It’s “B-day -1” (nicked from a friend’s comment post!) and that vote in the EU Parliament has now been taken. It was indeed a historic event. You might have seen the video of Nigel Farage’s final speech, the way he was cut off by the ‘Madame Deputy Speaker’ from Ireland, and the general melt-down of a lot of UK an other MEPs.

For the history books, noting in the margin that The Times managed to squeeze in one (!) sketch of that event, complete with gratuitous smears of Nigel Farage, here is one non-paywalled report, with the full video of Nigel’s speech. Keep it, and highlight this important quote from his speech:

“Mr Farage suggested that the ‘anti-democratic’ bloc was not in tune with what modern voters are looking for. ‘You may loathe populism but I will tell you a funny thing, it is becoming very popular,’ he said.’ (link)

That statement is one the MSM want us to forget because it’s the truth. They’d rather want us to concentrate on Mr Farage being cut off for flag weaving, and on the melt-down of our Remain MEPs. For that spectacle, look at this well-illustrated, non-paywalled report (here). When you scroll down a bit you’ll find stomach-turning photos of the whole lot of MEPs holding hands, heads mournfully lowered, singing Auld Lang Syne.

The other photos in that report are equally nauseating but worth keeping for historical reasons. There are also videos in the report of British MEPs in tears, leaving that place, one of them telling the world press that he’s now ‘fearful’ about the UK keeping firm to that ‘wonderful diversity’ found in the EU. Yes, really!

Btw, this singing was not spontaneous, it was prepared in advance by Remain MEPs who had sent round the text and tune, asking that the rump EU MEPs learn it. If you think it somewhat strange that the EUParl president and vice-presidents permitted this stunt, as they also allowed the scarves of the UK Remain MEPs to be waved – scarves decorated with both the Union Jack and that EU flag – without telling them not to do so because >>> rulz!, right after having cut of Nigel for violating that rule, then you’re in good company!

The UK’s Remain MEPs made a final stand of ‘defiance’, showing that they really love the EU – and their cushy ‘jobs’ – more than they love our country:

“A majority of British MEPs voted against the Brexit deal despite warnings from their colleagues that it could trigger an unwanted no-deal exit. The Labour Party, Liberal Democrats and Green Party all opposed the pact. Mr Johnson’s Conservatives and most of the Brexit Party opted to show their support for Britain’s orderly departure.” (link)

Of course RemainCentral’s EUParl sketch writer had to pour vitriol over Nigel Farage and his speech. If that speech, if Mr Farage were so insignificant, why allot nearly half of the space available to him? Never mind, after trying to make Verhofstad and Ms vdLeyen sound vaguely funny, that reporter writes:

“There were lots of good wishes. “I love you guys,” a Finn gushed. A Spaniard started to quote from Churchill before having a stab at Vera Lynn. “We’ll meet again,” he said. “I don’t know when, I don’t know how.” One Italian ended his speech by shouting “God save the Queen”, though the translator, perhaps thinking he meant Victor Emmanuel, rendered it as “God save the King”. For the pro-EU Brits, though, it was all just so terribly sad. Molly Scott Cato, the Green MEP […] was distraught. “Oh no, here come the tears,” she said as she began an emotional 60 seconds. “I will be back,” she concluded before choking up and melting into the arms of her colleagues.” (link, paywalled)

Sorry, luv – that particular gravy train, TV appearances included, has left the station. When even arch-remainers like Blair and Mandelson say publicly that rejoining the EU is not on the cards for many many years, you better believe it, Ms Cato!

Our MSM reporters forgot to mention the little speech by M Barnier who said that he ‘wished Britain well’ – you can watch the short clip here. A pious wish, as we all know full well. We’re bound to hear more from him in the coming months.

Today though is the really, truly, final ‘event’ in this spectacle: the Council of Ministers will give the final approval, in writing, and that is finally that. Phew.

Meanwhile various journalists have indulged themselves, retracing their personal steps of how they became Leavers, often reluctantly and after having voted Remain. This essay by Dominic Sandbrook stands out – but then he’s a historian. It is not paywalled, so take a look. This passage is especially interesting:

“To turn ordinary Britons into good Europeans would have required a cultural revolution. Ordinary people would have had to forget Elizabeth defying the Armada, Nelson on the deck of the Victory, the little ships at Dunkirk, the heroes of the Battle of Britain, even things like Dad’s Army and The Dam Busters. Patriotic myths? Perhaps. But what is any national story, if not a collection of deeply rooted and hugely emotive patriotic myths? Yet from Ted Heath to Tony Blair, too many national politicians consistently misunderstood their own country. They insisted that Britain was now part of a homogenised European story, but completely underestimated how attached ordinary people were to their old, patriotic one.” (link)

It is quite remarkable that he now makes this point without the usual Remain smears and vituperations of bigoted Little Englanders dreaming of a past Empire. I suggest that many politicians, not just the Remain ones, still haven’t understood. I am also doubtful if the Tories (never mind Labour) grasp this argument, in spite of that GE victory. The next passage demonstrates further that the metro elites, the Remainers, did not get it at that time:

“They ignored polls showing that people were stubbornly resistant to the European project. Instead, they continued down the path towards ever-closer union. The only thing that changed was the speed of the journey, never the direction. But it speaks volumes about the weakness of the European project that when, in 2016, the long decades of argument came to the crunch, the Remainers had almost nothing positive to say. Set against the old story of a free, independent Britain, their cliches about world peace and continental brotherhood looked pious and flimsy, like the kind of thing an earnest headmaster trots out for his weekly school assembly. […] For the fundamental truth, obscured by all the years of hysterical argument, is that a very large proportion of the British people […] have never been reconciled to the European project.” (link)

Let’s give the final word to Nigel Farage. Much as the MSM, Remain and Leave alike, want to paint him out of the Brexit picture, we know better. His historical comparison is worth talking about in the coming days, months and years:

“At 11pm on January 31, 2020, we leave the EU and we pass the point of no return,” the Brexit Party leader said in the European Parliament. “What it means for us constitutionally, what it means for us for our place in the world, it is probably the most important thing since Henry VIII took us out of the Church of Rome,” he said. “He took us out of the Church of Rome and we are leaving the treaty of Rome. There is no going back from this,” Mr Farage said referring to the EU’s founding agreement.” (paywalled link)

Precisely so – and when we look back in history, we remember the various attempts by the Catholic Church and the continental emperors to force us back under their heel, the Armada – not a ‘patriotic myth! – being the most prominent one. That is what the EU will try again, in those Trade Negotiations – not that M Barnier is a Philip II …! Will that lot across the Channel ever learn from History?

It’s not news that our home-grown Remainers despise us, our country, our historical institutions, our history. However, I live in hope that at least some Remainers will now take off their EU blinkers and embrace our Nation as we finally embark on the journey to our Freedom!




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