Remain tea light on January 31st …


Not long now until we’re officially Out on the 31st of this month. Given the trillions of pixels having sacrificed their little lives in the MSM over Brexit one would have thought that the usual suspects might now start crying publicly in those Remain publications about how we’re getting ever closer to disaster. Instead the whole thing, our Leaving, is now being turned into a farce – a very British farce.

It’s all about ‘Big Ben Bonging’, about who wants it, why it can’t be done and, reading between the lines, about the insatiable jealousy of the Tories of a certain Mr Farage. Meanwhile, EU news – which should have had some of our ‘Brussels correspondents’ go and soft-soap their ‘sources’ to bring us their ‘omigawd we’re all going to die’ reports – are non-existent.

Only one paper, The Express, is ‘wasting space’ on such news. That is astonishing because the Megxit saga has now definitely run out of steam – and thank god for that! So they have lots of space to fill, but nooo …Here’s a report on a debate about what Johnson might or might not do. It’s not strictly ‘news’ but is nevertheless interesting:

The next stage of Brexit will see Boris Johnson attempting to secure a trade agreement with the EU by the end of 2020. The EU has insisted the UK must abide by their demands to ensure Britain does not undercut the bloc in world trade. Daily Express Europe editor Joe Barnes argued Boris Johnson may say he does not want frictionless trade with the European Union, reigniting the risk of a no deal Brexit.” (link)

Well, yes – and? Must we prepare for a ‘summer of horror’ as that deadline approaches, the date when we must beg Brussels to extend the Transition Period. That day is the 30th of June 2020.

Must we look forward to a summer production of Project Fear? Here is a sneak preview of what the ‘mood music’ of that production will be:

“Ms von der Leyen told a news conference: “There is only one of the two who can ask for an extension and that is the United Kingdom. We will see mid-year where we are at.” She said Brussels was well-placed to move as fast as possible following her meeting with Mr Johnson last week. Should the transition period fail to extend beyond 2020, trade relations between the EU and Britain from the start of 2021 will either be governed by whatever agreement can be made by the end of the year, or by World Trade Organisation (WTO) rules.” (link)

It’s the ‘cliff edge’ of having to deal under WTO rules – something the rest of the world seems perfectly capable of, without ‘crashing’. Speaking of trade negotiations, our friends at ‘facts4eu’ have reported that on February 1st 2020 the mighty EU won’t be ready to negotiate whereas the USA will:

“The EU Commission still has not even drafted its proposed mandate for negotiating a trade agreement with the United Kingdom. According to Monsieur Barnier, speaking in Sweden last week, he hopes they will have completed this by 01 February. This is the same day that the USA is ready to start agreeing trade terms with the post-Brexit UK.  While the United States is pressing ahead, the EU will still be talking amongst themselves.” (link)

Next they give the reason why Brussels cannot start those talks straightaway. It’s odd, given that the EU knows that time table as well as we do, but they still believe that somehow M Barnier will manage to keep us In. Well, given their experience of the May negotiations, they may have reason to think so and probably believe that dragging feet will bear fruit:

“Once the Commission has produced its “negotiating mandate”, it then has to propose this to the EU27 governments for approval. It is expected that there will be some disagreements. Some governments will insist on prioritising certain issues, such as full access to British waters, whereas others will care far more about the bulk of the trading arrangements between the EU and the UK. We expect this to be discussed at the General Affairs Council on 25 February although no agenda has yet been produced. Monsier Barnier himself hopes that the final mandate will be agreed by the end of Feb/early March. Only then can the first negotiating meetings with the UK’s team be planned.” (link)

The EU losing a whole month of those Trade Negotiations while screaming that ‘time is short’? Well I never! Then there’s ‘The Divorce Bill’ – see this report (here) in facts4eu, mentioning the EU’s ‘off-the-books’ funds. Ask yourselves why it is that our MSM, Remain or not, seem to be so oblivious to this issue. You might also ask the various Labour leadership candidates why they never mention our money being wasted thus but instead just screech about ‘Toree Austeritee’ (rhetorical question – let them keep digging the hole they’re in!).

