It finally happened: a number of illegal migrants coming from France drowned in the Channel. It could’ve been 30, it might’ve been 40 depending on which paper you read. Since none of them have documents we don’t know who they were or where they came from before ending up in the icy waters of ‘La Manche’, in French territorial waters according to the maps I’ve seen in the MSM.

The DM writes in their headline that “five women and a girl” were amongst those drowned (link). It’s irresponsible clickbait because in the 3rd paragraph they write that it “was believed” that there were those five women and girls in the capsized dinghy. So: no proof. I’m sure our ‘refugees welcome’ crowd will now deposit candles, teddybears and flowers on our beaches.

None of them, neither the ‘welcome’~crying females nor the editors in the MSM are capable of doing simple maths. So let’s do this easy calculation ourselves: take five from 40 and what have you got? Correct: 35! That would be 35 young men who tried and failed to arrive here. We know this numerical superiority applies to all dinghy inmates arriving here. I cannot recall seeing one report of a dinghy full of women and children arriving, can you? It would most certainly have made headlines!

Far more infuriating is that “our friends” across the Channel have immediately climbed onto their high, moraline-dripping horse, demanding that Britain ‘must do more’, at precisely the time when our MSM report that French police simply stood by and watched those illegal migrants launching another dinghy from another beach.

Johnson’s proposal to ‘lend’ some of our police officers to help France control their beaches is too ridiculous for words! Haven’t “we” given them £53m earlier this year to help stop this invasion? Never mind – the Mayor of Calais knows it’s all Johnson’s fault, telling the MSM that this is due to

“The failure of Boris Johnson who obliges our country to endure this situation because he doesn’t have the courage to assume his own responsibilities … in his country”.” (paywalled link)

Blimey – it’s now Johnsons’ fault that the French cannot or will not get to grips with the illegal migrants on their soil? She also didn’t say for what precisely Johnson is too cowardly to ‘assume responsibility’ – did she mean that Le Touquet Agreement which permits British Border force officers to control passports at Calais?

The various French candidates running in next year’s presidential elections seem to think this agreement should be scrapped. So do I: those dinghy drivers are not coming via Calais ferries. They come, as surely everybody knows, via the Normandy beaches – a reverse invasion. And those beaches, I seem to remember, aren’t ours but are French, are they not! Still, we must congratulate the French. They’ve finally, amazingly, been capable of detaining four (!) people traffickers alleged to’ve been ‘connected’ to that capsized dinghy.

The French minister responsible, M Darmanin, said he’d demand more ‘resources’ from M Macron – after all, didn’t they do well, preventing “671 migrants […] from putting to sea after 780 police and gendarmes were deployed across the northern French coast.” (paywalled link)! Does that number include those who watched the dinghy-launch from their car on the beach?

Even so, M Damanin had the nerve to demand more money from us, “claiming the funds from the UK “remain minimal” compared to what the French were committing.” (paywalled link). Excuse me – but isn’t this their own fluffing country, isn’t it their duty to police it?

I’m sure Priti will accede! After all, it’s easier to waste more of our money than actually do something. And the poor thing has had only two years in office as Home Secretary. We ought to acknowledge that she’s been brilliant at tweeting to tell us what all she’s planning to do – for two years … without anything actually having been done.

Remain Central, insinuating in their reports that ‘this is all because Brexit’, have nevertheless come up with an interesting explanation for why these illegals keep coming – and it’s not just because ‘they have family here’ or ‘they only speak English’:

“While Britain’s “generous” benefits system is often blamed, the £39.63 weekly allowance is less benevolent for asylum seekers than in France, where they are given £43.50 per week and can start applying for work after six months. However, informal work, or working in black market jobs, is easier to find in Britain, making the UK a more attractive destination for illegal migrants.” (link, paywalled)

Well I never! Perhaps the French police in the French interior might be a bit less soft on illegals and black marketeers? I give the last French word to M Puissesseau, president and chair of the Calais and Boulogne ports who accused the people traffickers of being murderers, continuing thus:

 “The poor migrants who have spent months and months to come to here, and who die so close to their dream. I don’t know what to do really.” (paywalled link). 

Poor people’? When they have enough money to pay those people traffickers and enough dosh to keep and run smartphones? 

Perhaps all those remainers in the editorial offices of our MSM, perhaps our spineless MPs and the lackadaisical mandarins might ponder this: why have those illegal migrants not been picked up during those months they ‘spent coming here’?

It’s difficult not to see this as a collective washing-of-hands of EU countries which these illegals must have gone through to reach the Channel coast, to see this as a surreptitious means to ‘punish Perfidious Albion’ for daring to leave the EU. 

Never mind – allegedly there’ll be ‘winter storms’ this weekend which might work as a deterrent. ‘Saved by General Winter Storms’, innit like – because Priti and our Border Forces and indeed Johnson’s government are useless. 


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