This is hard to believe, but I feel vindicated by the BBC! As Ms May had recalled Parliament early, cutting short their Easter Recess because of Brexit, my hopes were high for some revealing ‘sources’ telling the MSM what is going on en coulisse. That, after all is how they try to shape public opinion.

After the first spate of ‘revelations’ on Tuesday, the returning MPs went silent. Were there orders from ‘the top’? PMQ yesterday was anodyne – here’s a “PMQ Sketch”-  and put the watchers to sleep.

So – look at this extraordinary complaint by a BBC journalist:

“BBC Radio 5 Live host Emma Barnett delivered a huge on-air rant about the “weird eerie silence” that has descended on Westminster with MPs not speaking about Brexit. The radio host said she had “zero” information to update her listeners and she claimed, “no one can find anything to say anymore”. She said: “The Prime Minister is still Theresa May and we still don’t know how we are leaving the European Union and even when.” (link)

She went on to say:

“Weirdly even though MPs are back after they Easter recess…there is a sort of weird eerie silence that has descended upon the place. I have zero to update you on about Brexit. […] What on earth is going on. It’s like there is this huge elephant in Westminster, and no one can find anything to say anymore. […] Given how much chaos and misery and division it’s caused do our politicians need to let us know what is going on with Brexit to keep up the pressure we have seen over the past three months.” (link)

That rant really is astonishing on so many levels. If our publicity-hungry MPs can’t even talk to the BBC, to dazzle us with their, ahem, erudition, then we ought to ask what is really going on here!

However, the BBC and the mostly Remain MSM have only got themselves to blame for the ‘chaos and misery and division’ which they created out of thin air – with the help of the Remainers in Whitehell who served up ‘Project Fear’ scenario after ‘Project Fear’ scenario, regurgitated by ministers who should have known better, and gleefully spread by the BBC and the MSM who simply were deaf to evidence to the contrary, even that coming from civil servants involved at the ground level.

While there are indeed no juicy ‘news’, here’s one item which the BBC of course hasn’t touched – too complicated, perhaps, or not supporting their Remain agenda? We read:

“According to a new think tank report published by the Independent Economic Forum (IEA), remaining in a customs union with the EU would leave the UK unable to establish an independent trade policy, and render “reclaiming policy areas such as agriculture and state aid an impossibility”. The new fiscal report predicts that while a permanent customs union would secure supply chains in the short term, the long-term sustainability of the agreement would see the loss of trade opportunities with other countries – and mean higher prices for UK consumers.” (link)

Some more details:

“The reports states how the UK would be unable to raise or lower tariffs according to its interests, which would rule out the opportunity of an independent UK trade policy.The customs union would also prevent the UK from controlling its agriculture and state aid policies. Trade defences would also be run by the EU, while the UK would not be able to offer improved market access for goods. The UK’s persuasiveness in trade negotiations would be materially diminished. Many of the points in the new IEA report suggested the “downsides will be acutely felt by small and medium enterprises that are less dependent on UK-EU supply chains and don’t have lobbying power in Brussels”. (link)

That begs the question why Corbyn and Labour, who allegedly ‘stand up for the little people and hard-working families’, are so bent on doing them such economic damage. Doesn’t this reveal Mr Corbyn’s and his handlers’ dreams of sitting in 10 Downing Street as nothing but a personal vanity project?

Since Brussels also is en vacances, there’s only one EU item on the screen of the combined political pundits of all colours: the EP elections. And of course there is now only one theme: Nigel Farage and TBP. We read for example that:

“Michel Barnier fears that Nigel Farage and his Brexit party plan to destroy the EU after winning the European Parliament elections. […] Mr Barnier has declared that the EU will not only have to face the threat of Mr Farage himself but also a Nigel Farage in every country. “This election will be tougher than ever before. We will have to fight against those who want to demolish Europe. With their fear. Their populist deceit. And their attacks against the European Project,” he said in December. (paywalled link)

What did M Barnier know in December last year that we didn’t know and that even Nigel Farage didn’t know? If my memory doesn’t deceive me, there was no Brexit Party at that time … and I double-checked the date of that linked report: it was indeed published yesterday afternoon.

In the absence of EU ‘news’ it is astonishing that the local elections, taking place next Thursday, aren’t mentioned anywhere in the MSM.

Of course, for our Westminster Bubble dwellers, these local elections are irrelevant: they’re only for us little people and not as interesting as the “Big EU – Brexit Game”. After all, neither CHUK-TIG – they had to throw out another MEP candidate for racism, btw (here) – nor TBP have candidates in those elections …

Interestingly, a former Tory spin doctor has made this extraordinary confession in today’s (paywalled) DT:

“At the 2015 election, I helped to run the Conservative campaign that stopped Nigel Farage getting into Parliament. Four years on, I wonder if we made a terrible mistake.”

Well! Since that spin doctor addresses some important issues I shall return to it elsewhere later, at length.

There’s one news item which at first glance seems to be unrelated to Brexit. However, it comes from the Treasury, that nest of arch remainers, and was presented by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, that arch remainer Philip Hammond:

“Families face having to pay higher taxes to cover the cost of caring for Britain’s ageing population, Philip Hammond warned yesterday. The Chancellor said the tax burden would continue to rise in the coming years, having already hit the highest sustained level for half a century. He said taxes were rising across the 36 leading nations of the OECD as people lived longer into old age. He added: ‘The reason is fairly straightforward. We have to recognise that as the population ages, the pressure on public services and spending will increase.’ (link)

It would of course be a malicious insinuation to say that the Treasury and Mr Hammond are preparing us for the inevitable tax rises which ‘Remain’ through Ms May’s WA will lead to … That Danegeld due to the EU must come from somewhere … and why not surreptitiously blame the old, they voted Leave, didn’t they …

As we’re hurtling towards election days – local ones next Thursday, EP ones in exactly four week’s time – we’re still waiting for Brexit. Any ‘Brexit bombs’ will be delivered by two parties: the Tories and TBP. But while we wait we must not let the HoC and Ms May get away with their Brexit sell-out.




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