The LibLabCon Brexit Betrayal Conference 


Nothing illustrates better the daily Brexit Betrayal than the remarks being dropped right, left and centre by our esteemed LibLabCon politicians. In the run-up to today’s 2nd round of voting in that Tory wannabe PM contest, the first one up is Jacob Rees-Mogg:

“Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg let slip the real reason Tory leadership favourite Boris Johnson has garnered such quick support from Tory MPs in a short time. “The key about Boris Johnson is that if he becomes Prime Minister I have a very good chance of retaining my seat. If we don’t get Boris I think the future of the Tory party looks very bleak.” (link)

Far be it from me to impute the base motive, of wanting to stay at the well-filled trough of the HoC, to JRM as reason to support BoJo … but do keep this little confession in mind when looking at remarks from other Tories, for example by the latest MSM ‘dahlink’, a certain Rory Stewart (more on him below), with Rory denouncing BoJo:

“Rory doesn’t care for Johnson, that much is clear. He thinks he’s an ass. Worse, an ass without a plan. The fact that BoJo has got Remainers such as Matt Hancock as well as hard-core Brexiteers such as Mark Francois to back him, he pointed out, was proof of his duplicity. ‘He seems to be having different relationships in different rooms with people who don’t talk to each other,’ […]” (source)

That has been picked up by The Times, as the authors recognise that this is all about staying in power:

“The coalition of MPs that Mr Johnson has stitched together to lead in the race is both remarkable and, as his rival Rory Stewart has pointed out, unstable. Some MPs have backed him out of fear of losing their ministerial jobs while others hope for promotion. Some believe he is the only one who will deliver Brexit by October. Others believe he is slippery and unprincipled enough to get out of that pledge. There is only one thing that unites them: they think he is their best chance of staying in power.” (link, paywalled)

It seems I’m not the only cynical observer of this Tory beauty contest …  The following observation is also interesting:

“Should [Johnson] be elected, however, this coalition could quickly fray. Some of the ambitious will be overlooked, while some of the cabinet placeholders will be dismissed. […] It may be that Mr Johnson does have a plan to unite the Tory factions, make the EU see sense and deliver the referendum result. But, given his reluctance to answer questions, we just don’t know what it is yet. Cynics and rival campaign suggests it doesn’t exist.” (link, paywalled)

Remaincentral is denouncing BoJo, while in contrast, they and the MSM are giving their latest ‘star’ of their own making – Rory Stewart – much leeway. Looking at his CV (e.g. here) one finds some interesting items, one of which being the possibility that Mr Stewart was working for MI6 – oooh, a modern-day James Bond? See here and here, and paywalled here:

“A Whitehall security source told The Telegraph that Mr Stewart had been recruited by MI6 after he left Oxford University and spent seven years as a spy before entering Parliament. The International Development Secretary has pointed out in the past that MI6 officers are bound by the Official Secrets Act, so “even if you found someone who was an intelligence officer, they wouldn’t tell you they were an intelligence officer”.” 

How … titillating! Obviously, Mr Stewart has to deny this – but it’s a nice deflection from the real issue: Brexit. Meanwhile, the BoJo lot pooh-pooh’ed the question of a coalition with TBP:

“Supporters of the Tory front runner insisted he did not ‘need’ to do a deal with Mr Farage, despite the rising threat from his new party. The rebuke came amid claims Conservative donors are plotting a tie-up with Mr Farage that could prevent the Eurosceptic vote from splitting at a general election – which many fear will come sooner rather than later with Labour threatening an early no-confidence motion against a new PM.” (source)

Rory Stewart doesn’t seem to have got that message, or else he thinks that he must differentiate himself from the despised BoJo and his ‘coalition’. Why else would he come up with this:

“Rory Stewart has appealed to Nigel Farage in a last-ditch attempt to secure a win in the Tory leadership race. On radio programme LBC, Mr Stewart told the Brexit Party leader: “You represent such an important part of this debate. The fact you actually lead us out of Europe in the first place puts you in a very important position in this. We need to find a way, as a party, of reaching out to you. […] we must reach out to you and bring you in to try to work out how we crack this.” Mr Farage replied: “Well, Rory, interesting. I tell you, when it comes to getting us out of the European Union, and getting us to be [a] sovereign country, I would meet with anybody and I’d travel anywhere to do that.” (link)

Is nice Rory then just an opportunist who will say anything to succeed May, with no compunction about lying to the Tory grassroots? Has he not understood that TBP is not ‘up for grabs’ as Nigel said (here)? Perhaps he saw this survey before he made his advances to Nigel Farage, purely as electioneering ploy:

“Almost half of card-carrying Conservative members would be happy for Nigel Farage to become their party’s leader, a poll suggests. In a YouGov survey 46 per cent said that if the Brexit Party leader joined the Conservatives and stood for their leadership they would be happy for him to win, compared with 40 per cent who said that they would be unhappy. The finding is one of several pieces of evidence in the polling that the EU referendum has shaken the country’s traditional political alignments.” (link, paywalled)

At least RemainCentral acknowledges that the political landscape is changing! Taking a leaf out of the Tories’ playbook, a LibDem leadership candidate has gone into the ‘Offer an Election Pact’ business as well:

“Jo Swinson […] who is vying to replace Sir Vince Cable, said many pro-Remain voters wanted politicians to put aside their party loyalties and work together to stop Brexit. […] She said voters concerned about Brexit “want politicians to be able to work with one another and to look beyond their individual party loyalty and interests to the wider interest of how we can stop Brexit”. (link, paywalled)

This shift from Party politics to plain Leave or Remain is becoming more discernible as time goes on. Take for example the upheaval in the Labour Party, where the deputy chair, Mr Tom Watson MP, is now demanding that Labour become the Remain Party:

“Mr Watson, the deputy leader, called for a change of policy now that the party was staring “down the barrel of a Boris Johnson premiership”. He said in a video message: “We must bring the public back into this decision and we must argue strongly to Remain.Our future doesn’t need to be Brexit. We can change the future. We can put Britain back at the heart of Europe again. We can be proud of leading the fight for a fairer and stronger future, together.” (link, paywalled)

It seems a typical Labour cry for unity against the hated Tories – but peering under the surface it’s obvious that Watson wants Labour to become the Remain Party not because of the Tories but because of the Remain LibDems who came second to TBP, polling above Labour and the Tories.

This is how the political landscape is shifting: Leave here – Remain there, and forget those Party colours! Moreover, as JRM let slip, for the parliamentary parties the real issue is about keeping their seats. For that, they are willing to sell out to the highest bidder. We, the sovereign, are negligible.

We can watch and enjoy the Tory leadership spectacle, we can watch and enjoy the LibDems and Labour getting into internal huffs – but we must never forget that this is only so much dust kicked up by the establishment to make us forget about Brexit.

All MPs are involved in this Brexit sell-out, so stay vigilant and write to them, LibLabCon – no difference! Remember – we are the sovereign, we told them to Leave – and ‘they work for us’. We can and will remove them.




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