And so to the farce that is the ‘Big Ben Bong’. I cannot help but think that TPTB are so against it because the initiator was Nigel Farage. For example, the DT reports;

“Mr Farage and Mr Tice had applied to launch fireworks for the crowd from a nearby barge on the River Thames, nearby St James Park a few hundred yards away and even the roof of a Government department came to nothing. However officials at the Port of London Authority – which manages the Thames – and Royal Parks which is in charge of St James’ Park refused them permission. Mr Farage added: “The plan was to have a short, dramatic five minute firework display and everyone says no. We have just met obstacles at every moment of this.” (paywalled link)

And why is that? Here’s what ‘the authorities’ said:

“A Royal Parks spokesman, said: “We do not allow firework displays in St James’s Park because of the impact on nesting birds and other wildlife in the park.” A Port of London Authority spokesman said: “We are considering this request, but it would involve closing the river, which normally only happens on New Year’s Eve.” (paywalled link)

‘Nesting birds’ in January? Ah – I get it: they must nest two months earlier because of ‘Climate Extinction Crisis’! And God forbid that the river be closed for a day which is of such huge significance to our whole country! The Express has another answer:

“Senior ministers are blaming a Remainer plot among parliamentary chiefs for silencing Big Ben on Brexit night, the Daily Express has learned. They claim anti-Brexit members of the House of Commission exaggerated the estimated cost of temporarily reactivating Westminster’s iconic bell in a killjoy attempt to undermine celebrations of the UK’s departure from the EU at the end of the month. A Cabinet minister said: “They just want to stop us marking this historic moment properly.” (link)

Scrolling down you’ll find the Commission giving ‘reasons’ why this cannot be done, and they’re apparently also going to put a spoke in the wheel of the campaign to crowd-fund the money needed to get that Big Ben Bong, as reported in the DM:

“The House of Commons Commission, which is responsible for Big Ben, has indicated it might not be lawful or proper to accept the cash. A Downing Street source suggested the bongs were ‘dead’, adding: ‘It’s a huge amount of money for something I’m not sure that many people want.’  (link)

Ahaha! “Not many people want this” … certainly not in RemainLondon, certainly not when the Remain London Mayor wants to have his own little ‘event’. The article in RemainCentral has a headline which drips with their disdain for us Leavers: “Nigel Farage wins bid for Brexit night singalong (but may miss out on Big Ben’s bongs)”:

“Nigel Farage has won his campaign to hold a Brexit night party outside parliament but could be forced to celebrate without fireworks or the bongs of Big Ben. The public are being asked to submit lyrics for new songs, to the tune of popular hits, that the crowd could embrace for a singalong at the event instead.” (link, paywalled)

That’s just right, in the eyes of the Remain metro-elites, for us peasants: have a little ‘singalong’! Remainers however are given this advice:

“Writing in The Guardian, Will Hutton, the journalist and principal of Hertford College, Oxford, called on remainers to light a candle “in a window, at your door, in your garden; find friends to do it together” to show they stand for a “European Britain”.” (link, paywalled)

Perhaps they should add a few teddy bears to their display, just as our ‘concerned’ snowflakes do every time some of our citizens are killed in a terrorist attack. Perhaps they can then extinguish their candles on the stroke of 11pm (not Big Ben Bong, alas) to show that the EU Lights are going out all over the UK, reminiscent of the words of Edward Grey at the outbreak of WWI.

Let me know if you spy EU-blue tealights with those stars in the shops – someone surely could make loads of money making them! I’d buy some to show that yes, the EU lights will go out on January the 31st – and good riddance. Let’s celebrate on that day before the reality of the Transition period and the summer Project Fear scenarios kick in.




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