The aftermath of a real Pogrom: Kishinev


What is it with Remainers and their attempts to turn everything to do with Leave into a contest of who can best disdain, ridicule and smear us Leavers? Did we not vote a month ago emphatically to ‘get Brexit done’? Now the Remain rearguard actions are turning what ought to be a celebration into a farce.

Yes, it’s about the Big Ben Bong – but there are other items which caught my eyes and made me furious. So let’s start with those, and then we can take a cold hard look at the ‘Big Ben Bong Mess’ further down.

Firstly, here’s how Remain smears all Leavers. A London lecturer compared this planned event – that ‘Nigel Farage singalong’ – to the Nazi ‘Kristallnacht’. The DM reports:

“A university lecturer has provoked outrage after comparing the planned Brexit celebrations in London to a ‘re-enactment of Kristallnacht.’ Dr Mark Berry, of Royal Holloway University, suggested that the Leave Means Leave event on January 31 was similar to the Nazi’s vicious assaults on Jewish property in 1938. He tweeted Sadiq Khan: ‘Could you explain, please, why you have given provisional agreement to this re-enactment of Kristallnacht, @SadiqKhan? Anyone can see that this is a pogrom waiting to happen. Please reconsider.’ (link)

See the image above: that’s what the aftermath of a real program looks like. And this is what Leavers are alleged to plan? I’m outraged – and so should you be! Also: isn’t calling someone a Nazi a hate crime? I remember that MP who got a heckler taken to court for calling her a Nazi. But it’s ok to call 17.4 million Brits Nazis as long as one is an ‘academic’ lecturing in a London College? Will he now go to prison? Don’t hold your breath!

Next, there’s the Empress of the EU, Madame Merkel. She gave an interview published in the Financial Times which is ‘for subscribers only’, so we’ll have to make do with the reports on that interview in the DM and the DT. They selected different quotes – let’s start with this quote in the DT:

“Mrs Merkel said the EU had to become “attractive, innovative, creative, a good place for research and education. Competition can then be very productive,” she told the Financial Times, […] “With the departure of Great Britain, a potential competitor will of course emerge for us. That is to say, in addition to China and the United States of America, there will be Great Britain as well,” (paywalled link)

Whoa – did she just put us, tiny little GB who cannot possibly survive outside of the powerful EU, on the same level as the USA and China? Crikey! The DT’s Remain Brussels correspondent has this comment:

“The German Chancellor’s comments will further stiffen the European Commission’s resolve to tie Britain into commitments on fair competition as part of the new UK-EU trade deal. Brussels is anxious that the UK government will use Brexit to slash EU regulation in tax, state aid and the environment to undercut the bloc and create a “Singapore on Thames”. […] The demands will be more stringent than those faced by Canada because, Brussels claims, of Britain’s proximity to the EU. “ (paywalled link)

Didn’t Ms Merkel just say that the EU must become more competitive? And Brussels believes this means trying to stop us in the UK from becoming competitive ourselves? Of course it does! There’s more – the DM has this Merkel quote:

“Ms Merkel said she believed the EU was still a force for good. ‘I see the European Union as our life insurance,’ she said. ‘Germany is far too small to exert geopolitical influence on its own, and that’s why we need to make use of all the benefits of the single market.’ (link)

Good gawd! So Germany is ‘far too small to exert geopolitical influence’ but the post-Brexit UK, being on a par with the USA and China, isn’t? Is that the real reason why Merkel wanted us to Remain because tiny Germany can thus cling to the skirts of Great Britain via the EU, to have ‘geopolitical influence’? That thought is worthy of an essay!

In other Brexit news there’s the report of Steve Barclay giving Guy Verhofstadt ‘a dressing down’ about his scaremongering in regard to EU citizens’ rights, saying:

The focus should be on offering reassurances and avoiding misconceptions about the EUSS [EU Settlement scheme] and on ensuring that EU Member States step up and provide a similar level of reassurance for UK nationals.” (link)

Exactly! It’s time our Remain MSM stop jumping over every EU stick, blaming our government about what hasn’t been done as soon as the EU barks. Why don’t they look at what the EU hasn’t done and isn’t doing in regard to Brexit? Answers on a postage stamp, please …!

