BREXIT – It Could Go Thus:

Boris is elected Conservative Party Leader and becomes PM.

He appoints a BREXIT Cabinet: Chancellor – John Redwood; BREXIT Secretary – Dominic Rabb; High Representative to the EU – Jacob Rees-Mogg (being the archetypical Englishman he will go down well with foreigners who still refer to the UK as “England”); etc…

The new Government work full speed sorting out loose ends ready for leaving on 31st October.

In recognition of Parliament not wanting the UK to leave without a deal, Boris offers the EU a deal based on GATT 24, and Canada+ as offered by Tusk and being what David Davis thought he was working towards until May pulled the rug out from under him. If the EU do not accept then it will be they who will have caused the UK to “leave without a deal”.

Boris will also offer GATT24 to all “third party” countries with which the EU has an existing trade deal so trade arrangements can be continued with the UK while final arrangements are negotiated. 

After a while the opposition, seeing things not going to their liking, tries to bring down the Government by tabling a vote of No Confidence. In the event that it fails the Government continues as above.

In the event the motion succeeds Parliament ends, but the Government continue to run the Country. Boris sets the General Election date as 7th November, being the first Thursday after BREXIT.

NOTE: as Parliament is not sitting they can not pass legislation to change the leave date; and in any event the EU will by then likely see their best way forward as GATT24 and no more delays.

The threat of a Corbyn Government evaporates as the World does not come to an end on November 1st. He looses credibility as a future PM when faced with the question “Will you use the nuclear deterrent in defence of the Realm?”. TBP stand worthy people (i.e. their ex-MEPS) in their most-winnable constituencies, taking seats off Labour and, hopefully, the likes of Grieve and Clarke.

Even if the Conservatives do not achieve a working majority they will be the party with the largest number of MPs and can form a Government with the support of the DUP and TBP.

And we all live happily ever after.

So, do not despair, and “Keep Borising On” – (with apologies to Winston, and Viv).

Respectfully, Alan Wheatley


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Clinicians advocate not charging overseas visitors for NHS treatment. 

Perhaps a convenient solution would be to regard the £1/2bn pa as charity and deduct it from the overseas aid budget?

Respectfully, Roger Arthur


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I would like to post this comment on Saturday’s article “Our next PM’s first speech? – Part I”, but am prevented by the vagaries of the internet. 

I quote this crucial paragraph:

“Our armed forces will no longer be involved in the EU’s empire building and will return to being under national control. […] UK citizens will no longer be subject to the vagaries of the Napoleonic-inquisitorial justice systems on the continent as a result of a European Arrest Warrant being served on them.”

You cover here the issues of Security – both external (defence issues) and internal (justice and home affairs issues). Security is the area where the State exercises its legal right to use violent force against people it considers inimical, whether foreign (defence) or domestic (JHA – meaning police and prisons). Whoever controls a State’s security, controls that State and all the people in it. It is far more important than trade issues.

Mrs May has laid plans for an EU-UK Security Treaty to be stipulated after Brexit. She emphasised her “unconditional commitment” to this project at Munich last year. In June 2012 she told Parliament she was “of course” willing to invite lethally-armed paramilitary Eurogendarmerie Forces onto British soil, “if needed”. If the new leader does not put a stop to this, and it goes ahead, under the radar, our goose will be well and truly cooked. It will then be a matter for bullets, not ballots. There will be tragic scenarios not seen in mainland Britain since the mid-1600s. Blood will flow as it has not flowed in Britain since then, but has flowed abundantly in continental Europe in living memory. Our descendants will never forgive us for having let matters reach this stage.

Neither the Brexit Party nor UKIP, nor Jeremy Hunt nor Boris Johnson, are talking about this. It must be raised publicly and debated and scrutinised. And stopped.

Respectfully, Torquil Dick-Erikson


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