Despicable poltroons! That describes the craven MPs and their leaders who used yesterday’s last session in this parliament to abuse Johnson unhindered by the Speaker – and still did not vote for a GE.

They are a bunch of conceited, overweening, pompous, smug and vainglorious people, many promoted well above their mental capabilities. As for the leader of the SNP: not one occasion does he let go by where he doesn’t try to turn himself into “Braveheart”, regardless of the topic. 

If proof were needed for the utterly cynical contempt  with which Labour especially but also the other opposition parties and the Tory Remainers regard us, the voters, then yesterday’s session was it.

To crown it all, the Speaker, announcing his retirement, abused that last session before Prorogation to demonstrate his Remain bias, his contempt for the Tory MPs, for all to see. Don’t forget: this is all on video …!

That he has, in the ten years of his tenure, allowed the Chamber to turn into a madhouse where MPs can clap like performing seals and where Labour MPs can behave like activist demonstrators: yesterday’s events proved that beyond a scintilla of doubt.

The reports in today’s Daily Mail will give you all the information you need. They re not paywalled and describe the mayhem here, here and here (with video clips) while commenting here, here and here. The reports and sketches in the paywalled broadsheets (DT, the Times) are repetitions.

I hope you allow me my little hour of vanity when I describe in the following only what I observed. After all, I am a representative of the ordinary peasants, the Leave voters who watched as I did, and who have no voice, even though the opposition MPs proclaimed time and again that they were speaking ‘for us’. No, you weren’t!

I watched yesterday’s session in the HoC until my eyes gave out, thus missing the speech by Johnson and that last vote on a GE. As now sadly usual, the booing, jeering and heckling rose to painful levels, unchecked, as soon as he stepped into the Chamber. And still they rejected an early GE …!

Having watched the proceedings from the start, I’ll report incidents which have fallen by the wayside in the reports of the MSM. After all, they suffer from space restraints as much as we do here!

Firstly, the government had announced that Prorogation of Parliament would start ‘at the end of play’ yesterday. That’s midnight, for you and me, and by gawd, didn’t the MPs drag out the proceedings until that last bell!

The session started with normal business, with questions to the Secretaries of State for Education. while it was underway, we learned that Royal Assent had been given to the Benn Bill.

The ‘emergency debates’ on motions by Messrs Grieve and Corbyn should have followed. Instead, Bercow announced that he was stepping down. We were ‘treated’ to 90 minutes of a display of self-congratulation and what can only be described as brown-nosing that was nauseating.

Significantly, the government benches were empty except for some Tory Remain ‘rebels’. The same Remain MPs who vociferously criticised the government for not allowing them time to debate wasted time exuberantly to praise their champion, Remain Bercow. 

It got worse – and not just because of the shouting and heckling. Both Grieve and Corbyn and the MPs who seconded their motions spoke as if they had been ordered to pause after … every … single … word … they uttered. Of course the speaker allowed it!

After all, the hours until midnight had to be filled, to demonstrate how grievously the MPs were being deprived of their opportunities to speak! And strewth, did they complain in the debate on NI which followed the two motions! It was a stunning display of irrational behaviour, aided and abetted by Bercow.

So – to the two ‘emergency debates’, one from Dominic Grieve, demanding that the SpAds in No 10 hand over all their private papers and emails etc relating to the planning for the Prorogation of Parliament (here) That motion was carried by 311 Ayes to 302 Noes. 

Grieve, introducing his motion, said repeatedly that he received information from civil servants on this matter – an obvious breach of confidentiality. He then, from the safety of his seat in the HoC where he can say what he wants, alleged that Johnson actually misled The Queen. That is a serious allegation, but Bercow let him plod on unhindered. A furious Julia Hartley-Brewer tweeted:

“How about the SpAds agree to hand over their private messages but only if the Remain MPs demanding they do so also hand over *their* private messages too. I’d love to see their traitorous collusion with Brussels bureaucrats and foreign politicians in black and white.”

