The good news first – good for us, that is. The Grieve/Beckett amendment will not be tabled today:

“Remainer MPs have failed in their latest bid to block a No Deal Brexit after John Bercow rejected their attempt to use Whitehall departmental funding as leverage to stop the UK leaving the EU without an agreement. (link

Great – but I am sure Grieve, Beckett and their Remain friends will try to come up with another bright idea. For them, keeping us in by hook and by crook is a matter of life and death, it would seem. A pity they didn’t show as much energy and commitment to work for a Brexit acceptable to all.

Then Grieve had to open his mouth – and we can all savour his shameless arrogance yet again:

“Mr Grieve said he was “sorry” that parliament would “not have the opportunity to debate the amendment and put them to the vote. I co-signed these amendments because I believe parliament needs a mechanism to express its opinion that a no-deal Brexit is unacceptable. But I have to be realistic that even if a vote had been called, I could not guarantee that it would have passed.” (link, paywalled)

Doesn’t it look as if Grieve is obsessed by Remain Mania? Don’t believe for a moment that he is the only one who thinks this way. The whole HoC is heaving with these Remainers who in their arrogance beiieve they have the right to destroy democracy.

Now the bad news – bad for the EU, that is. The Leaders are meeting in Brussels this morning for a fourth time to decide who gets which top job, replacing M Juncker and the others. The first meeting was on the 23rd of June – it broke up. Then there was the G20 Summit where Macron, Rutte (Durch) and Sanchez (Spain) ganged up on Merkel to make her drop her candidate. Which she did … So – why the deadlock? Unsurprisingly, RemainCentral, a.k.a The Times, has the answer:

“The prospect of a deeply divided and weakened EU unable to deal with Brexit forced Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macon into a climbdown over the top Brussels jobs. The French and German leaders backed off from imposing their preferred candidate, Frans Timmermans, 58, a Dutch socialist, as the next president of the European Commission because of fears that it would leave the EU too divided to face the British prime minister this autumn.” (link, paywalled)

Wrong. What our Remain ‘friends’ are not telling you is that this deadlock has been created in the first place by M Macron who wants to get rid of the ‘system’, the “Spitzenkandidat System”, installed in and by the previous EU Commission – and that the smaller EU nations are not having this Macron diktat. Nothing to do with Brexit.

M Macron, who cannot cope with the mess he’s created in France, prefers to present himself as the one and only leader of the EU. That’s why he demanded to scrap that ‘Spitzenkandidat’ system and go back to the old one where the Council (that’s all those EU Leaders) selects their preferred candidate and then tells the EUParl to vote for him. Repeated voting until the result is right is the norm.

Now M Macron is very very unhappy with the haggling going on. It seems the uppity small EU nations weren’t so keen to follow his lead. He told the press yesterday:

“A furious Emmanuel Macron criticised the “profoundly tainted” EU on Monday, after divided leaders failed to break the deadlock over who should succeed Jean-Claude Juncker as European Commission president despite 20 hours of intense overnight negotiations. “We ended the day on what we can call a failure. It’s a very bad image we are giving of the Council and Europe, no one can be satisfied with what happened over so many hours,” the French president said.” (paywalled link)

Oh dear. Oh dearie me. Someone seems to believe that showing a pretend ‘unity’ after haggling and horsetrading behind closed doors, over candidates about which the lowly EU citizens know nothing, is producing a ‘good image’.

Has M Macron not noticed that the EU has been ‘profoundly tainted’ by their demcoratic deficit for a long time? More from that wannabe pocket Napoleon:

“Our credibility is profoundly tainted with these meetings that are too long and lead to nothing, we give an image of Europe that isn’t serious,” he told reporters at the Brussels summit as he openly vented his frustration at the deadlocked process. “We cannot hold talks with world leaders, in an ever more violent world, and be a club that meets at 28 without ever deciding anything,” (paywalled link)

Soon to be 27, we hope – or does he think he can abolish Brexit even now? In a delicious twist to the story – illustrating yet again that ‘Brussels Correspondents’ have been thoroughly domesticated by their Brussels sources’, we read:

“The choice of Mr Timmermans, who was the socialist spitzenkandidat, would allow MEPs to save face by claiming the Commission presidency for a Spitzenkandidat and avert a potential crisis between the EU’s governing institutions. EU diplomats said the putative deal would muster a majority in the parliament. The situation remains highly fluid and other names could yet emerge as leaders meet on Tuesday.” (paywalled link)

It seems necessary to point out that it’s not the MEPs who need to save face but the four EU leaders who thought their ‘Osaka compromise’ would be swallowed whole by the rest of their Leader colleagues. Tim Stanley in the (paywalled) DT makes this excellent point:

“[…] democracy only works when you understand how it works and who is working it. The EU is a sham democracy. That’s the real reason Britain voted to leave, and the row over the next President of the EU Commission suggests that we’re getting out just in time.” (paywalled link)

Just so! Surely this is a point even our arch remainers can understand? After all, they do utilise the instruments of our democratic government to thwart the will of us 17.4 million Leave voters! There’s more and it’s worth quoting at length, so watch for my upcoming report ‘From Behind the Paywall’ later today.

Meanwhile, the BoJo-Hunt is in full flow, and Mr Hunt has needlessly created enemies with this amazing announcement:

“The Tory leadership contender and foreign secretary said that, if elected, on his first day in office he would order government departments to present their plans for leaving the EU without an agreement on October 31. He warned that all August leave would be cancelled unless permanent secretaries confirmed to him in writing that their department’s plans were “on time and on track”. (link, paywalled)

Hunt, the wannabe macho PM seems to be unaware of the huge work already done in relevant Whitehall departments, all available online to interested parties. That is plain incompetence. More:

“It was met with fury by civil service union leaders, who described the plan as being divorced from reality. Dave Penman, head of the FDA union, which represents senior civil servants, said: “This shows no understanding at all of how the civil service works. Is he suggesting that if a government department is not up to speed then officials who aren’t even working on Brexit will have their leave cancelled?”[…] Penman added that it would be totally unacceptable to cancel civil service leave if parliament went into recess. “This is a crisis made in parliament yet he is proposing that it is civil servants that should cancel their holiday,” he said.(link, paywalled)

Oh dear … ! But that’s not the only pronouncement Hunt made, flexing his muscles to show us that he’s the best May Successor. See – he talked to Ms Merkel! And she gave him ‘her blessing’! Here’s the report.

This, you realise, is a top politician, the Foreign Minister even – and the consistent EU statement that the WA is non-negotiable has passed him by! He doesn’t even know that nobody is interested in Ms Merkel any longer – she is on her way out. That attempt at bigging himself up was a massive fail. 

Isn’t it extraordinary how the current crop of MPs of all stripes is totally oblivious of what goes on across the Channel, even though they do their utmost to keep us shackled to that corpse? 

Keep watching that lot – keep vigilant – and 




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