We’re witnessing an extraordinary madness which is gripping Labour and the MSM. It can’t be ascribed to ‘summer madness’ because it’s not that hot. Perhaps they are going mad because they lack the hot air produced inside Westminster? Or perhaps it’s because they can see that, with Brexit hopefully done on the 31st of October, their ‘raison d’etre’, their base for their peacocking, will be gone?

Then, the MSM wouldn’t call them for their Remain ‘pearls of wisdom’ any longer. Then they, as well as our MSM, would have to study the problems besetting the real world, such as the current ‘gold rush’ (here), or the current US Trade War with China (here), the crisis in Kashmir (here, and note that our UK MSM don’t seem to be much bothered by this, India and Pakistan only being our former colonies, after all …!) or the ever more threatening recession looming in Germany (here).

Germany is only the top EU contributor – and guess who will have to take up the slack should Germany’s contributions falter. Let’s thank the Remainers’ pigheadedness for that!

All those events pale into insignificance given the extraordinary outburst by John McDonnell, Labour Shadow Chancellor and ‘ally’ of Jeremy Corbyn. We saw yesterday morning that and how he tried to use Scotland and the SNP as ‘ally’ in his bid to thwart Brexit (here and here). He then doubled down, dropping his and Labour’s benevolent mask. 

Brexit, for him, is as much of a plaything, a bauble to be smashed when no longer needed, as it is for the other Establishment Parties. The headlines are clear: “John McDonnell threatens to march on palace and tell Queen: ‘We’re taking over’ if Boris Johnson loses no confidence vote” (paywalled link), or “Jeremy Corbyn will tell Queen ‘we’re taking over’ if Boris Johnson loses power over no-deal Brexit” (link, paywalled), or “Fury at ‘Marxist’ plot to force Queen to make Jeremy Corbyn PM and take control of Brexit” (link), or “’I’d send Jeremy Corbyn to tell the Queen ‘We’re taking over’!’: John McDonnell says Labour would demand power if Boris Johnson loses a no confidence vote” (link).

If you ask ‘did he really say that?’ – yes, he did. Here’s the quote:

“He told an audience at the Edinburgh Fringe that if the Prime Minister refused to step down in the event of losing a confidence vote, Labour would demand that the Queen appoint Mr Corbyn instead. “I don’t want to drag the Queen into this but I would be sending Jeremy Corbyn in a cab to Buckingham Palace to say we’re taking over,” he said. David Starkey, the historian, said Mr McDonnell’s threat would amount to a “coup”, adding: “I’m afraid Mr Corbyn would be arrested. The disguise has come off John McDonnell – he’s a revolutionary communist.” (paywalled link)

If you think David Starkey surely is a bit over-the-top, here’s more:

“Yesterday, at the Edinburgh Fringe festival, Mr McDonnell raised the prospect of a coalition far sooner, saying he believed Labour could take over within days if Mr Johnson lost a confidence vote. Mr McDonnell also joked about creating laws to imprison Conservative MPs. Asked about previous comments that Tories were “social criminals and one day we will try them,” Mr McDonnell said: “I was angry. It was after the first round of benefit cuts.” Asked what law he would use, he said: “I might want to invent it.” (link, paywalled)

Was that really said only in anger? Doesn’t history teach us differently? Notice how Brexit and a second IndyRef in Scotland are only smokescreens for McDonnell’s and Labour’s power game? Here’s another mask dropped:

“Speaking at another event at the Edinburgh Fringe yesterday, Mr McDonnell said: “I’ve reinforced the view that a referendum isn’t the solution to the problems in this country. But I don’t want to use parliamentary devices to block it. I’m not in favour of blocking. I’ve said it time and time again in interviews.” He was speaking shortly after he held a meeting with Richard Leonard, the Scottish Labour leader […]. Mr Leonard said: “I met John this morning and I made clear to him that a second independence referendum is unwanted by the people of Scotland and is unnecessary. The 2014 referendum was a once in a generation vote. There is no economic case for independence, especially with the SNP’s new position of ditching the pound and new policy of turbo-charged austerity to bear down on the deficit. On that John McDonnell and I are in firm agreement — what Scotland needs is radical reforming Labour governments at Holyrood and Westminster.” (link, paywalled)

