Amidst the hullabaloo that is the Tory wannabe-PM show there were scant Brexit news. One piece though is very interesting indeed and shows again that we are being lied to by the Remainers in power. According to the Daily Mail – not paywalled – the EU actually has a solution to the Backstop, see here.

The report says that the EU has been preparing full out for a ‘No Deal Brexit’ – as have our civil servants – but not only must we not know about this, a No-Deal-Brexit must be denounced at all costs. It should be abundantly clear that Remainers want to keep us In for political reasons only and keep on harping about “The Economy” because that’s the only sort-of valid argument they have to keep us scared.

There is another piece of news – in RemainCentral, a.k.a. The Times – which is astonishing. I am quoting at length because both article and opinion piece are paywalled, but we all need to know.

The report throws a light on the poisoned chalice the May-successor is being handed. It doesn’t matter who it is – even ‘The One’ who is now supported by the wimmin ministers: “Cabinet women endorse Jeremy Hunt as a serious contender” (link, paywalled). The Mandarins will have him under their thumbs:

“Britain’s most senior civil servant will hold talks with the last two contenders in the Tory leadership race as Whitehall gears up for a change in the government’s Brexit strategy. Sir Mark Sedwill, the cabinet secretary, has received permission from Theresa May to hold discussions with the two candidates who reach the final Tory leadership election shortlist to discuss their priorities if they win.” (link, paywalled)

That looks innocent enough, doesn’t it. But – why leak this now? When one delves into the report, one finds the reason:

“Mr Johnson has made clear he wants to see changes in the Brexit negotiating team. […] Mr Johnson has told friends that if he gets to No 10 his priority will be to take on the Whitehall establishment and shake up the government machine. Over the weekend, he pledged to bring in an entirely new team to negotiate with Brussels, and put ministers rather than civil servants in charge. “It’s shooting ourselves in the foot – typical Boris attitude to replace experts with showmen,” one insider said. One senior figure said that Sir Mark would make it clear to Mr Johnson that the civil service would carry out the instructions of the elected government but would not change its private advice to ministers. “The No 1 message from Mark Sedwill will have to be – our job is to tell you the things you don’t want to hear,” a Whitehall source said.” (link, paywalled)

Ah – things like “The EU won’t like it so it can’t be done”, perhaps? This is the first, public acknowledgement that Whitehall is the culprit for the Brexit mess. It also shows that those Mandarin ‘sources’ seem to think that only two candidates have a chance – BoJo and Hunt. We can all guess whom they would prefer, especially now that he’s been endorsed by wimmin …

Let me make it perfectly clear that there are many civil servants in Whitehall who are Leavers, who kept us informed with various, very important anonymous articles. They have been doing their best in spite of the official Remain Policy from the top Mandarins. They should be lauded!

We’re seeing a concerted intervention by Whitehall in what is an inner-party decision, demonstrated by the various quotes from ‘friends’ and ‘sources’ in the accompanying opinion piece in The Times (link, paywalled), with this perfect summary: “Senior civil servants are preparing for a Johnson premiership but determined to resist any move to a no-deal Brexit”.

Suspicious as I am I wondered why those Mandarins have come out with this well-orchestrated initiative now, when the voting hasn’t even started. It couldn’t be, could it, that they hope to influence Tory grassroots to think again about voting for BoJo? Surely not:

“There is growing concern in Whitehall that Mr Johnson, the Conservatives’ Lord of Misrule, could soon be in No 10. One senior figure said that Tory MPs would be deeply “irresponsible” to put him on the shortlist, knowing he is the darling of the grassroots and so is likely to get elected. “The number one message from Mark Sedwill will have to be ‘our job is to tell you the things you don’t want to hear’,” says a Whitehall source. “It is about speaking truth to power. That’s going to make the cabinet secretary extremely unpopular.” (link, paywalled)

“Speaking truth to power” – that lovely lefty mantra. It makes me sick every time I hear it! If that childishness is symptomatic for our top-level civil servants  … But we’ve seen who has the power, and it wasn’t the PM or the Brexit ministers! There’s more, and worse:

“As foreign secretary Mr Johnson was widely despised by his officials who complained that he was lazy, did not read his papers, paid too little attention to detail and lacked seriousness.” (link, paywalled)

‘Lazy BoJo’ against ‘serious Hunt’ … interesting.  We can see who the preferred Whitehall candidate is – the one thoroughly domesticated by his Whitehall handlers. It gets better:

“[Boris] has told friends that, if he gets to No 10, his priority will be to take on the Whitehall establishment and shake up the government machine. Over the weekend he pledged to bring in an entirely new Brussels negotiating team, and put ministers rather than civil servants in charge. “It’s shooting ourselves in the foot — typical Boris attitude to replace experts with showmen,” says one insider.” (link, paywalled)

There’s the reason for this unprecedented public intervention by Whitehall ‘friends’ and ‘sources’! And now we know what Mandarins think of our elected representatives … what arrogance!

Here are more bits showing why Whitehall intervened, straight from the horses’ mouths. You recall that ‘leaked’ paper earlier this year which came from Mark Sedwill himself, according to which we’ll all die if there’s a no-deal Brexit? Look at this:

Whitehall sources insist that he [Sedwill] will deliver exactly the same advice to the new prime minister. “The facts are the facts on no-deal. Boris thinks he has some kind of magic that can deliver something nobody else has managed, but it’s almost the opposite. Boris is so disliked that we will be doing well to hang on to what we’ve got.” (link, paywalled)

Ah – ‘don’t vote Boris because we dislike him in Whitehall’ – now that’s a valid political argument – not! Are they really so afraid of him? It would seem so, here’s more:

Would Mr Johnson go against the advice of his cabinet secretary, who is also the national security adviser, on a question of such critical importance just weeks into his premiership? If he did, what would Sir Mark do? The cabinet secretary has already made clear his displeasure about Conservatives putting party concerns before the national interest by highlighting the partisan nature of some cabinet discussions in his minutes.” (link, paywalled)

Well, where Sedwill is right he’s right: ego before Party before Nation is an abomination – but what about ego before Whitehall before Nation? That’s different, innit:

Some in Whitehall fear that Mr Johnson, or another hard Brexiteer leader, could try to oust the head of the civil service, or downgrade his role so that he concentrates only on his national security brief. “We will be watching out for politicisation,” says a senior figure. “It would be a signal of that if they tried to move him and set a dangerous precedent.” (link, paywalled)

Oh dear … And then there’s this absolutely jaw-dropping statement:

Cabinet appointments will send a crucial message. If, for example, Jacob Rees-Mogg is put in charge of the Treasury, whose officials he has accused of “fiddling the figures” in Brexit forecasts, it would be seen as a declaration of war by Whitehall.” (link, paywalled)

Let that sink in! Whitehall Mandarins going to war against our elected representatives? Really? Are they running our country for themselves only?

Then I read this last wail:

“We have dealt with so much change already,” one permanent secretary says. “It’s constant turbulence, which is unsettling for the civil service and destabilising for the country. We are just getting ready for anything now. This is the new normal.” (link, paywalled)

I ask myself why they didn’t get ‘ready for anything’ a bit earlier, say three years ago? It’s obvious now though that the metro-elite, the Establishment inside the M25, are perfectly happy with this state of affairs: Mandarins govern the country in congenial collaboration with Brussels, and the ‘elite’ can continue with their own hedonistic posturing: no worries, no consequences …

It’s time to ask: who governs this country? Answer: not the government, not Parliament, but Whitehall, as their own statements show. Our sovereignty is not just threatened by Brussels – it has been usurped by the unelected Mandarins. This is out in the open now, they can no longer hide.

Shout it from the rooftops: not just Parliament, Whitehall as well needs to be shown forcefully who the sovereign is. That’s us, the voters. Remind them, incessantly and relentlessly.




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