Every single day, Remainers show yet again that they have lost the plot. Before I wade into the daily mess that is created by the unholy alliance of the Remain Swamp, a.k.a. the HoC, and the MSM, here’s one example which I had to read twice because I simply couldn’t credit it. Here goes:

The latest Brexit ‘arch enemy’ for the MSM and MPs is Johnson’s advisor Dominic Cummings who ran ‘Vote Leave’, the Leave organisation preferred by the Establishment in the run-up to the EU Referendum. That Remainers dislike him intensely certainly ain’t ‘news’. But Peter Oborne’s article in the DM today (here) surely takes the biscuit. In his own words:

“Dominic Cummings, who is today installed in Downing Street as arguably the second most powerful man in Britain, first came to public attention when played by Benedict Cumberbatch in Channel 4’s Brexit: The Uncivil War. The drama told the behind-the-scenes story of Vote Leave’s successful campaign in the 2016 EU referendum. Cumberbatch interpreted Cummings, the campaign director, as a sinister anti-hero and eminence grise controlling events.” (link)

Solely founded on this ‘artistic interpretation’ of Mr Cummings in the Ch4 docudrama  – and we know that Ch4 is ‘Remain’, as is Mr Cumberbatch – Oborne writes next:

“Johnson the monkey. Cummings the organ grinder. Three years later, and life is copying art. With one crucial difference. Cummings is no longer in the shadows, operating behind the scenes — this Svengali is out in the open.” (link)

Goodness gracious me! Are serious writers now basing their comments on serious national issues on a biased docudrama? On how one actor artistically interprets real events and people? Funny how Mr Oborne and the rest of the Remainers are extremely relaxed and unconcerned when real actors in the real Brexit drama, like a certain Mr Verhofstadt, talk about turning the UK into a EU colony …!

That Oborne piece and a handful of other articles today were prompted by the news yesterday that Johnson might not leave 10 Downing Street should there be a VoNC, as we pointed out here. It’s interesting that Johnson and his Cabinet are careful about not dragging the Queen into Brexit politics, e.g. by excluding Prorogation of Parliament.

The Remainers however are keen and happy to do just that. Non-paywalled reports are here and here, paywalled ones here (The Times) and here (DT). Btw – in an elegant, Brexit-supporting hint the DT has used a photo of the Queen clad in the colours of TBP …  In a nutshell, the usual suspect, Mr Dominic Grieve MP, is the front man:

“Dominic Grieve, the former attorney general, was on Tuesday accused of being behind plans under which the monarch would be asked to remove the Prime Minister should he refuse to bend to the will of the Commons. Insiders said the MPs plan to use a parliamentary procedure known as a Humble Address, which would entail asking the Queen to write to Mr Johnson, dismissing him from office.The extraordinary proposal has been floated as a way of stopping Mr Johnson ignoring MPs should he lose a vote of no confidence, which is expected to be tabled when Parliament resumes after the summer recess.” (paywalled link)

Here is the background to this Grieve plot, to be kept in mind:

“It follows reports that Mr Johnson is considering defying convention by remaining in No 10, with constitutional experts confirming that he is under no legal obligation to quit. While Remainers hope MPs can force a general election and block no-deal by winning such a vote, it has been suggested that Mr Johnson would simply delay a public poll until after October 31, by which time the UK will have left the European Union.” (paywalled link)

Next, here’s Mr Grieve in his own words – which I, on my part, find breathtaking:

“Mr Grieve told the BBC: “To argue that if you lose a vote of no confidence you will simply sit it out and barricade yourself in Downing Street … is simply breathtaking, stupid, infantile, and it won’t work.”(paywalled link)

And here’s more from him, which we will remember:

“The constitutional principles are absolutely clear,” he [Grieve] said. “If the Commons is indicating that an alternative government exists which would enjoy its confidence, this can’t be ignored. The Queen is not a decorative extra. It’s true she has sought to keep herself well away from the cut and thrust of politics but at the end of the day there are residual powers and responsibilities which lie with her. She might have to dispense with his services herself.” (link, paywalled)

Let’s not forget that there’s a player on the opposition benches. The Tory Remainers may think they’ve got the negotiating power and will get to have the PM – Philip Johnston in the paywalled DT writes that might well turn out to be Kenneth Clarke (!) – so: what will Corbyn do? What will Labour do? The Labour MP who is secretly tipped to replace Corbyn, Ms Long Bailey, had this to say:

“A leading ally of Jeremy Corbyn scotched the idea that the party might sign up to a cross-party government of national unity, which would have the sole goal of delaying Brexit until after a general election. Rebecca Long Bailey, the shadow business secretary, told Channel 4 News that Labour “wouldn’t countenance a national government of unity” but the party was “happy to collaborate on a cross-party basis”. (link, paywalled)

Meanwhile, according to reports in the DM (here) and more detailed in The Times (link, paywalled), Labour in the form of John McDonnell and the SNP in the form of Ms Sturgeon are also plotting to get rid of Johnson. We will look at this in detail in a separate article.

As always, while the plotters plot and hog the pixels and TV shows, there’s something which we must not allow to creep in under the radar. We read yesterday that the EU now understands that Johnson is prepared to go for a No Deal. The EU answer is, as expected, a firm “no negotiations”.

However, while Michael Gove told the TV cameras that he is ‘deeply saddened’ by the EU’s refusal to negotiate on the backstop, accusing the EU “of blocking the chances of reaching a Brexit deal by refusing to give in to British demands to scrap the Irish backstop” (link, paywalled), he also said:

“The Prime Minister has been clear, he wants to negotiate a good deal with the European Union and he will apply all the energy of the Government and ensure that in a spirit of friendliness we can negotiate a new deal. But one thing is clear, the old deal that was negotiated has failed to pass the House of Commons three times now, so we do need a new approach.” (link)

Eagle-eyed readers will have spotted that Gove is talking about negotiations. What is there to negotiate? Perhaps it’s this:

“ Eurocrats maintain that the withdrawal agreement, which contains the controversial Northern Ireland backstop, will not be re-opened to save the deal. Instead, Michel Barnier, the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator, is ready to sit down with the Prime Minister to rework the political declaration on the future relationship.” (link)

In other words – some cosmetic changes, added to a possible fudge on the Backstop. John Longworth, MEP for TBP, has this warning:

“It is laughable for Boris Johnson to think that removing the backstop alone is Brexit. It would be a betrayal of the referendum. To sign up to Theresa May’s terrible treaty in any form would be Brexit in name only. It would leave Britain at the mercy of the EU, under the jurisdiction of the European Court, tied into an EU army command and linked to the customs union. In the Prime Minister’s own words, a vassal state of the EU and a colony.” (link)

That is what the BoJo & Gove noise about the Backstop and about ‘No Deal but we’ll negotiate’ is meant to hide: get a Backstop “concession” from the EU, at the last minute, and “we” accept May’s disastrous WA, with a few beauty reparations. 

Oh – while I am not keen on using tweets in articles, here is a twitter account which is dedicated to give a running addition of the money we are paying into the EU since March 29th. I’m sure your Remain opponents and your Labour opponents can explain why this is a good thing ….! We must stay vigilant, no slacking because it’s summer, and always






Photo by Salzburg Global Seminar

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