Here are some early Tory reactions:

“MP Andrew Bridgen said: “We know that McDonnell is a revolutionary Marxist and he clearly believes if the Conservative government fails a confidence motion that the revolution will have started. We know that McDonnell is a republican and Corbyn has no respect for the Queen at all or our constitution. What do you expect from Marxist revolutionaries? For the sake of our country and our children they must never be within a sniff of power.” (link)

Next, here’s Mark François:

Tory ex-minister Mark Francois said: “If I were him, I would wait until any votes have been counted before crowing about the potential outcome, not least as I think if and when the bells ring, he may discover he has fewer supporters than he thinks.” (link)

And here is Iain Duncan Smith:

“Iain Duncan Smith, the former Tory leader, […] said of Labour’s attitude to the Queen: “They don’t believe in her or the constitution. They will effectively arrive toting their guns. It’s basically a coup and then the break-up of the United Kingdom.” (paywalled link)

One wonders if McDonnell’s blatant advocacy for a coup might make Mr Dominic Grieve and his fellow Arch Remainers on the Tory benches think again about their planned VoNC to topple Johnson and thwart Brexit.

There would be no ‘National Government of Unity’, as McDonnell now has made clear. While Mr Grieve can easily flee to his second home, France, his other colleagues won’t be so lucky under a revolutionary Labour government. 

And what, you may well ask, about us voters? We’re just collateral damage. Our Brexit vote can finally be kicked into the bin, our votes in the 2017 GE can be kicked into the same bin because for McDonnell and his allies there’s only one goal that matters.

That goal isn’t Brexit, it’s not even how to get the best deal for us staying in the EU. These are just baubles to show to us thick, uneducated lot, us plebs, us voters. These baubles can and will be broken in the final grasp by the socialists to make over our country into the North Atlantic Venezuela.

I have unashamedly gone to great lengths to point out this prospective Labour power grab, disregarding the latest proposals from journalists about what Johnson’s government should tell the EU to get Brexit. They’re always the same, disregarding the EU’s adamant ‘non’. I’ve also not delved into the usual Project Fear repeat shows. For the latter, do read today’s Diary entry by the inimitable Sir John Redwood.

My reason for going to such lengths on this possible Labour coup is that it’s so easy  overlook this huge danger. It’s so easy to disregard these warnings because there are more ‘interesting’ games to be played inside the Westminster bubble, such as getting a quote from Dominic Cummings who said on camera “The most simple thing is, the prime minister believes that politicians don’t get to choose which votes they respect.” (link, paywalled). Yeah right – that’ll help when McDonnell drags Corbyn to see The Queen …!

Are the Arch Remainers in Parliament and their willing helpers in the MSM so blinkered in their effort to stop Brexit that they would rather install a communist government with all that entails for our country?

Are their cries that ‘The Queen must not be dragged into this’ worthless? And why would McDonnell stop at dragging Corbyn to the Queen when he could easily also take some bouncers, have the Queen dragged to the Tower and proclaim an end to the Monarchy and Parliamentary Democracy?

That would certainly be a way to stop Brexit for good! Would the Arch Remainers stop Mcdonnell and corbyn? Ask your Remainer acquaintances if that’s the price they are willing to pay! 

And since we are still ‘In’ and would remain ‘In’ under McDonnell’s dictatorship, that spectre of seeing EuroGendFor troops on our soil, suppressing a possible uprising here in our country like that of the Gilets Jaunes across the Channel – that spectre doesn’t look so phantastical all of a sudden, does it!

Such ‘revolution’ would be the ultimate Brexit Betrayal. Therefore, let’s keep doing what we’re doing – to the bitter end.




Photo by c.paras

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