The true Leader of the UK – take your pick!


“WTF was that?” I apologise for using strong language, but that was the general reaction on Ms May’s ‘statement’ yesterday evening, right across the political divide.

Speculations about what she would say abounded after she announced yesterday afternoon that she would make a statement. Hopes ran high that she might announce her resignation as PM. Then we heard ‘rumours out of No 10’ that ‘her attitude towards a No Deal had hardened’. Thus, some speculated that she might withdraw her WA.

Well, it was none of the above. First of all, she made the nation wait again. The speech was planned to take place at 8.15 pm – it was roughly 8.45 pm before she appeared. And the whole thing was over within five minutes …

Then she attacked the HoC for not voting for her WA, telling the nation that this abomination was the best deal for Brexit. What she was hoping to achieve with this speech is beyond me. If she or her advisers thought that we will now all email our MPs asking them to be nice to her and vote for the WA then this speech was counterproductive. If you want to watch ‘that speech’ again, here’s a clip.

Speculations about what will happen now are rife – but since it’s for the EU to decide and since we, or indeed the HoC, can do nothing until our Brussels overlords decide later today what to do about Ms May’s letter, they are futile and nothing but hot air. Again.

Should some of you – still – believe that a GE would sort things out, with that nice Mr Corbyn delivered to 10 Downing Street, then I have a warning for you. Mr Corbyn was going to speak with ‘all’ opposition party leaders yesterday afternoon. Ms May pre-empted him by inviting them all for a talk. Mr Corbyn, in a sign of huge political wisdom, walked out of the room when the leader of the TIGs, Mr Chuka Umunna, appeared … a behaviour straight out of playschool but not of a political leader aiming to lead the nation, you will agree.

You also need to know that Ms May was supposed to speak to her own backbenchers, the 1922 Committee. She declined because speaking to the Opposition was apparently far more important.

The contempt the MPs show us, the voters, has often been mentioned. It is obvious to me that Ms May yesterday showed the same contempt to her own MPs and in essence to the opposition MPs as well by blaming the whole House for the dire straits Brexit is in.

Her intransigence is fuelled by her Remain cabinet staff. Nothing could show more clearly that she, like them, are true disciples of the EU, from demanding repeat voting on her WA until the MPs ‘get it right’ to lofty words addressed those those who are powerless to make such decisions.

Telling us that only ‘her deal’ will do, at one minute to midnight, and that it will be the fault of the MPs if it doesn’t happen is a sign of such pigheadedness that it defies belief. A comparison with “Downfall” is trite but sadly apt.

Ms May will have to face the mighty EU leaders later today. They will decide on her plea for an extension to Article 50. Here is the backdrop to Ms May’s humiliation:

“Mr Tusk said that the European Union will grant Theresa May a short extension on the Brexit negotiations but only if the House of Commons backs her Brexit deal in a third ‘meaningful vote’ next week.” (paywalled link)

This is what it means in practice:

“[Ms May] is now pinning her hopes of passing her Brexit deal – and her Premiership – on a third meaningful vote on Tuesday or Wednesday next week. If she fails, as many of her own Cabinet believe she will, Brussels will hold an emergency summit with hours to go before the March 29 deadline and offer either a long extension or a no-deal Brexit. There is growing speculation that either option would spell the end of Mrs May’s time in Downing Street.” (paywalled link)

I don’t know about you, but it makes my blood boil that our PM and by extension Whitehall and the HoC have delivered us into the EU’s clutches to such an extent that we the people have to rely on them if we want to get rid of Ms May!

While it is naive to believe one word Ms May says – words which are probably put in her mouth by Mr Olly Robbins who will accompany her to Brussels today – the following points should be kept in mind. They were made yesterday afternoon to the MSM, by ‘a spokesman’ at 10 Downing Street:

  • “The statutory instrument needed to formally delay Brexit until June 30 will be debated over one or two days next week, with votes in the Lords and the Commons.
  • Number 10 declined to say if the Cabinet had signed off or been informed of the decision to delay Brexit by three months.
  • Number 10 declined to say – under repeated questioning – whether the PM would quit if Britain is forced to stay in the EU for longer than June 30.
  • The delay by 3 months will not add any extra to the £39bn bill for leaving the EU as it will form part of the transition period to the end December 2020.” (paywalled link)

It’s an illustration of the mighty minds inside the No 10 bunker ‘at work’, showing the lies which will be fed to us the people so we support Ms May in her last, desperate attempt. To crown it all, a certain Mr William Hague has now created ‘Peak Project Fear’ for Parliament and country:

“Brexit could be overturned by Parliament next week according to a dramatic warning from William Hague, former Foreign Secretary and Conservative Party leader. The House of Commons could do this by voting to revoke the Article 50 EU exit mechanism. If this happens the Government would have to choose between formally revoking the UK’s notification and ignoring a Parliamentary instruction. (link)

There is, of course, one other option: get rid of Ms May, tell the EU where to stick it and fulfil the Law of this country – Leave with “No Deal”. Will some in the Tory Party now find their round dangly objects and do it? Or are they all such craven fools that they prefer the fleshpots of Egypt, ahem, the EU and rather keep us, our whole Nation, in perpetual slavery?
Time will tell …


8 days to Brexit

Tick-tock tick-tock


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