vastly different from that painted by the 2016 leave campaign, democracy should allow for people to change their minds. Ideally, any agreement for EU departure should be put back to the British people in a referendum. Or as part of a general election. Or both.” (link, paywalled)

Notice how those peers suddenly mention the ‘D’-word? Is getting us plebs to the ballot boxes to reject Brexit in a 2nd Referendum now ‘democratic’, whereas the EU Referendum of course wasn’t …? Here’s how the Remain Harlots plan to achieve that 2nd Referendum:

“Sources close to the talks [of the MP’s ‘rebel alliance’] say that an attempt to seize control of the order paper could be launched as soon as Saturday if Johnson returns from a European Council summit this week without a deal. The aim would be to pass legislation to empower Bercow to send a letter to the EU requesting a delay to Brexit. The rebels could also ambush a vote on October 21 on the Queen’s speech. Sources, however, say that the most likely date to be called for a motion of no confidence in Johnson would be October 24.” (link, paywalled)

These are all ‘war-gaming’ exercises, all based on tittle-tattle from partisan ‘sources’. Meanwhile, other ‘sources’ are making noises about why ‘The Deal’ must be signed and why ‘No Deal’ cannot be allowed, the ‘economic’ one first:

“The document, marked “official sensitive” — requiring security clearance on a “need to know” basis — reveals that 29 of the 33 areas most vulnerable to job losses if the UK crashes out of the European Union voted leave. It is this kind of information that has put pressure on the prime minister, Boris Johnson, to move away from the idea of leaving the EU without a deal.’ (link, paywalled)

These dire warnings are like nothing compared to the even more dire warnings which ‘sources’ are now letting trickle out into the public domain. There’s a long ‘historical review’ of “The Talk” in Remain Central where I found the following little titbits:

“Eventually, Johnson called in David Frost, his Brexit sherpa, Sir Mark Sedwill, the cabinet secretary, and their Irish counterparts to work up what had been agreed. Cummings remained outside.” (link, paywalled)

Ah! Mark Sedwill …. More significant is the next titbit because it’s about another reason why Johnson has let so many of his negotiating feathers – security:

“Senior sources say he has been influenced by Sedwill, who is also national security adviser, and by Michael Gove, who is in charge of preparing for no-deal. Gove recently received a detailed security briefing by the security services in Northern Ireland, which he is said to have found “sobering”.” (link, paywalled)

Given that background the following – also from ‘sources’ – makes sense, sadly:

“Cabinet ministers say Johnson is “desperate” for a deal because security chiefs have convinced him that no-deal would lead to an upsurge in terrorism by dissident republican groups. A source familiar with the warnings said there was a danger of terrorist attacks in Northern Ireland and on the mainland, as well as sectarian violence in cities such as Glasgow. In a recent conversation with a senior Conservative, which covered the implications of no-deal on Northern Ireland and disruption in England, the prime minister said: “Any one of these risks we could cope with, but taken collectively they would be a massive challenge to the UK state and no one would choose to go down that route.” (link, paywalled)

Nobody wants to see a resurrection of sectarian terrorism – we can all agree on that, especially given the dire situation in the streets of our cities where the police cannot prevent the knife attacks which take place on a daily basis. Don’t blame the police, they are needed to shepherd the Extinction theatrics in London …!

Taken together, I think that we’re seeing the first shots fired for a coming GE, with ‘jobs’ and ‘security’ being the main arguments for staying ‘In’. The Remainers meanwhile will try and attempt to deny Johnson their agreement for whatever ‘deal’ he brings back, hoping there won’t be a ‘deal’ anyway:

“Last night a senior EU source described the chances of a deal at Thursday’s EU summit in Brussels as “50-50”, while a British government official said they were “on a knife edge”.” (link, paywalled)

Oh look – a ‘Brussels leak’ …! It’s only six more days, starting with tomorrow’s Queen’s Speech, until the fur flies on the 19th of October where the Remainers hope to take over government without proper scrutiny, without responsibility, by enforcing either that ‘Extension Begging Letter’ or getting a 2nd Referendum inserted in Johnson’s motion. 

Meanwhile, ‘Brexit gossip’ triumphs, colouring our perceptions, in the hope we Leavers will give in, losing our will to live. As for me, I’ll prepare for foul Brexit weather ahead and shall




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