Wouldn’t we all! No matter, Grieve plodded on and the ensuing debate was yet another feast for opposition MPs to screech about Johnson and Cummings. The government benches were again empty – they knew that debating with that lot was futile. On this topic, here’s a tweet  by Adrian Hilton which sums up our thoughts:

“I suddenly feel like I’m living in Soviet Russia. How can Parliament compel the publication of private correspondence between a prime minister and his advisers, which must surely be protected under the ECHR, DPA and GDPR. What if the advice were a matter of national security?“

I am not surprised that this Grieve motion got hardly a mention in the MSM – they know that this would open the doors to permit illegal snooping by any MP who feels so inclined. Before that debate, Dominic Cummings reportedly said:

“For a supposedly adequate lawyer who loves the ECHR, Grieve doesn’t seem to realise that his request for private messages is blatantly illegal and will be rejected by the Cabinet Office. We love the rule of law in No10.” (link).

And ‘observing the rule of law’ was the theme of Corbyn’s ‘emergency’ motion. According to this, the PM must be forced to obey the Benn Bill. It is stunning that Corbyn and the rest, jumping up and down about ‘The PM must obey the law’ – their Remain Law, that is – have at the same time a huge hole in their collective memories.  

There’s another Law, is there not, which they themselves had voted for. It states that we must leave on the 31st of October. Surely the PM must obey that Law? Or were they demanding that the PM must only obey the laws they choose?

To crown it all, a Plaid Cymru MP demanded Johnson be impeached – before Johnson has even had the chance to ‘break’ their precious Benn Bill! Preventive impeachment? Surely we’re now in the realms of science fiction! Here’s the official Parliament site on impeachment:

“Impeachment is when a peer or commoner is accused of ‘high crimes and misdemeanours, beyond the reach of the law or which no other authority in the state will prosecute.’ It is a procedure that is ‘directed in particular against Ministers of the Crown’. The first recorded impeachment was in 1376 and the last in 1806. This procedure is considered obsolete.” (link)

This information is freely available and one would have thought that MPs would be able to find it. But noo – it was all about having a kangaroo court, attacking Johnson. And still they didn’t vote for a GE ….!

Corbyn’s motion was carried by a simple shouting match between Ayes and Noes, and of course the Ayes had it. It was followed by a dreary, dragged-out debate on issues relating to Northern Ireland.

MPs cried about not being given time to debate these important issues – after they had squandered nearly four hours since the start of business, by the grandstanding of Bercow and the useless motions which cannot be enforced and are null and void as Parliament was prorogued. 

The glorious Julia Hartley-Brewer summed it up in this tweet:

“Every single word said by MPs in the House of Commons today (whether about Brexit, the Speaker or spads’ whatsapp messages) reveals in glorious technicolour just how out of touch they are with voters. They really don’t have a clue how much we hate them & want to vote them out.”

Indeed – and yet again Johnson’s motion for an early GE “failed” … ! However, we learned of a cunning plot by Labour:

“[Labour] Party insiders have told this newspaper [the DT]  that it is likely that Mr Corbyn will now move a confidence motion if MPs vote down the Queen’s Speech. With the Queen due to formally reopen Parliament with the speech on October 14, the confidence vote would likely fall after votes are held between October 21-22.” (paywalled link)

Hm. Well … that would be after Johnson comes back from his EU meeting. Will they then use this ploy should he bring back “A Deal”?

While we have a welcome breathing space from watching the unspeakable Remain Harlots in the HoC, you can bank on this: they will waltz from TV show to TV show. They will spew forth their hatred for Johnson particularly and for Tories generally.

They will try and explain to us why we must stay in the EU, in the hope that, should a GE take place, we will all have forgotten their incessant betrayal of us Leave voters. 

While the establishment parties go on their AGM jollies, preparing for a GE, we must prepare as well. Remember that this GE will decide if we Leave – or if we must remain. Act accordingly, and above all




Photo by Phillie Casablanca

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