35 days to B-Day – and all the cockroaches have now come out and can be seen in the glare of the approaching Brexit Light. I am seething, and so will you when you’ve finished reading this article!

First of all and quite predictably: the Attorney General Mr Geoffrey Cox and the ‘Brexit Minister’ Mr Stephen Barclay have come back from Brussels empty-handed. They were sent back from their oh-so-crucial talks about the Backstop to do more homework:

“A new Brexit agreement with the European Union will not be agreed, even in principle, until after MPs have voted on a move to rule out no-deal next week, senior Brussels sources have warned. Talks between Stephen Barclay, the Brexit secretary, Geoffrey Cox, the attorney-general, and Michel Barnier, the EU’s chief negotiator, broke up yesterday with both sides saying that more work needed to be done to resolve the Irish backstop issue. The two sides are due to meet again next week for further “technical discussions”, with Jean-Claude Juncker, the president of the European Commission, admitting that he was suffering from “Brexit fatigue”. He was “not optimistic” that Britain would leave the EU with a deal, he said.” (paywalled link, my bold)

Mr Corbyn’s and Sir Keith Starmer’s little jaunt to Brussels was so productive that it just gets a bare mention in this morning’s papers.

So what will Ms May ‘offer’ the HoC on Tuesday to vote on? Will the vote be postponed? Given the cockroaches, sorry: MPs, coming out into the light thanks to TIGgery, that is a possibility. We read that:

“Theresa May has been warned by a group of 100 moderate Tory MPs that they are prepared to rebel against the Government to force her to delay Brexit if she cannot reach a deal. The Brexit Delivery Group, which represents both Remain and Leave MPs, has called for a free vote next week on a backbench bid to take no deal off the table.” (paywalled link)

and that:

“Jeremy Corbyn has been warned that he faces another exodus of MPs unless he backs a plan to put Theresa May’s Brexit deal to a second referendum. His office has been told that dozens of MPs, including shadow ministers, are prepared to join the new Independent Group in parliament or resign the whip, in defiance over the party’s EU policy.” (paywalled link)

The Tory cockroaches want the No Deal off the table – the Labour cockroaches want a 2nd referendum as price for supporting Ms May’s Whatevah Deal. All threaten to join the TIGs who want to stop Brexit any which way.

This is our Remain Parliament at work: skulduggery, underhand dealings, shenanigans – all this to keep us in the EU, which, as we all know, is working to dismantle the Nation States, thus relegating national parliaments to the status of parish councils which has been the fondest wish of the ‘father of the House Kenneth Clarke’ for decades. After all, which ‘job’ could be more cushy and better paid than being an MP who only has to rubber-stamp ‘directives’ which cannot be debated and thus don’t need any intellectual efforts whatsoever!

Well, the spectacle this week of the TIGgery provides ample evidence of the mental giants populating the Green Benches, see Richard Littlejohn’s coruscating article here. At least they share the obsession of taking selfies – inside the Chamber! – and using their smartphones during debates with a large swath of the population …

But let’s go back to the Labour Revolt. Their demand is especially pernicious:

“They are demanding that he [Corbyn] support a proposal by two of his backbench MPs in which Labour would agree to pass legislation underpinning Mrs May’s deal in return for a public vote. If the deal were rejected by the electorate, the government would be obliged to withdraw Article 50 and remain in the EU.” (paywalled link)

Translated into proper English this means: support Ms May’s WA, whatever the outcome of the current negotiations – but only when a 2nd Referendum is attached: ‘let the people decide’! If we-the-people reject it – and you can be certain that our Remain establishment will make sure that we-the-people do reject it! – then we’ll stay in the EU …

Yes, that is revolting!

So what do our Brussels overlords think about this all? Not a lot. Juncker is reported to suffer from ‘Brexit Fatigue’ … He must be very tired indeed – his ‘fatigue’ has made it into all of this morning’s papers, see e.g. here. More interesting is that Brussels expects an extension because they believe we’d leave with ‘no deal’ otherwise:

Talks between the two sides indicate that the UK could soon be forced to request that Brexit day delayed, Bloomberg reports. Citing two EU officials, the news outlet said Brussels believes Mrs May will have no choice but to ask that the Article 50 process taking Britain out of the bloc be extended if she manages to secure a Commons majority for her deal in the next few weeks. The EU would reportedly be open to the idea because it would be a “technical extension” to give Parliament time to pass necessary legislation rather than simply allowing more time for negotiations. (link, my bold)

‘A technical extension’ – interesting! I assume that this means no UK MEPs need to be elected, with everything else staying the same, including our continuing payments to Brussels and our continuing rubber-stamping of EU Directives. Meanwhile Mr Cox will engage in ‘shuttle diplomacy’ because, according to this report, he’s now the most important man to get Ms May’s WA ‘deal’ though the HoC. You can find a good description of the various options here.

You’ll have noticed that all the MSM now have their own ‘Brussels reporters’ with their own special “Brussels sources”, everything breathlessly presented via podcasts and social media. It’s Brexit gossip plain and simple, all ‘en coulisse’, but it influences the ‘thinkings’ of our MPs. It’s the vast echochamber of and for Remainers. It’s the perfect smoke-and-mirrors.

All we can do is go to LEAVE rallies and bombard our constituency MPs with daily emails – they really have no idea!

For mental sustenance and inspiration, I recommend reading Rudyard Kipling’s poem “The Beginnings” …


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