Then there’s the ‘battle of the flags’ – in the EU, that is. Apparently, there’s to be a ceremony to haul down our flag, and rightly so. This headline says it all:

“EU to mourn Brexit day by marching Union Jack out of Parliament straight to the museum” (link)

Brussels has organised their ‘Leave’ ceremony’ while RemainLondon tries to stop Big Ben to Bong! There was another flag-battle farce in the EU Parliament. The president of that ‘parliament’ had forbidden the display of national flags on the desks of MEPs. This is what happened next:

“Today [Thursday] British MEPs spoke in the European Parliament, Strasbourg, for the final time. And they bowed out in the most fitting way possible. With an absolutely farcical row about EU bureaucracy. It started with a complaint from Marco Zanni, an Italian MEP. He wanted to know why he and his colleagues were no longer allowed to display little national flags on the desks in front of them. Katarina Barley, the German MEP chairing the session, replied that it was against the rules, as set out by the Parliament’s president, David Sassoli.” (paywalled link)

The Holy EU: rulz are rulz. Did Mr Sassoli decide this on his own? We aren’t told. Next:

“The Brexit Party erupted. Brian Monteith, their chief whip, shot up to raise a point of order. Ms Barley, however, told him that he couldn’t raise it until he and his colleagues had removed the little Union flags from their desks. […] The whole scene was ridiculous – and yet, at the same time, beautifully symbolic. […] A group of Brexiteers, campaigning furiously for the right to fly a six-inch-high flag from their desks inside a building they were already leaving; and EU bureaucrats, refusing to budge an inch from a completely pointless rule they’d set. Perfect.” (paywalled link)

The truly funny point about all this is that these little flags have been decorating the desks of the UKIP MEPs for years. The then President, a certain German, Mr Martin Schulz, didn’t seem to be bothered by that display. Of course the EUParl couldn’t resist to show their disdain for Brexit and our country to the very last minute. Is anyone surprised that the chair of that session was a German?

And so to our home-made Big Ben Bong Mess. It seems as if quite a few of our own bureaucrats have ingested the German ‘Rulz are Rulz and must be obeyed’ mantra. The objections they’ve come up with are breathtaking. File them under ‘it can’t be done, and even if it could be done it still can’t be done because ‘rulz’.”

Downing Street seems to be in total confusion – file this also under ‘I haven’t got a clue and nobody else has either’:

“However, amid growing confusion, Downing Street sources said there was no guarantee that the work necessary to bong Big Ben could be done in time, meaning the Prime Minister could not propose a vote that would encourage more people to donate.” (paywalled link)

Here’s what Sir Lindsay Hoyle said, reported in the DM;

“Commons Speaker Lindsay Hoyle, who is chairman of the commission, set himself firmly against the idea saying the cost would be ‘£50,000 a bong’ – and argued only people who live in Westminster would get to hear the bell. Officials also warned of the legal and ethical problems of accepting public donations, calling it ‘unprecedented’. The extraordinary cost is made up of £120,000 to reinstall and test the temporary ‘bonging’ mechanism. That also includes the cost of building a temporary floor in the belfry and then removing it again. They also said the Brexit bongs would delay renovations by up to four weeks at a cost of £100,000 per week.” (link)

There are ‘ethical problems’ with accepting public donations to celebrate Brexit by making Big Ben Bong? Crikey … And it shouldn’t be done because only people living in Westminster would get to hear the Big Ben Bong: a stunning reason! Did only people in Westminster hear Big Ben bong in the New Year? Is Sir Lindsay Hoyle insinuating that our Remain TV providers, for example the BBC, would disdain to film this event? Not that that would surprise me!

Furthermore, I cannot believe that this temporary floor which surely was installed for New Year’s Eve has already been removed! And I will not believe that there are no patriotic building workers who’d be happy to do the job so Big Ben can Bong. Why doesn’t someone ask how long it took to install all this in time for New Year’s Eve, during the Christmas Holiday period? 

The way out seems to be for the PM to table a motion on Monday, to get this done and to accept the money already flooding in. Who is stopping him?

I hope that the Brexiteers in Parliament will stand up to denounce the atrocious smear on all us Leavers, and that they will get the Big Ben Bong Mess sorted. C’Mon, BoJo – Bong some heads together! You’re the PM now!




Photo by Max Sparber

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