It’s Polling Day today, for an election we should not have been involved in. This election has now become vital for our country and nation because it is the best opportunity at the moment for us to show our government, the establishment parties and the whole Westminster bubble that we will no longer put up with their disregard of us voters, that we will no longer allow them to play their Remain games while we are made to keep silent.

As you all know by now: the votes we cast today will be counted on Sunday because the EU member states have different polling days. By Monday morning all results will be in – but we can publish our results on Sunday 23.00 ‘Berlin Time’ (yes, really, that’s how it was reported), which is 10pm here. So we’ll have to wait a bit …

We’ll also have to wait for the PM’s announcement that she’ll go. Yesterday she presented her ‘new and bold’ plan to the HoC. It was painful to watch. As soon as the PM began her statement, presenting her ‘new and bold’ thingie, the benches emptied. Some of her cabinet colleagues hadn’t even turned up. In the end there were less than 40 Tory MPs present to support her. For the full visual impact see the photo accompanying this article.

The Chamber was full however for the preceding PMQ. The best moment was the question by Mark François MP about NI veterans being persecuted. The House was suddenly deadly quiet. I recommend that you watch it here – and watch the body language of the PM.

Here is another report, not paywalled, also with impressive photos and also reporting on the back-and-forth between the 1922 Committee, that ‘bunch of jellyfish’ as an MP said, and the PM. Us political nerds were watching on the internet while the writers with good sources tweeted.

This report gives a very good account of what went on, illustrating in exemplary fashion the spinelessness of the Brady bunch, a.k.a 1922 Committee. While they shilly-shallied, the DT political editor tweeted the one line in the ‘new and bold’ WAB which ought to have had the whole cabinet resign (here) but in the end, only the Leader of the House, Andrea Leadsom, did so. More on that below.

Here is the report in the DT:

“A new clause in the bill, seen by The Daily Telegraph, goes as far as proposing an amendment for MPs to vote on that would trigger a second referendum. The proposed amendment states: “That this House agrees there should be another referendum before the withdrawal bill is ratified.” It goes on to state that it would be “provided for by an Act of Parliament”, meaning that it would be legally binding.It states: “In this section ‘another referendum’ means a referendum provided for by an Act of Parliament and additional to the referendum held on 23 June 2016 under the European Union referendum act.” After being shown the bill in a reading room, Cabinet ministers were furious. One told The Daily Telegraph that it was a “complete disaster”, while another described it as a “catastrophe”. (paywalled link)

We pointed out yesterday already (here) that the PM had deceived her own Cabinet by not giving them the whole text of her ‘new and bold’ WAB. That deception has now come back to hit her, with the resignation of Ms Leadsom.

You can see her letter here, reports are also here and paywalled here and here. Owen Paterson MP in his sadly paywalled article in the DT writes that the whole cabinet must bear the blame for this disaster. Still ,they only jockey for positions in the forthcoming leadership contest. We’ll bear that in mind …!

As always and as expected, the unsurpassed Sir John Redwood reports on yesterday’s events in his Diary today, with a stark warning to the PM and his colleagues. Do read it!

So – now what? The PM will finally ‘see’ the 1922 Committee Chairman tomorrow. Meanwhile, she has now decided not to publish her ‘new and bold’ etc tomorrow. In her statement to the HoC she said it would be published on Friday – but now it’s gone, vanished …

Will it see the light of day while she is still PM, or will she decide to chuck it in, resigning on Monday when the EP election results will be out? Who knows!

Some speculate that she’ll hang in there until after President Trump’s state visit next month. Or that she’ll ‘gracefully’ take the blame for the EP result so that her successor doesn’t need to. Or she could stay on if her ‘new and bold’ thingie isn’t defeated in the HoC next month, with her Remain MPs accepting her reasoning that she must carry this through – see this article.

But enough of this ‘palace revolution’ – she’ll either go or she’ll stay, while today we will tell her and her limp-wristed supporters that they’ve made the reckoning without us. Polls are notoriously inaccurate and, as we’ve learned over the years, are used for political propaganda purposes to keep us plebs in line.

If it’s however true that an ‘eve of election poll put the party on just seven per cent’ (DT, paywalled), and if TBP does get 37% of the votes or even 40%, then whatever contortions the establishment parties go through in the HoC, it’s game over.

Oh there’ll be sufficient excuses and explanations out of the Westminster bubble why such result doesn’t mean anything, why it’s ‘only a protest vote’, with smears of Nigel Farage added for good measure.

Sat in their bunkers inside the M25, they are overlooking the real change TBP has created and will go on creating. This is not UKIP Mk II. This is new, and their whole set-up is geared to succeed.

Even the pundits have still not quite got that the political card game has changed, that the old tribal party politics are on the way out. Here’s a delicious little investigation showing that the ChUKs, all professional politicians, MPs even, with lots of money (nah, their funding doesn’t need to be investigated …) have spent more money on Facebook ads than the other parties, and far less than TBP. It hasn’t worked, has it …

We out here have learned in the past three years that the establishment, parties and MSM together, despise and disregard us. We’ve learned that trying to play their games of Party politics, with manifestos and all, has availed us nothing. That’s why so many have flocked to TBP. And that’s why Jacob Rees-Mogg, clay feet notwithstanding, is correct with his warning:

“I think Nigel Farage is a quite remarkable politician. What he’s achieved with the Brexit Party in such a short period of time to get the Brexit Party ahead in the period of polls, shows how British politics has changed.The Conservatives must wake up to that. If they don’t, we are heading to a Canada style defeat in the next election.” (source)

Just so!  But see how pernicious the whole system has become, illustrated by this unprecedented intervention by the former top Whitehall Mandarin who endorsed the one true Remain Party, the Libdems. Oh dear …

Meanwhile, the polling stations are open – you have until 10pm to go and cast your vote. To encourage you to do so, look at this prediction:

“Four of the five single largest parties in this week’s European Parliament elections will be nationalist-populist eurosceptics with the Brexit Party biggest of the lot, according to new seat projections from the pollsters by website EuropeElects.” (link)

Let’s do our bit today to make it so!




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